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Orange County's Android Community Group for Developers+Users Message Board OCAndroid VENUES past+present+possible › Our venue Westwood College of Anaheim sponsored by their Android courses &am

Our venue Westwood College of Anaheim sponsored by their Android courses & instructor

A former member
Post #: 270
Since we're rapidly outgrowing our meeting rooms, apparently in response to my solicitation for new venue suggestions on our upcoming meeting listing,
OCAndroid member Randy Sturgeon, Android instructor at Westwood College of Anaheim, emailed me as head of OCAndroid saying he could provide us this venue again, which could include Westwood College Anaheim room 221.

And as our members would know and are wondering about already, this isn't entirely new. Actually this room was where Randy had already held 2 Android meetings of OCAndroid members
  • the 1st time our members were there he saved our meeting by seeing a problem we were having and quickly stepping up to offer & provide us an alternative room, which was authorized by me and quite appreciated by myself & everyone as our normal venue fell thru hours before our regular monthly meeting, and
  • his 2nd meeting there turned out fine in content (indeed technically rather impressive: a 4 hour workshop by him) but still a significant problem to OCAndroid leadership & understandable stress to some of our members (indeed one member rightfully asked me at the end of the meeting, "Hey, this is not normal. And this guy Randy is totally new. So is this this official? --as it certainly didn't look like it" --to which I of course told him it wasn't official & explained.). So what did Randy do? Well, on his own, Randy decided, advertised, & held it a meeting to and of our members which was not authorized by any of our leaders. And why wasn't it authorized? Only since he wouldn't go thru (even respond to) the normal (& rather easy) Meetup procedures even when I emailed him to do so & how, trying to redirect his enthusiasm in a positive & the correct way: he simply just didn't respond to all my efforts to reach him & emails to him on how to easily do it properly, all the way up to minutes before the meeting he announced, and just went ahead on to hold the meeting unauthorized. Afterwards he apologized for this. But it nonetheless it was a shocking disregard to the leadership & all existing rules & standards, even though they were actively working & trying to support him (but apparently just not on his time frame). Indeed no other member has done this, and the group's been around 2 years.

So on that his last event, a melancholy event

  • Why did Randy cause these problems, indeed problems no other member has ever caused in our 2 years of existence

    • Well I'm not entirely certain, and
    • for a while I wondered if his goal (or perhaps his college department's goal) was to take our members away to some other group he/they were creating for the college's upcoming offering of Android courses; but
    • my latest guess is because, yes even as a brand new member, he felt (and feels?) that if saw something that would be a nice improvement to the group and he offered it for free, but he felt/found the leaders weren't giving prompt support, replies, and acceptance of it, and weren't following up on it just as he wanted & when he wanted, then it was "fine" to just disregard that, the existing leaders & the existing structure, and just take over the event (and maybe even running the group) and just do what he wanted to have happen, and deliberately disregard the leadership & existing structures even if they were trying to positively direct him, and yes, even if he was brand new; but of course that is very much not "fine".
  • He apologized, but his written apologies have always been of the form "Sorry but" as ~"Sorry but you did something -you didn't follow-up on my room offer- so that makes it ok" (but of course that DOESN'T make it okay: he's not a group leader, in fact he's just a new member!). And he DIDN'T say he wouldn't do it again.
  • So will he do it again?

