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Tonight begins the first of our Exalted campaign. Never before have I seen more excitment for a game then this one. I am VERY happy that everyone is excited. As the GM for the game I have a few requests.

Please everyone be on time. There are many people wanting to play this game and I dont want anyone getting shorted game time because someone was late. Gaming will begin at 7:45 SHARP and from 7-7:45 we will be talking and eating dinner.

I need everyones background asap. I have to date only recived one persons background. I want to use peoples background and to do so I need to have them.

Everyone will have three games to change anything they want about their character. After three games you are stuck with what you have.

We will be taking a few breaks through out the night, about one every hour, for about 10 minutes please make sure you are back and ready to play at the right time for each break.

I am looking forward to tonight and will see all those who rspv yes there.

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Here is my background. Let me know what you think.
I want to thank you for the opportunity to interview for this position. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Yes my name is Lilly of Nexus. No, I don’t have a surname, nor do I have any family. I was spawned by the streets of Nexus the same as thousands of other street rats and that is where I take my name from. Don’t be concerned I am not ashamed of my past. My earliest memories are finding a nearly full bin of food in an ally that was not rancid yet. I was very pleased. My childhood helped me understand the way of the world and how I wanted to move in it.
It seemed to me that three groups of children survived on the streets of Nexus. The first group that I truly noticed was the bullies and the wretches. They were larger kids who would steal from those who could not stop them. Both of them were weak. Then there were the heroes. You know the strong ones that need to build themselves up by saving others. They would find and defend the wretches in order to prop themselves up. The wretches would drain them and the bullies would chop off their heads. These heroes didn’t understand. The weak are the most treacherous of us all. They come to the strong and drain them. They are bottomless. They are insatiable. They are always parched and always bitter. They are everyone's concern and like vampires they suck our life's blood.
The third group were the kids who worked together to gather what we needed to survive. That was the group I was in. While I found food, another kid found a place to squat for the night, a third found fuel for the fire. It worked. We were cunning, brave and strong. We lived and clawed our way out of the streets. I swept up in a bakery where the baker spoke fire tongue. I also swept up in a guild trading house. When the merchant was being yelled at by a customer I was able to explain the issue. That’s how I got my start translating. I can now speak Fire tongue, Old Realm, High Realm and Forest Tongue. I started riding on the caravan for my daily bread. When the negotiator pissed himself instead of arranging safe passage from a nasty spirit, I stepped in and got us passage. After that I could write my own ticket. I bought myself a nice riding horse and small apartment in the Cinnabar district.
I ride the caravans most of the year. I want to help Nexus be great when I am in town. I am not a hero. I want to help others in order to help myself. I want to work on this project in order to strengthen the middle class. I want to give people opportunities to raise their position in life. The more people who have cash to buy things the more profit I can make. Do you have any other questions?
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Another season of wood, another caravan. Out of Nexus just as it was cooling down. South for two months west for another four and you end up in Gem. Unload your cargo buy a new one and head back. Spend two months in Nexus then turn around do it again. This is my eighth southern tour. My job is to make deals along the way. We trade goods with locals to sell later or acquire fresh provisions. The other part of my job is passage. The caravan routs are well laid out, but territories change so much. Barbarians, beast men, spirits, fae and even anathema, I have seen them all. Sure we have soldiers, and even a ronin dragonblood on most trips, but I speaks the language, understand the customs, and make the deals. Course It does not hurt that I don’t scare and I don’t back down. Oh and people really like me.
I like people for the most part, but I don’t have friends. They just don’t work for me, but now there is this woman on the caravan. She is smart and biting. I really like her. She is a private healer of a merchant prince. Beyond her, it is the normal group of traders, guards, hired hands. We were attacked outside of Yan and lost most of our guards. In Yan we met a group of mercenaries led by a Theodoric Thorasmand. I arranged for them to guard us along the way to Gem. I got the better deal by far.
A month later we had made it pretty far south into the territory of a Fae named Lasar. He had set up a nice little business for himself in human trafficking. About six months ago I had negotiated a safe passage for our caravan. And no I did not trade any lives for it. We should have been safe but Lasar decided to double cross us. Truth be told I didn’t even see it coming. The ambush came from no where. I was riding Tardas my beautiful black and I saw a way out. Like I said before I don’t scare easy but I have made it this far by keeping my head down during combat. I was just about to make a break for it when I saw Lasar. I was so mad that he was breaking our contract that I spurred Tardus down on him.
“Lasar,” I called out “what is the meaning of this, we had a contract!” He turned and laughed at her with his perfect face. “Ah little flower had is the important word here. I don’t need your simple deal, now surrender or die” . He turned and knocked me off of Tardus. I growled up that I would never be owned. From the corner of my eye I could see something like golden bonfires going up all around me. But as I had a Fae Prince advancing on me sword drawn I didn’t have time to think. I was so mad. I was to good to go down this way.
“I am warning you Lasar, I’m the stronger one by far. There is power in me left my race is not yet run.” I felt someone touch my forehead and it started to burn. I spoke but it was not me speaking. It was like I spoke these words thousands of times before.
“Stand down Faire. You dare to break one of my contacts! You and yours are attacking a Quicksilver Falcon and his company. Stand down before I have you end your sorry existence.”
I am not really sure of the details from that point on. Lasar stood down and I brokered a binding peace. Again it was as if I had done this countless times before. The doctor, Theodoric and a kid named Dolumn had also glowed golden. I convinced most of the caravan to keep their mouths shut about what happened. Those who refused to give their word I left with Lasar. I keep my secrets.
Later that night we made camp in the dessert. I could not sleep. I felt like I was burning up inside. It hurt so much, I thought I was dying or being eaten. I was so scared that I was being consumed by some unknown power and that Lilly would be no more. I ran off into the night, ripping my shirt open and screaming into the night.
A women appeared in front of me. She was more beautiful than any being I had ever seen. She was bathed in golden light, her eyes were yellow and she was wearing a golden travel cloak. She walked to where I was laying in the sand and placed her hands on me. She kissed me and called me Tristan. She told me the reason I was having such pain is because I was being filled with the essence of a long dead Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. His death had been so incredibly painful and horrifying that it was burned into the reincarting essence.
Tristan was an increadably beautiful and charismic man. He loved women and they loved him. Men wanted to be his friend. He was kind and saw mortals as children to be cared for. He didn’t believe that anyone else powerful was capable of making decisions. When it was plotted to destroy all the solars none would agree to kill Tristan. Everyone knew that once he figured out the plot he would talk all the desenters into surrendering. So the most horrible demons imaginable were summoned. They came upon Tristan enforce and sliced out his tongue so he could not talk, then plucked out his eyes so he could not see them. At that point they were free to destroy his beauty in all its forms. When they finished there was nothing left to grieve over and the world became a darker place.
She tells me all this as a lay in the sand and I can almost remember it. I don’t know what a Solar is and all I have heard of the Unconquered Sun is half forgotten rhymes. Then burning slowly subsides and I know this power belongs to me now and that Lilly will not disappear. I also know that I have a long history that will haunt me for a while.
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Love it! Now I know all your secrets, and I have no problem meta-gaming!!! Whahahahahahaha!

