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North Texas Objectivist Society (NTOS) Message Board › Ron Paul donations

Ron Paul donations

A former member
Post #: 8
I hope this isn't too off-topic..

For the Ron Paul supporters that may not know, today (Nov 5th) is
the big donation bomb day, they are trying to get 100k people to donate
$100 each.


A former member
Post #: 57
I saw he got $4,000,000 in one day. I guess thats means he got 40K people to donate $100. Better than I would have expected.
A former member
Post #: 10
Much better than anyone expected! It seems the older I get the more I see the ideas of free-markets and limited government gaining acceptance. There is no question in my mind that this is the ideas of Rand sinking into the public consciousness. It gives me some degree of hope.

Ron Paul's supporters are gearing up to break the record again it looks like :­
A former member
Post #: 53
did this have something to do with Guy Fawkes?
Byron G.
user 3754791
Dallas, TX
Post #: 3
The video was themed off of V for Vendetta, if I recall correctly.

The thing that worries me heavily, as I have mentioned to a few people in person, it's not the amount of money that concerns me, but rather where it came from.

I know that you can't judge a candidate by his followers. But, I've decided that I can't support Ron Paul any more in good concionce because of his inability to reject the following his campaign has gathered with neo-nazis, holocaust deniers, 9-11 truthers and the rest of those things.

If he had not written for American Free Press repeatedly, it would be one thing. But he did, and it's not 'one thing'.

Karen G.
Sulphur, OK
Post #: 2
I have a couple questions to ask. First, what benefit would Ron Paul's stance have to "neo-nazis, holocaust deniers, 9-11 truthers"? I am not sure I even know what these designations mean. If they are factions that are against individualist ideals, why would they promote the US going back to the fundamentals of the constitution?

My mother-in-law refuses to support Ron Paul because he is too old. Personally, I think his stance on abortion stinks. But I refuse to 'throw out the baby with the bathwater'. There is no other candidate who is saying what Ron Paul is. I think this is important.

I remember back in the late 60's (ewww - ancient!) when an equal rights bill for women was defeated because male politicians did not want to align themselves with 'lesbians, feminists, women's libbers, etc', even after they had supported the bill whole-heartedly prior to then. Today, women are still lagging behind in all areas compared to men.

I personally think that the US needs to know not all of us are passive about the country's meandering toward socialism. If this term is not quite right please forgive me. I do not fully understand the various terms and their exact meanings - but I do understand 'the majority' are giving up our rights to the government in exchange for...?? The answer to that is why I support Ron Paul right now. I hope if he gets enough attention maybe others will listen, or maybe even question Michael Moore's "documentaries".

"At what cost, and to whom"? These words changed my life.


Edited to add my name.
Byron G.
user 3754791
Dallas, TX
Post #: 4
Not nessicarilly in order:
I don't know what kind of benefit the aforementioned groups think they would achieve by way of Ron Paul's politics. I have literally no clue. My best guess is the fact that they might feel more free to spout their idiocy without fear of reprisal by some sort of a state that might see them as terrorist groups.

My problem with supporting Ron Paul doesn't have to do with the fact that he has attracted various irrational and fringe nut-jobs to his candidacy. It has to do with his blatant inability to come out publicly and say, "I do not agree with them on (neo-nazi-ism, the 9-11 conspiracy, the holocaust's size and scope)."

I understand the quandary that we're facing. I don't see a 'good' way out of the mess we're finding ourselves in, and I do agree that Dr. Paul's domestic policies are a far shot toward what we need to have in this country. I simply cannot offer my support to a candidate that, on one hand refuses to consider the full scope of the international picture (his exchange with John McCain) where he claims we shouldn't enforce our way of life on other people (which I agree with), but seems to be unable to understand that a large part of the mission for US military personnel is preventing someone else from doing just that on our soil once more.

I know that Michael Moore has done a lot of harm to the country. My personal feelings for the fat, socialist weasel aside, though, I think that America is starting to see the idiocy for what it is.

