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Round Table Pizza of Lake Forest

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  • Leader Lucy proposed 2011.09
  • It was our #1 option (we actually reserved it) until we found Smart-Soft and in 2011.10.05 became confident that would work instead.
  • Pros thru cons:

    • Large meeting room which

      • Closes shut for noise control
      • Seats 36 with about 9 movable med-sized tables (each seating 4)
      • I recall it has a number of AC plugs on the wall
      • Has 2 LCD big screens which can be driven by laptops
      • Is generally available and easy to reserve

    • Freeway exit close.
    • We already buy & serve Roundtable Pizza at our meetings and are pleased with it.
    • Med con: in S-Central OC, not Central OC, even though we're "OCAndroid" (which good for me the Head Leader, but not great on everyone)
    • Big con: No customer Internet (as via wifi) and the owner doesn't respond to requests to add it.

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Thinking of going with this for upcoming dev meetings -see that for more background & why.
The big concerns are now:

  • Very much: it's lack of wifi Internet so our bringing in our own wifi Internet.
  • The fact that would appear to be a bit farther for leader Bill. It's actually closer for the other leaders (Kathy, me, Donna, & Lucy)

Bill Z.
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Orange, CA
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Here's a link to Google's summary of the location:­

It's a little farther than I like to drive, but it's closer to some of our members. It looks like a good location.
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Good to hear, Bill. Okay tomorrow Saturday I plan to reserve this, to be used as early as Wed as as our primary or alternate. Everyone, get busy on finding solutions to Wifi! -see link of my prior post.
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  • I invited OCAndroid Leaders & members to very soon tour this venue -see that for the details on the tour as it's for 2 venues.
  • Call
    Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 - work
    3/5/12 9:35 PM 13 minutes ago 11 minutes long
    Sephanie answers. Ask about the meeting room with closed doors.

    Ask if it has wifi Internet; no she says. I say: please cast my vote; we will even give you the equipment (the router) for free; else we have to import Internet via phones, and that's hard. If you had it, we would have been in your room 6 months ago.

    (Of the meeting times Mon-Thu M-H 7pm to close
    Shows no reservations this week. So I reserve this Wed 7pm to closing with a 70% chance of cancellation due to this is a backup in case our normal room can't be opened. Give her Michael, my ph #, and­
    Computer shows no reservations for next week. I say we hope to reserve for next week.)

    She says she only works on Monday. So for more details, she says to speak to Leaonna, manager of this location, works tomorrow 3pm to 8pm. She says she will have her call me definitely.

    She provides very friendly customer service.

    Recording id M0G82L

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Just now calling back is Brianna (a manager or assistant manager) of
Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 - work
3/6/12 3:21 PM 105 seconds ago

  • She was my original POC there.
  • She was very friendly & helpful as usual.
  • RE Wifi Internet there

    • She says they still don't offer it.
    • I let her know that our group would have been there every week, the last 6 months, ever week, if only you had wifi.
    • She said she passed my suggestion from last time but the owner but he didn't sound very interested. I asked why -her guess.

      • She said it was because he thinks it would cause trouble during their busy times (as Tuesdays) when they have limited seating so don't want people to stay long. I explained, yes,m Denny's of Lake Forest also had that concern and it's super easy to fix: Just switch it off when that's a problem -- it's as easy as flipping a light switch, any employee could handle it. Of course try to post when you expect to be doing this so no unpleasant surprises, but that's it. And so no problems at all plus you attract customers at the times when you need them --when attendance is low. She agreed this sounded like pretty good and would share it with him.

    • I said I would enjoy talking with the owner about it, "I'll come down in person & treat him to a pizza :-)", and repeated that we would give him the equipment & installation free.
    • She says that the owner hardly comes by. Typically only on Tuesday for 5 or 10 minutes, as he has many stores to run.
    • I asked. Owner's name is Ray Jafari

  • Re the room with doors

    • She said that Stephanie didn't know how to check reservations. Instead Wed tomorrow is already booked from 3pm to 9:30pm, so they can't host us tomorrow, but really want to in the future:
    • Don't do reservations on any Tuesday since that is a buffet day and it's already busy.
    • Next week they have every day except Tue.
      I reserve next week for us (in the evening) with 50% chance of cancellation; I would put it on Monday (so not to conflict with SoCalAndroid) but we need the extra time because of the venue change and to work out wifi-internet.

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From my SMS

Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 - work
3/16/12 5:51 PM 2 days ago 4 minutes long

Since ProSum is out, called Roundtable. Brianna immediately answered. She was super pleasant. Booked the main room on Monday 19th & 26th & April 1st, 7pm to closing. Honestly told her her customer service was a delight compared to other venues. Saved to M107J7.
I didn't think we'd have to use this backup venue again, but fortunately since I kept working on it & found a wifi hotspot solution just 1 day ago, it should work fine.
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As mentioned & explained here, now called this venue
Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 - work
3/29/12 5:11 PM 19 minutes ago 11 minutes long

  • Abby answers. She's been working there since Oct. She provides great customer service.
  • She books the room for all of April: every Monday 6:00pm to closing: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. I explain to her why: a big reason is that we want people to eat more pizza and right now with just 3 hours we're so busy we don't have time to eat, so this should get more eating done.
  • I ask her who else has the room booked other than us? She says:

    • Also booked 1st Wed 6:30pm-9:30pm by a woman for divorce councel mtgs.
    • Tues nites always in use.
    • Sat 2012.05.12 it's booked for something.
    • That's it so far.

  • What other locations have a party room which closes? She says that Foothill Ranch does (and it's by the same owner) but no others she knows for sure, although maybe the one in Newport Beach.
  • I make sure they have our url­
  • I say we've figured out wifi for the room, using our phones -this seems to raise her eyebrow.
  • I say her customer service is delightful and she's welcome to drop by our meetings as if she wants to turn her phone into a hotspot.
  • Call saved on my Samsung ph.

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Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 - work
7/30/12 3:49 PM 5 minutes ago 5 minutes long

I called. Tracy answered. I said I'm Destiny from OCAndroid.

  • Want to make sure the banquet room is reserved for us tonight 6pm-10pm. She said it wasn't reserved. I said, ~"Oops, ok let's reserve it for us on the last Monday of the month from this time range starting today, so Jul30, Aug27, Sep24". She said she will reserve it.
  • I also let her know that ~"Pizza Hut is running ads heavily on KNBC Channel 4 during the Olympics, for $10 for any any-topping pizza delivered. Do you have anything equivalent?" She mentioned lowest was a "$12.xx single-topping pizza" plus "We've got better deals if you bring in coupons. The owner keeps track of this.". I said "Not to worry, we love your room; just to let you know"
  • I said "But we could really use Internet wifi. We've been importing it ourselves but it would always be better if you provided it." She said she would let the owner know.
  • I said "Thanks. See you tonight!".

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q(Round Table Pizza of 92630(Lake Forest) (949) 859-8888 - work
9/24/12 3:39 PM 2 hours ago 5 minutes long) Now call to reschedule per­

Stephanie answers.
*"Tuesdays are Buffet nite so don't reserve then, all other nights are free"
* I say for cancel for all our present reservations (which all should be on Monday, starting with tonight) and instead make it for 2nd Thursday of the month (for this month Oct 11 & next Nov 8th); as before 6pm to 10pm. She makes the reservation.
*I thank her for their great easy scheduling.

After check­ and realize 2nd Thursday conflicts with OCJUG­ -will have to be changed.

Being moved to 3rd Thursdays, to call them.
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