Call to Action TODAY! Stop Medicaid Expansion in Ohio: Tuesday Blitz!

From: Tumbleweed S.
Sent on: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 6:34 AM


Can you please consider sending the below info out to your group's?  
We want to try and flood the Finance Committee with calls Tuesday against the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio.  
We want to get as many groups and people calling so they will be buried with calls when they get a copy of a letter and petition we dropped with Kasich, Batchelder and Faber last Monday against the expansion of Medicaid.

Feel free to edit as you wish.  The goal is to get as may people as we can calling the Finance Committee Tuesday while they see the letter and petition.  I have attached the letter and here is a link for the petition we dropped off ast week....



Ralph King [masked]
Cleveland Tea Party Patriots - Co-coordinator 
State of Ohio - Co-coordinator
National Leadership Council Member - Tea Party Patriots

Dear Patriots,

Last Monday, Tea Party Patriots State Co-Coordinator Marianne Gasiecki delivered a letter against the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio signed on by 25 Ohio Tea Party & Liberty groups across and the petition signed by over 2,600 Ohio residents to Governor Kasich's office.  A copy of the letter and petition was also left with Ohio House Speaker Batchelder & Senate President Faber's office. 

Getting coverage from the local level to across Ohio and from San Francisco to Washington D.C., you can be sure that not only Governor Kasich & the Ohio Legislature knows where we stand, but the country now knows the Tea Party & Liberty groups in Ohio are ready to combat any expansion of Medicaid in our state.

To date, while we have received no direct response from the Governor himself, the Tea Party & Liberty groups in Ohio were attacked by a recent political appointee of Governor Kasich's days after our letter & petition were delivered.

In response to our opposition on the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare, Ohio Right to Life President Michael Gonidakis, who supported provisions that allowed Obamacare to become law, and who was recently appointed to the State Medical Board by Governor Kasich, called Tea Party groups in Ohio, "idealogues that are putting the conservative movement at risk by opposing the expansion of Medicaid and saying to hell with other Ohioans."

It should also be noted that while he claims to have fought against the passage of Obamacare, Gonidakis actively campaigned for and applauded the passage of the Stupak Amendment, which allowed Obamacare to be passed into law.  Now, while on the State  Board he is promoting the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare. 
How do we respond to these border line Obama-like Chicago-style thug politics? We work even harder to defeat the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare!

Passion to Action
Tuesday Blitz

This Tuesday, March 5, 2013, the letter against the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio signed by 25 Ohio Tea Party & Liberty groups, along with the petition against expanding Medicaid in Ohio with now over.2,700 signatures (sign Petition here) will be sent to all members of the House Finance Committee currently hearing the bill.

We are asking everyone to please call and email the GOP members of the House Finance Committee on the same day to reinforce our opposition.  Along with this, we are asking everyone to also call Governor Kasich, and House Speaker Batchelder to express your opposition to Medicaid expansion on the same day.

Governor Kasich
PH #: [masked]

House Speaker Batchelder
PH #: [masked]

Next and most importantly, please call and email GOP members of the House Finance Committee and urge them to VOTE NO on expanding Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare.

House Finance Committee


Rep Ron Amstutz 
PH #: [masked]


Rep. Jeff McClain
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Richard Adams
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Marlene Anielski
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Peter Beck
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Timothy Derickson
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Mike Dovilla
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Mike Duffy
PH #: [masked]

Rep Anne Gonzales
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Dave Hall
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Bill Hayes
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Ron Maag
PH #: [masked]

Rep Ross McGregor
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Cliff Rosenberger
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Barbara Sears
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Ryan Smith
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Robert Sprague
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Peter Stautberg
PH #: [masked]

Rep. Gerald Stebelton
PH #: [masked]

-- End --

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Marianne Gasiecki
Founder - Mansfield Tea Party
State Co-coordinator
National Leadership Council Member - Tea Party Patriots

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