A former member
Post #: 54
Ron Paul doesn't need to waste time going out of his way to point out that he doesn't agree with crazy people. He wants to shrink the government more than anyone else and all of the above-mentioned groups hate the government. So Ron Paul does have something in common with Neo-Nazis. So do I. I don't think it's necessary for me to tell you that I'm not a racial bigot. I think you should be able to see that for yourself unless you're unsure what a racial bigot is, in which case you can ask me and I'd be happy to explain it to you.

I looked at that American Free Press and didn't find anything written by him. After skimming one article I quit looking. Reading that paper's bobbing for apples in a toilet. Could you point out what he wrote?

Ever since this thread started I've been reading up on this "nobody trying to make a name for himself" (random pundit quote). As a consequence I've actually been paying attention to the races for once. Mitt Romney is a non-decision maker. Every decision he makes has to go through someone else, like the waterboarding deal. Giulliani plays on people's feelings too much. He quotes statistics sometimes, and those are pretty factual, but he makes exceptions to his own rules. I've always liked McCain. I think he can improve things.

Ron Paul is best suited to lead. When in a debate we can see what candidates do under pressure, if found in a situation like G-dub was on 9/11 (freezing like a deer in headlights is not my idea of a good leader). Romney would start looking for people to make the decisions for him, Giulianni would respond acting purely from instinct (at least that's something), but Paul would remember his principles as he's always done and act accordingly.

I doubt he'll win, but I hope he does and I intend to vote for him because others will see that this is the sort of man that can come from "nowhere" and get a lot of support quickly - not because he's an expert at getting votes and making himself popular - but because he's right!­
A former member
Post #: 143
Women are lagging behind men in all areas? What does this mean? Do you mean they can't run as fast as men? Or do you mean income "equity"? If it's the later, please tell me what business government has worrying about it? Are you suggesting the government has a role in making sure men and women are paid the same amount, a la socialist principles? If so, let's talk, because I know a few women paid WAY more than I am, and they are directly responsbile for causing BILLIONS of dollars in asset losses and write-downs. Therefore I think I am ENTITLED to have income parity with them. I also think my annual bonus should be GUARENTEED to me like thier's is and not based on my performance. Personally I think they have a bright future in either the food service or housekeeping industries.

As for Dr. Paul, he sounds like a flake. He has the same chance of being president as my cat. He's as crazy as Perot was but not as funny.

When did Bush "freeze"? And what principles does Dr. Paul embrace that would cause him to respond without "a deer in headlights" look? Has Dr. Paul been in a situtation where America was under attack and HE had to make a decision or has he had the lesuire to do some Monday morning quarterbacking?

Karen G.
Sulphur, OK
Post #: 3
I am addressing only the first paragraph of Pytheus' reply.

I mentioned an equal rights bill that was brought up for vote that read as follows:

"Equality of rights, under the law, shall not be denied or abridged, by the US or any state, on account of sex."

My broad comment after that was in regards to equality with men. Since it was into the 70's before women were allowed to even own property in their own name in some states, I would say that women are still fighting to have rights equal to men. Upholding individual rights is a government issue. When women do not have the same rights as men, there is a problem. It has only been in the last 20 years that wives were elevated from receiving one equal portion of their joint estate at the death of their spouse (it was divided between all the children of the husband and the wife equally) to being the sole heir, here in Oklahoma. The husband was sole heir if his wife died. It is still being questioned in courts.

I do not know what you are referring to in regards to your pay and someone else's. I think if a few women, who do the same job as you do, are making WAY more than you, maybe you need to find a more fair employer. Or maybe they do a WAY better job than you do. That is between you and your employer. Personally, I would have issues with your spelling and the negative and disparaging career futures you have alluded toward your peers (this is tongue-in-cheek, since I hope your comments were as well).


PS: If your cats are cute my hubby's aunt would vote for them. She picks her president by how he looks. Bush looked better than Gore in a suit. And he had a much nicer haircut in case no one noticed. Kerry was just interested in ketchup. I didn't ask but I am sure she saw stains on his tie.
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