    • Well by that prior, it would appear possible & I suspected it might.
    • And indeed it just happened again, though this time smaller, but who knows. See my comment "<date/>" on our upcoming meeting where, when I didn't reply to him as fast as he wanted on his room offer, so then when I did reply and reply with follow-up, he then apparently-disregarded my replies (thanking him asking him to post this info in the right place, a new thread on our venue forum possibilities, so I & other interested group members could discuss it further) and instead just posted his room offer directly to everyone attending (effectively emailing it out to thers that it was, maybe even hoping that, say if we didn't get a room agreed, they would just come over to his place anyway. Indeed similar to his unapproved meeting announcements to everyone last time, except this time just not saying it "WAS" happening there (which he now knew was an absolute no-no), but again as if he was pushing the limits as far as could be tolerated. Not good.
    So yes unfortunately one should probably prepare that Randy will do this again.
  • So, everyone, please tell Randy that indeed especially because we love his technical skills & abundant offers to help, we want to see them put to good use for us; so it is even more essential, that --before any technical needs & improvements-- that he, just like everyone, always foremost take time to follow the rules & standards & directions of the group leaders & Meetup, as that's their job & everyone's job for us all to be able to work together.
A former member
Post #: 271
Continuing my prior post (as it no longer would all fit there with background intro)...
So, pertaining to Randy­'s new offer of this venue quoting all recent mails & messages so far (with ideally all the rest of discussion to be posted on this thread):

  • Randy emails me
    date Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 6:12 AM
    from Randy
    to me
    subject meeting at Westwood College - September 21 OC Android Phone User Group Meeting
    [Destiny notes: please say "possibly meeting at..."

    Destiny -

    Do you need a place for the September 21 OC Android Phone User Group Meeting? How about Westwood College, Anaheim? Yeah, it has some bad "history" behind it, but we do have lots of space for members to spread out, plus, we can hold a bigger crowd than the Irvine location. And we have whiteboards and overheads and Eclipse (OH MY!). Let me know"Yes" or "No", then I will confirm with my supervisor.

    Randy Sturgeon
    Westwood College
    1551 S. Douglass Road
    Anaheim, CA 92806
  • Well actually I then got a total of 3 offers of venues, so I was working on new post for the group (on­) which list criteria for a new venue plus how to post a venue possibility (as a thread like this, in our venue forum), but that post was taking some time, so I email him back
    Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 8:36 PM
    from <me>
    To: Randy
    Subject: Re: Do you need a place for the September 21 OC Android Phone User Group Meeting?

    Thanks! I'm actively working on a reply which I think you'll like. Stay tuned.
  • But then, after writing the post, I ran into problems with the website posting it and was working on those. So not hearing back from me after a few days, he emailed me back

    date Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 8:39 AM (2 days ago)
    from Randy
    to DestinyArchitect

    So what's the latest on meeting at Westwood College? My supervisor has no objections, so it is a "GO" from my point of view. I suggest that we alert the masses as soon as possible, so they can make plans.
    though I didn't see this email immediately.
  • Still, running out of time, with several room offers, to centrally handle & expedite things, replying to someone asking "Who's hosting?" I post on our upcoming meeting listing the directions for everyone:
    (from) DestinyArchitect
    Take it u mean What Venue 4This Mtg.
    Busy workin on it: Wonderfully, 3 mbrs replied2 our call 4venues:
    (1)ChrisH w/ http://IrvineMeetingR...­
    (2)RandyS w/ Westwood College Anaheim
    (3)JimL w/ A2Z in Irvine(4Adv Mtg+)
    (4)Spectrum as last resort
    All 3 emailed me; BUT, so u&all can see&reply, I now asking them 2 POST UR VENUE SUGGESTION AS A NEW THREAD(named by venue name) IN OUR FORUM 4IT:­ Venue Forum LH2C7F: look&post there.
    More details soon!
    Posted 19 minutes ago | Like
    I expected Randy would reply to this fast as he replied to event updates before & would get it being RSVPed YES.
  • But NOT hearing back from him this time, I emailed him direct
    date Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 4:32 PM
    from DestinyArchitect
    to Randy>

    Great to hear. So in reply, did you see in your Meetup email my post on our meeting tomorrow mentioning your venue possibility?
    (from) DestinyArchitect
    Take it u mean What Venue 4This Mtg. ...[same event listing comment as above]
    as I've been waiting your reply thread posting your venue suggestion (see above).

