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Open Economics Hackday - January 28th

This inspired Meetups in London

Selected By: Velichka D.

The Barbican - www.barbican.org.uk, Meet us at the public space coffee area in the main hall on floor G

Golden Ln, London, GB EC1Y (map)

Selected by: Velichka D.

On Saturday 28th January we're getting together for an Open Economics Hackday a one-day gathering to build and research 'cool stuff' related to a economics (usually of a digital variety) in under 24 hours.

Meeting up in London and online, we'll be wrangling data and building apps all day. Whether you're a social scientist, student, coder or just someone with an interest there will be something for you to do: just be prepared to dive in and help build something.

Where: London (The Barbican) and Online (so you can join from anywhere in the world)
Who: Anyone! Coder, data wrangler, economists, illustrator or writer?

Etherpad: http://econ.okfnpad.org/hackathon-jan-2011­
Contact us: http://openeconomics.net/contact/

As with all hackdays, exactly what gets work on gets decided on the day (you can add suggestions to the etherpad). However, one particular idea, which we could become a submission to Apps4Italy, is set out below at http://openeconomics.net/hackday-january-2011/­.

Selected by: Velichka D.

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