*cough, cough, cough*

Man that's hard to do...

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Ok, here's my backstory, I thought I'd let other people meta-game me too!

Syndell was born into a life of security, power, and opulence. Her father was a great trader out of the Imperial City, and even though they were mere mortals, they lived a good life built on the backs of hard work and determination—of their slaves. For Syndell’s family was in the slave business.

Syndell was a beautiful child, with long golden hair, piercing blue eyes, and a warm friendly smile that drew you in, though what you found when you arrived was an all together different story. Behind her beauty resided a woman hardened to the plights of the men and women around her. Her family had given her everything, and because she had always had everything, she required twice as much as everyone else. She lacked the ability to see the suffering of others, instead intrigued with her purely intellectual mind, as to why they suffered and how to end it. She wanted to understand the physical condition, more often than not to the complete disregard of the emotional. Those that were snared by Syndell’s warm looks were often shocked to find that her contempt for those around her made her cold and indifferent to their needs. She was wholly selfish, and yet, within her was a spark of all encompassing compassion for those she cared about, or for those who had touched her heart. When she was eleven, for example, her nanny Anceta, became deathly ill, and while with any other person Syndell would have studied their progressive march towards death with a clinical eye and a snide comment for those that berated her, for Anceta, Syndell personally sent away for the finest physicians their money could support, and kept constant and loving vigil until her dear nanny passed into the next life. In that moment, helpless to care for the one she loved most in all the world, Syndell chose her path towards medicine and followed it with stalwart determination. Never again would she be unable to help those she chose to spend her compassion on.

So Syndell focused her bitter energy on becoming the greatest physician on the Blessed Isle. She studied day and night, her intellect growing as her limited compassion diminished. By 16 she saw her family as a crutch to her progress and severed contact as quickly as she removed a gangrenous leg from a screaming patient.

