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(LWBAD6=SoCalAndroid Hack Night via OCAndroid 6 discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order)

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Laguna Hills, CA
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((SoCalAndroid Hack Night via OCAndroid 6)
(LSZTHR=discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order))

(LT6POS THIS POST=(LW5VGS=_ initial history 1). Happenings from-conception-onward:

  • (LWJ3NF=Starting at time this thread, took care of things that would normally (as next time) be done and noted here by the standard event hosts:

    • (created this thread, just for this event, per­ , by copying the 1st post of (the last thread­ ) )
    • (LWJ288=increment event title (to=SoCalAndroid Hack Night via OCAndroid 6+))
    • (LWJ29S=The event listing was missing its 8 Qs, a common Meetup bug, so restored them from copying another recent event­ )
    • (LWJ2BB=The event listing' description was at "version 2.0" which was outdated, probably since I mistakenly edited the last occurrence without select to edit all occurrences, so I copied the last occurrence­ 's description text, restoring (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.12.14(Wed)pst1502)(LT2VER version=2.1))))
      (LWJ8XI=Added to 1 of the event hosts (Bill) 1 guest, for Jeffrey Peacock as he will be there. It would be good if the event host (Bill) also put in his RSVP comment "(LWJ90A=My `guest' is the SoCalAndroid organizer Jeffrey Peacock as he has no OCAndroid profile to RSVP with.)".)
  • (LWBAJ7=RE incoming main event hosts Bill & Kathryn­

    • (LWJ1W2=as they met event editing criteria says LWBARR of this post, edit the listing to formally declare them as Event hosts
      (leave instructions for event hosts=(LWJ23O=As true with every event in our group, event hosts especially: read & watch the event's discussion thread­ (specified in the event main description) for changes to the event & post your changes there.)
      (LWJ8IU=They will now get notified whenever one changes his/her RSVP and will be able to edit the event listing)
    • (LWJ44R=(They=the now-official standard event hosts) still need now to do:
      (LWJ458=Whenever editing an event listing, always
      (LWJB4Z=edit the whole series by picking "Edit this Meetup and all the following Meetups") and
      (LWJB59=after after saving, to "Wait! Did you want to change these, too?" pick for every listing, pick "Overwrite all details for this Meetup, except the date".))
      (LWJ2HK=make this event's "Discussion thread TBA" instead be "Discussion thread" including a real link to this thread; see prior example.)
      (LWJ7KK=be sure that enough food is brought. Note that this includes the food for the dev mtg RSVP YESes.)
    • (LWJ7PO=To let em know, post Greet on their profiles (using Bill as example here)
      (LWJ7QC=As a standard OCAndroid Hack Night Host (1 of 2), completing ur in-processing & now leading (your 2nd mtg tomorrow 7pm­,
      * I've made u formally an Event Host for this series (giving u edit access to these listings) -congratulations!
      * So now followup on & reply on­ -thanks!)
Bill Zwicky
user 22447461
Orange, CA
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Read the above post. Updated meetup listing for 12/21:

(LW63DK=(6: 2011.12.21(Wed)­)
Source email announcement. Discussion thread. Combined with OC Android Beginner/Intermediate Dev Training #3. Includes leader Donna presenting the app she coded and published on the Market since joining OC Android.)

Group Organizer
Laguna Hills, CA
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  • (LWKZ9Y=Bill did the above during our phone call
    Bill (XXX) XXX-4711 - home
    12/21/11 4:11 PM 58 minutes ago 52 minutes long
    where I stepped him through it all. Great work, Bill! This resulted in his creating "version 1.2".
    (LWKZBC=Meetup didn't display "update the series" for Bill, so I had him update the just the individual listing and after our call, I edited the series, didn't make any edits, but then propagated the version to all 6 future listings))
  • (LWKZDK=Latest news from Kathryn from our SMS:
    Me to Kathryn ... (XXX) XXX-8647 - mobile
    12/21/11 4:55 PM 14 minutes ago
    Me: Kat­ -did u get emailed my "Dec 20 .. 6:29PM" Greet re ur mtg 2day? When can u do its~10min prep work,needed now? 10:28 AM
    Me: Hey, Katheryn, we're depending on u tonight, for the food & more. And it's been >5hrs and just 3hrs more to the mtg. So can I get an answer,pls? 3:54 PM
    Kathryn K Free: Been at the hospital all day - have had a medical emergency the pay few days 4:02 PM
    Kathryn K Free: Have just arrived at office - what is the more? 4:03 PM
    Me: What office u at now? At our venue? Did u read the discussion thread ur Greet links to? -that will give u all latest updates. 4:42 PM
    Kathryn K Free: My office - 4:43 PM
    Kathryn K Free: Have not been around to read anything - 4:43 PM
    Me: Hope ur medE is ok now. "More" is event listing editing+there2 handle things w/ur partner(attendance,etc).Just read ur Greet& its links now,ok? 4:48 PM
    Kathryn K Free: Would you be really upset of I do not attend tonight? I am during here so scattered and need to pull my work together - 4:49 PM
    Kathryn K Free: No still have to speak with hospital about their release and they are going to need full time care which I cannot provide but they are expecting me to 4:50 PM
    Me: Bill&everyone is depending on 4our food+leader help. +U can bring all ur work to Hack Night and,once u've handled leadership stuff,just work on that. Good? 4:51 PM
    Kathryn K Free: If I need to I can pick up the pizza and drop it off - just not sure if I should stay the entire time 4:52 PM
    Me: That wd b a lot better than not coming; if possible bring 2L of soda;Bill will bring 2 open bottles fr b4. Plus pls bring ur work&stay if u can - we like u! Gd? 4:55 PM
  • (LWL0CF=Another thing for a std event host to do: now send an email to SoCalAndroid mailing list like the one I did last time.)
Bill Zwicky
user 22447461
Orange, CA
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Great meeting! Combined OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetup 3+ and SoCalAndroid Hack Night via OCAndroid 6+. Kathy took attendance and gave out name tags as people arrived.

Visitors were, in order after being sorted by skill for the Beginner/Intermediate meeting:

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