The various roles at OTS

This is still work in progress as roles will become clearer through practice. You’re not set in a goal, and can be many at once. You can be a Lead Coach one day, and then be a Student on another one. If you have any comment, please be sure to send a mail on the mailing list or to one of the organisers.

  • Organiser (of OTS)
    The organisers regulate the vision of OTS (the dos and don’ts, the identity of the group...) and is responsible for the good functioning of the group. He’s here to offer guidelines and help people creating workshops.

    An organiser should:
    - Approve of new workshops
    - Approve of new OTS-stamped learning materials
    - Be a link to the lead coach of a workshop
    - Find and regulate sponsors and money (for food and other eventual expenses)
    - Organise the communication (Materials for communication, finding place to talk at...)
    - Push the group forward (Communicate, push people to create workshop, coach …)

  • Lead Coach (of a workshop)
    The lead Coach is the responsible of his workshop, mainly that it will happen, and feel like a nice event to both the students and coaches.

    A lead coach should:
    - Have a decent knowledge of what he is going to share
    - Suggest the workshop with a nice description on the meetup page
    - Find an organiser to work with (the link).
    - Organise the workshop
    - Check regularly its workshop meet up page and answer comments
    - Be present and helping the day of the workshop
    For more guidlines: How to start a workshop

  • Coach (of a workshop)
    Coaches are here to help the lead coach during the workshop. They are not meant to be expert, but to answer basic questions directly relevant to the current workshop.

    A coach should:
    - have gone through the working material and be able to do the workshop on his own
    - help during the workshop answering questions and rewire to the lead coach if he’s clueless
    - follow the coach guidelines

  • Student
    - Learn and share knowledge :)

- Everybody can and should spread the word!
- After creating a few workshops, Lead Coaches can become “Event Organiser” on meetup. This way, they can create workshops without contacting an organiser.
- You learn a lot by coaching and you are not expected to know all the answers. Students are welcome and encouraged to come and coach early on. Finish a workshop on Monday, coach it the next week end!
- Everybody can share links, news, event and workshops on the mailing list, as long as anybody can join them, and they are free. There are some guidelines about promotion on the OTS mother ship website.

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