Then at 19, she fell in love. Her schooling finished, Syndell had taken up a practice with the other men and woman that serviced the Imperial Palace. It was a testament to her skills that she worked side by side with the Terrestrial Exalted, and that more often than not, they bowed to her superior diagnostic skills, even as they avoided her sharp acidic tongue, and turned their eyes away as she ignored the suffering of her patients to save their lives.

It was here she met Terris, a low ranking official in the Imperial Navy. He was nothing special to behold, nothing was in fact special about him, and yet to Syndell she loved him almost the first moment they met. Terris was compassionate to a fault, a complete opposite to Syndell’s clinical, cynical self. They were young, and in love, and through Terris, Syndell’s hard outer shell began to soften, and though she cared more about making an accurate diagnosis than the comfort of her patient, if it would not hinder her ability to determine the ailment, she would do her best to make her patient comfortable. Plans were made, promises kept, and at 21, Syndell stood poised to marry Terris.

As they moved through the streets of the Imperial City, in love and happy, a ruckus erupted around one of the twisting corners that encompassed the city. Suddenly a child, no more than 10 came bolting around the corner, his frail body surrounded by the anima of a great winged creature. He was obviously terrified, and when he saw Terris, he ran for the man, begging for help even as the mark upon his brow that labeled him a demon shone brightly in the high afternoon sun. In that moment, something within Syndell felt immense compassion for this boy. She saw him not as a demon, but a frightened child, running for his life; he was a human being just as Anceta and Terris were. With nothing but a glance between them, Syndell and Terris reached to protect the boy, but as their intentions became clear to any watching, the Wyld Hunt arrived for the Solar Exalted. Brave Terris took a stand to protect the boy, begging the Wyld Hunt to see him for the child he was, but there was no compassion within the fanatical eyes of those Dragon-Blooded, and before Syndell’s eyes, they struck down her love and then slaughtered the child.

How she managed to drag both of their bodies back to her home, she had no idea. But as she looked down at them, she felt a blinding hatred for the Dragon-blooded fill her. The boy-child had become this demon though no fault of his own, her very own research had shown this to be true as she’d studied the bodies of fallen Solar Exalted before, and her love, her Terris, was as innocent, as he was selfless. Dragon-blooded had done this, had ended the life of the one she loved most, and an all consuming hatred filled her soul. In that moment, Syndell felt righteous anger, and vowed to do everything in her power to destroy the Dragon-blooded. Within a lunar cycle, Syndell had liquidated her considerable wealth, buried her darling Terris, and ridden out of the city towards Nexus.

Once in Nexus Syndell began to change. She set up a small clinic where she fulfilled a promise to Terris made not so long ago. She would sell her considerable healing skills to the highest bidder for a sizable profit, and for every five paying customers, she would do her best to heal one who could not pay. Often the ratios were skewed in the favor of the poor, but in this act of compassion Syndell could remember the life she would have had had Terris not been taken from her. That is not to say that her acidic tongue had lessened, or that the looks of contempt did not grace her eyes when the stench of a decaying peasant came to her for aid, but she healed them when she could, and passed them into the next life when it was merciful. Compassion was growing within, but it was not second nature, and it was more often than not arrogance that met the sick who walked through her door in need of aid.

However, on the rare occasions when the All Seeing Eye, or a wealthy Terrestrial Exalted wandered through her seemingly welcoming door, it was into a beautiful spiders web. Charm and charisma dripped from Syndell’s body, while pretty words fell from her lips. A ruse to entice; one that worked flawlessly. Into her den they came, but out they never did. Within the walls of her small clinic, Syndell enacted her revenge against those that had wronged her. Within her clinic that grew year after year as her fame grew, she robbed the Dragon-Blooded of their lives, and made sure they understood why they passed into the next world. She showed no compassion, no regard for life, instead, with a single minded purpose she extinguished their lives and smiled all the while they screamed for mercy.

By 29 she was a silent hero to the poor, and a revered healer to the wealthy, but to both groups she was known as a woman you did not want to spend time with. While her beauty lured you in, her cynical view of life and horrifying bedside manner made her a begrudging assets, one Nexus needed but wished it didn’t.
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(Syndell's story continued)

From this description, a wealthy business man hired Syndell to accompany his caravan and hired mercenaries into the Southern lands on a most lucrative business deal. Not one to be taken by bouts of wanderlust, Syndell was reluctant to accept the position, until the businessman mentioned the caravan would be meeting up with a group of Dragon-blooded half way to their destination, and that the journey would likely be difficult on the return trip. Ever cunning, Syndell negotiated her fee as a percentage of the profits split between herself and the surviving Dragon-blooded. Then without a second thought, she set her three slaves and five apprentices to man her home and clinic and set off to ensure her percentage ended up at 50%.

