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__SHOW UP: If it becomes a pattern of no shows look in to a game that doesn’t involve hours or sometimes days of prep time. Board or card games will work out better for you. I got it. It’s a game. But we all take time out of our lives for this game. So please don’t get upset if you’re not invited back. Thank you and best of luck.
__BE CREATIVE: don't feel constricted by a rule or a system issue. if there’s something you would like to do or change about the game just bring it up. Do you know about the founding of RPG games? This is how they have stayed alive.
__BE PREPAIRED....If a things worth doing its worth doing well. This doesn't mean a ton of prep time. It means a little personal responsibility to have your basics done prior to a game.
Example: Character sheet up to dated – Snacks and drinks on hand –know your role in the party – Build your character (at times) to compliment the group - Try to get into character- Have at least a brief character history and build it with DM tweaks prior to game time.
• Character sheet & all Stats updates done prior to game time.
• Side kicks….NPC / secondary character one level or lower below main character. He will compliment your character or the party’s needs. Side kicks must be different and creative. They act as a tool for balance, game mechanics, story line, creativity; there just all around a good idea for advanced players. They are only 0.5 or half of a normal character when XP is summed up. Update side kick stats at your leisure not a requirement.
• Character history it doesn’t have to be long but it’s great to see after the first session to bring party together and plan future adventures.
• Have on party member draw major events…scribble or words to later be made in to a battle standard showing your party’s many accomplishments and hardships along the way. An example is to scribble on a copy of the map what happened (art or words) art seems to be more enjoyable.
• Have fun and enjoy the game
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Update: Sidekicks act as NPC's when a party is full or are not present in the gaming session.
They act as great Pre gen charaters.
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Vorah Madeveda Background:
(Tiefling Psion: Calmec Scribe/Noble Adpet)

Vorah was born into a long line of Psionic Tieflings, dating back at least 6 generations that is known of. Much is expected of her because of this background. Within the Calmec scribes of Draj, there are only a handful of Tieflings, none of which are of any relation to Vorah. Her father (who was also human) was a raider of the desert, and her mother was born within the long line of Psions. It is her mother’s side where Vorah gets her skills, and it is her mother’s family that has cushioned her from poverty.

Freedom is nonexistent in Draj, and especially for the Psion’s training in The House of the Mind Academy. The Sorcerer-King Tectuktitlay has been known to relish the powers of the Psion’s, and keeps a close watch on them. His Warriors gain high ranks and nobility, and yet so do high-functioning and powerful Psion’s, like Vorah’s family. Vorah would have been belittled to the common-wealth had her extensive background not warrant any attention. She is not a slave like the poor, collared fools of the region, but she is and must be obedient to her King at every turn. To go against his wishes would mean death.

There are two faces to Vorah, and one is metaphoric. On the outside she is pleasant, disciplined, quiet, structured; an obedient student. Within her mind however, she is a violent, vengeful, sadistic creature who yearns to be free. Half of this deviant mind is brought on by her blood –a Tiefling is a devil with a blood debt, so says the history of Tieflings.

Vorah is a pyrokinetic in secret. She has trained herself to use Infernal Wrath with better efficiency, and has even learned a few fire tricks with her psionic prowess. She is fascinated with fire and her heritage, which could go hand in hand anyway. Recently she has learned a new trick from her bloodline (Gaze of ruin), but she’s not confident with how it works yet. There’s still much testing to do.

She is out of shape physically, a bit over-weight for her height, since her rigorous training only ever involved her mind for the last 16 years. Because of this little things that take physical effort strain her and she’ll immediately try to find a psionic solution to any problem.

*Secretly – Vorah believes in the blood-debt superstition of Tieflings so much so she’s certain it is literal, meaning she must kill to fulfill the debt owed by her people. She actually believes, though she’ll never admit to such, that once the debt is complete, she’ll revert to a human form and become something of a beautiful ‘Queen’ like lady. Cliff notes version: she wants to kill, and has killed a lot already, to change her appearance and destiny.

*Vorah’s fascination with fire stems from a freak accident involving her Mother’s death. Her Mother was burned alive during childbirth. No one dares tell Vorah the truth – the false story she has heard to this day is that her Mother was a causality of some conflict in the past.

Vorah wants so much fame and fortune that she could potentially equal her King in such a way he may take her on as his bride. As far as ‘freedom’ goes, that’s the extent of what she wants. As a player, I would love to see Vorah make a name for herself and get rich! =)

Currently, Vorah was sent from the city to seek out other Psion’s and/or ancient relics/texts/ or instructors to add to the collection at the Academy. Her mentor, and the high scholar at Draj, sent her on this task to hopefully impress the King on his yearly birthday ritual in a few months time. If Vorah does not return before the annual gathering, her mentor will sent out assassins to kill her for disobedience.
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that was an awesome character history. your pet choice was very fitting as well. thank you for that much effort into your character history. i finished the first draft of session one and will hopefully will receive other player's character profiles before the final draft. thanks again
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