    Would love it if you included in your posts all these details you emailed me here (best if it comes straight from you: you can just quote your email); else I could quote your email if you don't mind (reply soon if you do as we're running short of time). On everything that could effect other group members, I'm getting all such info (from everyone) out of private messages on to posts per (Communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LHPXDE.

    Looking forward to your venue thread-post... soon!
    And will be posting him more details, including our upcoming venue page.
  • Still not hearing back from Randy and still not seeing his thread post, I created this here public thread venue post for him Our venue Woodbridge College of Anaheim sponsored by their Android courses & instructor and quoted all our emails 100%, and await his reply posts & our continued talk posts here
  • Randy, before I respond more, does this repost of our messages look okay (as I can edit it)?
  • Randy didn't post here per all the instructions to him detailed above; instead, as my 1st post details, he posted on our event listing so emailing everyone too soon. So especially as then these may have to be deleted, I'm reposting them here where they belong, with new details in bold:
    (from) Randy Sturgeon
    I have a venue for the September 21 OC Android Phone User Group Meeting. We can meet at Westwood College from 6-10pm tonight, 9/21/11. We do have lots of space for members to spread out, plus, we can hold a large crowd. And we have whiteboards and overheads and Eclipse (OH MY!). I am a teacher there, and, for an added bonus, we have Eclipse/Android Emulator/Java 1.6 loaded on the machines, so the members of the OC Android User Group can get our hands dirty by programming, if we so desire!
    Posted 4 hours ago | Like | Report as spam | Delete
    I have a venue for the September 21 OC Android Phone User Group Meeting. Westwood College is at 1551 S Douglass Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806, Room 221 (upstairs, in the corner) right across the street (100 feet away) from the Honda Center.
    Posted 3 hours ago | Like | Report as spam | Delete
    DestinyAr­chitect - Please confirm change of venue for tonight's (09/21/2011) meeting. To avoid confusion, you might change the above header:

    Premier Business Centers - Spectrum conference room
    7700 Irvine Center Drive, #800, Irvine, CA
    Westwood College
    1551 S Douglass Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806, Room 221

    that is, if you are OK with the change of venue.
    Posted 3 hours ago | Like | Report as spam | Delete

A former member
Post #: 272
Now in us selecting this venue, key immediate questions I have are

  • It would have better had Randy posted the above info on his venue himself, but since I did it not hearing back from him, are all the above details correct? Or what above is wrong and so what is correct?
  • How do you, Randy, feel about this impression you have given me & the group, and the reality you have shown, in terms of your not following standard direction from those in charge, even when they're trying to help you? And what are you planning to do differently in your continuing to work together with us, to avoid these problems?
  • [Forgot to add:] Could you get a mobile phone? --so say group leaders could SMS you if something urgent.

    • While you're a volunteer so it's a personal decision to have a mobile phone,
    • I'm talking really only for SMS, usually when there is something in urgent email or posted which you may have missed.
    • Nearly all members and all other leadership I work with (including on other groups) have a mobile phone.
    • Moreover, it also seems not right than an instructor of Android, the world's leading smartphone OS, not only not have an Android nor a smartphone, but not have any phone at all.
    • Most importantly, for you, the need for you to be reachable when you have something you're planning with us (so then have a mobile phone) has come up 2x now, both times when you had announced to everyone your offering of your venue (for instance, see 2 sets of comments on our 16th 2011.09 meeting, but in both cases I couldn't reach you to go thru proper procedures to get Qs answered about it, properly list it, & authorize your event and/or venue, including even the day of the event & and even right before, which caused me considerable stress (because you had enthusiastically posted & emailed to our attendees that you wanted to do this and as-then-almost-as it was approved, but then I wasn't hearing back from you to get it properly done & approved (so then it wasn't approved, but you went ahead and did it).

  • At our last Meeting room 221, our member Dave told (or one our members) reported to me that there was SVGA or HDMI input for the overhead display. It's rather important that we have that, especially HMDI but ideally both. What is the situation here?

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