On this caravan, Syndell met Lilly a silver tongued negotiator hired to speak before the need for sword was determined. While they had little in common Syndell felt an uncanny connection to this woman, perhaps because she enacted the type of compassion that Syndell eventually wished she could, a type of do it yourself but let me help you, that spoke to her growing sense of compassion. Whatever the reason, Syndell and Lilly became friends and spent most of their evenings around the fire in companionship.
Nearly a month into their journey south, and before the caravan could meet up with the Dragon-blooded hired to give them additional protection, they were attacked by a group of Fey. Despite her protests, Syndell watched helplessly as Lilly strode up to the leaders of the Wyld creatures and demanded that they cease their attack. In that moment, Syndell caught sight of one of the few children in the caravan—a child who’s mother was as worthless as she was pretty—being ripped to pieces by one of the vile creatures of chaos. Her mind immediately returned to images of the Exalted boy from the market, and the glazed eyes of her Terris. In that moment, surrounded by the enemy and reliving her constant nightmare, Syndell Exalted.

As she watched, eyes open to the truth of what she was and what she had returned to being, Syndell saw her past life unfold before her. She had been the daughter of a poor family, and yet despite it all she had been happy and cheerful. Her life was blessed with nothing materialistic but filled with the warm love of family and a village of friends. Keyla had been a simple girl with a special gift, she could heal the most grievous of injuries, and of those she could not heal, she could pass the suffering soul into the next world with light and compassion befitting a saint. Her village had resided along the edge of a great forest, and while many fantastic and dangerous creatures walked the woods, they did not bother Keyla.

During one of her daily walks, Keyla came across an injured man of a strange beauty. As she approached a radiant light shone all around, and Keyla was stunned to see the image of the Unconquered Sun before her. She knelt in reverence to her God, but he bid her to rise and gently touched her forehead. He spoke not in words, and yet still she understood. The greatest of all the Gods had been watching her and though the war between the Gods and the Primordials was now finally over, there were still many injured Exalted that needed her exceptional gifts. Her kind and loving nature had brought her to the attention of the Gods above, and she was to be Exalted now so that she could share her gifts with those most in need. She should continue her secret dream to rid the world of disease, but first, she should heal the one before her. Then the vision ended and a great power flowed through Keyla and on feet that did not seem to touch the earth she walked over to the injured man—Lunar Exalted her new senses told her—and laid her hands upon him and he was healed. Healed maybe, but still exhausted and unconscious. With the power of a demi-god, Keyla lifted him and carried him back to her small hut on the edge of her village.

There she continued to nurse him, struck by his bestial beauty and serene nature. On the evening of the third day, he awoke, and to her surprise, began to tell her stories of the great war in which he had been a leading general. His stories of grandeur captivated Keyla and she found herself moving closer and closer to his bedside as he spoke. By the end of the fortnight Owl—as he was called—was well, and Keyla was well ensconced in his bed.

When the month ended, Owl took Keyla to the greatest city in the land and here she was presented with many other Solar Exalted. Her kind nature drew many to her despite Owl’s imposing presence at her side, but none more so than that of Tristan. A flirt by nature, this Eclipse held a playful nature for Keyla alone, and he quickly became her most trusted friend and confidant. His ceaseless flirting had many Solar’s talking, but Keyla was devoted to Owl, and within months of their arrival, they were married.

Taking a place among the other Zenith Exalted Keyla lent her strong sense of compassion to every decision she made to make the world a better place. She set up hospitals to heal the sick, and schools to train healers. She journey with Owl to many of the remote places, and helped ease mortal, Exalted, and beast alike.

As the centuries moved by, Keyla and Owl became aware of a disturbing fact, they had conceived no children. The realization struck Keyla very hard, and in fits of despair, she withdrew from her mate in solitary sadness. None of the normal cures worked, and for everything they tried that failed, Keyla became more and more bitter and angry.

Eleven centuries after their marriage, and with still no child conceived, Keyla went to the Sidreals and begged an answer. It was determined and stated that the Unconquered Sun had chosen the sick as Keyla’s children, and no child would ever be born of her body. Twisted bitterness filled the once unfailing kindness of Keyla’s heart, and anger consumed her as she returned to her home.

