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School Uniforms

Plano, TX
Post #: 186
I have never been against school uniforms. In fact, I had favored them for many years, as long as they were simple and affordable. I thought, hey it keeps things simple, and should even the field because poor kids could be dressed as rich kids. My husband has always been against them as they felt they squashed freedom of expression.

Now, I do censor what my kids where to school to a degree. My kids have some funny shirts that I won't let them where to school (grade school) because I think they are a little too sarcastic, but are fine around the house. Our elementary school has a voluntary dress uniform, and one of my daughters wanted to participate in that, so I tried to find some of the articles. It was tough...and they were expensive (20 bucks for a red polo ) So I just go similiar stuff.

That isn't what the point of my post is six grader brought home this paper from PE class that I states I have to buy a uniform for PE. I said WHAT? A UNIFORM? Not just a dress in please make sure they where gym shoes and appropriate exercise clothes, but it has to be specific color shorts and shirts. Or else they cannot participate.

I am pretty ticked off, much to my surprise. First off, there is no required uniforms in my school district. They have to be approved by the collective masses. Secondly, there was no warning. My son went to this school for 2 years there was no uniform. Third, this is stupid. Why require a uniform for PE if you don't for the rest of school.

So why require then at all? What if the kid doesn't want to wear shorts but wants to wear sweat pants? What if orange shorts makes her butt look fat and blue shorts make her legs look pale? Or WHAT IF THE PARENTS DON'T want to spend money on stupid stuff like this? How dare they tell me what clothes I have to buy for my kid. I know what is appropriate gym wear.

I wrote a forceful yet polite email to the principal explaining I didn't see where the school had the authority to require this.

I think my daughter is appalled...thats why I emailed the principle and not the gym teacher. Because (no offense to any who has been a gym teacher) in my experience gym teachers are not always very diplomatic about dealing with kids. I don't want the teacher talking to my daughter about it in front of the kids.

If she really wants to dress like the masses I told her she buy herself the evil little PE uniform out of her own money.

So, in a way, my public OKAY I FINALLY GET IT ABOUT UNJIFORMS to my husband.....tongue

But this paper is asking for my signature agreeing to this stupid uniform. And I won't sign it. That's the main thing I need to address with the principal.

What do you guys think?
Santiago V.
Dallas, TX
Post #: 102
I think this wouldn't be a problem if all schools were private :)
Plano, TX
Post #: 190
Private school...working on that, my me hahah.
At least if a private school had a dress code it is something you agree to before you enroll the kid and spend money.
I have yet to hear from the principal.
Lubbock, TX
Post #: 7
I haven't posted on this site in quite some time, but this issue is one that I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. Not the uniforms so much as private schools. I'm currently going to school to become a teacher and I have been telling my husband for a few months now that I wanted to open a private school that was objectivist based. I work as a nanny now and I spend most of my time with the youngest girl of the family, who is five, and I try to encourage her to think logically in every matter that I find appropriate (her family is deeply religious, I'm not, but I don't ever let my personal beliefs influence their daughter) and I have seen some fairly amazing advancements in her thinking process.

But that is beside the point of this thread, I agree with your husband, I too disapprove the use of uniforms in school. Our society is too obsessed with conformity. I do approve of guide lines, especially when you are dealing with children just coming into newly enhanced bodies, but having everyone look the same has always seemed too drastic a step for me. I never had to deal with uniforms until I was in college and got a job that required them, but I always thought that people would find other ways to express themselves even if they were not allowed to do so through their clothes. Then their expression would come out in hair styles, jewelery, shoes, etc...and when I was required to wear one, I found that to be true.

Uniforms in gym seems a bit excessive if the school isn't even requited to wear them, I agree with you. Perhaps the school has had problems with kids wearing inappropriate things and they are trying to nip it in the bud, you might be able to find that out from the principal. I would think that unless it had been approved by the school board you would not have to follow that exactly and think of them more as suggestions and just try to get as close as you can.
Dallas, TX
Post #: 144
So, in a way, my public OKAY I FINALLY GET IT ABOUT UNJIFORMS to my husband.....


The absurdity of the notion that by forcing conformity in clothing, you could enforce conformity of the mind was too much for me to stomach as a student. Uniforms, we were told, would remove social pressures amongst the students, create less distractions in class, give a better sense of togetherness and good will and what ever other stupid idealogy they could think up at the time. My battles against school uniforms in school started when I got in a heated debate with my school's principle and vice principle over whether my shirt tail not being tucked in was required for me to learn anything in English class, and just why the English teacher decided to disrupt class and start a stink in the first place since tucked in shirts weren't mentioned anywhere in the student handbook. They seemed amazed that I was unwilling to simply tuck in my shirt, it was such a little thing, and they could not see my point that if it was a little thing, why was it needed and why was the conversation even taking place?

- Travis
Plano, TX
Post #: 195
Here's the reply I got back from the principal:
Hi. I am sorry you were upset about our letter. Each student is asked to wear an orange shirt with their last name on the back and blue shorts for PE. This request has been suggested to promote school spirit and create a sense of family.
We would appreciate your support.

I find this response interesting:
1.It wasn't an orange shirt in the letter. It could be white or blue shirt, or orange or blue shorts. So she doesn't even know what the uniform choices are;
2. So it IS a request, not an order like the gym teachers stated and the letter is manipulating the parents into thinking.
3. Sense of family????? What the heck? I don't have a problem with a little school spirit, but how dare they talk about sense of family. That is from my home, thank you.

She actually cc'd 5 other people when she replied, which annoys me even more. I can see having to keep some in the loop, but 5? She could have at least addressed that in the email saying why she felt the need to do so. I didn't contact the gym teachers directly because I was afraid they would say something to Eve. Besides, I thought that going higher up was the thing to do with policy, not complain to the teachers that have to just enforce them.

I haven't replied yet, because I am trying to decide the best way to do so. I want to tell her they need to work on their communication skills and stop trying lying to the parents and trying to manipulate them to get to do things. I don't think that would go over well though.

I am tempted to go ahead and get tshirts made from David's site ("Irrationality is not tolerated") and let Eve wear those to PE. I would even put her name on the back hahah, but THAT would be wrong, because I don't want to use her to fight the issue. That would be worse than what the school is doing.
Plano, TX
Post #: 196
Taryn, thanks for your comments!
Scott C.
Dallas, TX
Post #: 2
I had a school uniform from 6th to 12th grade, with a seperate PE uniform. I don't know of anyone there (though it was an all boys school) that ever thought uniforms were oppressive. It just made picking out your clothes in the morning really easy, and got forgotten about totally after about a week of exposure.
Plano, TX
Post #: 201
The way they are going about it. I wasn't really bothered by school uniforms until this. It's sprung on us, the first day of school, and being presented as if we have no choice and that our daugther will get zeros if we don't get it for her. It's public school, and there isn't uniforms.

There is bigger things to battle about I suppose, but I don't like being lied to, nor having my kid being lied to. A little thing maybe, and it probably wouldn't have bothered me as much when I thought I was a Humanist tongue
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