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Here are two contenders for our next book club meeting. I would like to hear from the members which is of greater interest: "The Quest of the Historical Jesus" by Albert Scheitzer Before Herman Reimarus' work was posthumously published in 1774 it was nearly universally accepted that the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith were synonymous. His controversial assertion that Jesus was want-to-be Messiah whose misguided efforts resulted in getting himself killed was the first solid attempt to identity a historical Jesus who was different from the confessional Christ. Schweitzer begins with Reimarus and surveys all the interesting and occasionally bizarre portraits of the "historical" Jesus that were put forth from Reimarus to Schweithzer's own day (1906). "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens Noted atheist Christopher Hitchens enumerates the problems he sees with religious like how he sees it foster violence. He tackles traditional arguments for God like Argument from Design

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