From that day on, Keyla was never the same. Despite Owl’s insistence that they’re life was perfect as it was, Keyla fell more and more into a great depression. She prayed daily, for hours at a tim, for the Unconquered Sun to change his mind and grant her a child, but no matter how much she prayed he did not listen. The more she allowed her anger to rule her head, the more her god turned away from her.
And then mothers in child birth began to die under Keyla’s care, and though nothing could be proven, Owl stepped in and prevented her from spending anymore time working in her hospitals. Slowly but surely Keyla withdrew more and more into herself.

When the Dragon-Blooded began killing Solars, Keyla went out to greet them, and joined the rest of the imprisoned Exalted Souls.

When Syndell’s vision was over it was to find Lilly beside her, also Exalted, and glowing in a beautiful light. Syndell was immediately saddened and frightened, but quickly gathered her wits about her to tend to the sick and dying of their group. As she worked, the similarities between herself and the end of Keyla’s life struck a resounding note in her, and she did not like what she knew.

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(Syndell's story continued)

Later that night, as she and Lilly discussed what had become of their lives, Syndell related some of what she knew about Lilly’s past life Tristan, and silently went over what she knew about Keyla. As she lay on her sleeping mat that night, tucked safely within her tent, two things stuck her as absolute truth. The first, was that Keyla had been a wonderful person, filled with the love and compassion that Terris had shown her existed in the world; the second, was that Syndell was certain that Owl still lived, his presence filled the void within her that had been left by Terris’ death, and through this hope, Syndell felt the desire to be the type of person Keyla had originally been. Deep within her, the need to show Owl that she could be compassionate, kind, and loving, filled her, and as she fell asleep that night, her dreams were filled again with the visions of Owl relating to her the tales of his heroic deeds in the war.

Syndell doesn't remember all of the information about Keyla she mostly saw pictures and felt emotions very quickly, and in some cases may have misinterpreted what she saw and felt.

But yeah, it was fun to write her backstory. And to Elizabeth who said my first characters were too goody-goody, can you get anymore deranged than a person who kills unborn children and their mothers over the grief of not being able to have children of her own? Hehe, I thought it was deliciously evil myself >:-I
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Here's Dalim... hopefully it's good ><

Dalim Yueg was born in a small village to the south of Diamond Hearth. His raising was a meager one, a small town, few friends, and not much money. He had two best friends, twins named Dalu, and Malu. They were from the south, but their family moved up north when they were just babies. They always seemed to get into trouble when they were together, causing mischief, or getting into fights on accident, or on purpose if they called them out. When Dalim was 13, he joined the local Watch, protecting the small town from small-time bandits or wild animals. Dalu and Malu, of course, joined with him, but neither of them were as skilled with the blade as Dalim was. It was a nice life; Dalim was increasing his own skills, while making a name for himself.
Then, he met her. He was 17, and she was 16. Her name was Sophie, he met her while making a trip into Diamond Hearth for a supply run, and she was the most beautiful person he had ever met. He quickly fell in love and tried to swoon her ever chance he got. Finally she gave in, they dated for about a year, in between supply runs he would make an excuse to need to go to Diamond Hearth, ran out of cheese, needed to pick up some extra meat, anything that would get him give him a reason to see Sophie again. Finally, he decided that he wanted to marry her, but being part of the watch didn’t pay much, not enough for a wedding or to support a family well enough. He saved every little bit of income he could, then, he was approached by a man by the name of Zerksis, a name he would never forget. He offered him a vast amount of money, for a small favor, to come to him when called and serve as his personal body guard when ever, and do whatever he bid him to do. Dalim thought long and hard, he finally decided to take the man up on his offer, a month later he proposed to Sophie, and after a short few months, they were married, and life was good… One night, he got a letter from Zerksis, requesting that he came to him, giving him a location just on the outskirts of his village. He went, but little did he know that the events that would transpire would change his life forever…
The night was cold, the air frigid, his breath hung in the air as he climbed up the hill. Zerksis waited for him at the top, clad in the hooded red robe he wore when Dalim first met him. An evil gleam shone in his eye. “You came….” He said, his voice trickling out like a deadly poison.
“Of course, that was the agreement; you gave me a life to be proud of in turn for playing your bodyguard.” Dalim said, confused as to why he has to come out in the dead of a winter night. Zerksis smiled and beckoned for Dalim to sit down across from him.
“I also stated you had to do as I asked… and I think the time has come to show you’re… loyalty to your agreement.” He smirked; Dalim leaned in closer to hear his offer. “I want you to burn down your village, starting with your house, and your wife.” Dalim’s eyes widened.
“WHAT!?! You MUST be joking!” Dalim cried leaping out of his chair; Zerksis just smiled and said nothing, “you’re a mad man! There is no WAY I would do that! That’s my home town damn it!” Zerksis slowly stood, leaning on a staff as he did so.
“Are you rejecting our agreement? Here I thought you were honorable… not someone would go against his word.” Zerksis said in a nearly audible whisper, Dalim walked over towards him fist clenched, “now, would you hit a feeble old man?” Dalim froze in his place, fist shaking wildly. “That’s a good boy, now… SIT. DOWN.” Zerksis smashed him in the stomach with his staff, causing Dalim to stagger back, and then with what seemed to be super human speed, proceed to lay blow after blow across his body. Dalim staggered to his feet, gasping for air.
“Wh-what are you?!” He gasped out, Zerksis just smiled, and landed a blow across his temple, and as he was blacking out, Zerksis knelt down and whispered, “I am a dragon-blooded…” Dalim passed out, and was left for dead on that hill, when he woke up; his village was on fire…
The only people who survived that dreadful day where Dalu, Malu, and Dalim, everyone else burned to death, or where missing. One odd thing was that Sophie’s body wasn’t at the place, but his house was nothing but ash. Dalim mourned, believing her to be dead, Dalu and Malu stayed there for as long as they could to help him cope, but soon had to leave, to find a new home. Dalim swore that he would get his revenge and redeem what little honor he had left. He screamed it to the heavens that he would never forgive the Dragon-blooded. And then, he became exalted, the Solar told him, that they would grant him the power to extract his vengeance on the Dragon-blooded, but only if his vengeance didn’t stop after finding Zerksis. Dalim agreed, and was granted the power of the Dawn Caste, and since then, he has been hunting down Zerksis with every fiber of his body, using the money that he gave him to hunt him with, spending little to let it last, and preferring to beat the information out of someone than bribe them. He eventually got a tip that he could be at Gem, and thus he begins his hunt…
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Wow, I especially like the the Saw twist at the end, "You get all this money, but you have to kill everyone you love! Whahahahaha!" Evil Andrew, Evil! I love it! I think it's hilarious that you and I are both hunting Dragon blooded out of revenge and yet we almost fought last week when you thought I was one! That's fantastic. You're character sounds awesome, and the fact that your wife Sophie might still be alive and you have an arch-nemisis is really cool. I think you'll have fun playing this character. Your reactions last week are a lot more understandable now that I know your backstory...it's going to be so hard not to meta-game now *cry*.

I know! We should have Jason get all of our characters drunk and we tell all our secrets around a camp fire. That way it won't be meta gaming anymore, and if we know each other's histories then we'd have a good idea of knowing how we'd each react.

On the other hand that might spoil the suspense of learning about each other...ah well, I just like knowing everything up front so I'm into spoilers :-)

Good job on this background, it was an exciting read.
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This is my second time today writing this post, lets hope I don't lose it twice.

Metagaming: Corrine you would know most of my back story up to the part with Goddess. I kept that little encounter to myself mostly because I have not had time to figure it out yet. I only exalted a month or so ago. Everyone who was on Caravan would know about the battle with the Fae. I would like to know who was on the Caravan when the Fae attacked and why. Remember Guild Caravans don't just pick up hichikers, but maybe some of you are part of Devin's Merc company or something else equally as cool.

Here is my feedback on both the posted backgrounds. This is just my opinion and as this is your background feel free to ignore me if you like.

Corrine: First off I flat out enjoyed reading your background. It was a great little story. I loved how you explained that a person can be selfish and mostly without empathy or pity, but not be evil and infact be quite loving. Selfish Love. I also really enjoyed how analytical she was and how she liked to study the world around instead of really being a part of it. You seemed to lost that later in the story and I miss that. Your hatred of the Dragon blooded makes sense. They saw you and your beloved as ants who got in their way so they stepped on you. You saw a class of people for their over arcing flaw and are punishing them for it.

As for you flashback it was awsome. I loved how you started out so good and pure and over time (with the help of the Great Curse I am sure) even you became corrupted. The only part that did not ring true to me was the end where you want to be the kind of person that Owl fell in love with. Even though you remember Owl and Keyla's perfect love, you are not Keyla. She is the person your Essace incarnated in last, not you. It seems like you are betraying Terris and that you should be the person Terris wanted to you to be. Again that is my own personal opinion and you are free to play your character how ever you want too.
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