Awaken Your Chakras"Balanci­ng & Cleansing Activation




~Awaken Your Chakras~

Mastering the Spiritual Technology - Creating Heaven on Earth

With Manifesting through the Chakras, you’ll gain the building blocks for manifesting based on your divine blueprint and lifelong tools to help you remove the stumbling blocks along the way. It will set your creativity on fire, enabling you to create clear results for any project or vision you wish to create

You are a committed visionary, and you have important plans and dreams that want to be created, shared and celebrated. However, so many of us get bogged down trying to manifest in ways that don’t generate adequate resources, momentum or results. And we often get stuck and allow “life” to get in the way of following that deeper calling – whether it’s publishing a book, starting a new business, living in a foreign country, finishing a project or serving the world.

So what if manifesting could feel joyful, relaxing, even easy? And what if you had a road map for manifesting your heart’s desires and a process for permanently clearing the obstacles that prevent you from creating what you truly want in life?

This  workshop   led by world-renowned chakra gives you that road map – and a step-by-step plan to clear the obstacles at each level and catapult you into the world of co-creating with Spirit.

Gaining a Time-Tested Template for Your Transformation

We  offers you an integrated, holistic approach that allows you to harness the powers and capacities you have within each part of yourself.  This time-tested template for transformation to bring yourself back into wholeness – the source of all great creativity.

With Manifesting through the Chakras,

You’ll gain the building blocks for manifesting based on your divine blueprint and lifelong tools to help you remove the stumbling blocks along the way. It will set your creativity on fire, enabling you to create clear results for any project or vision you wish to create.

Coming Back Down to Earth to Bring Your Dreams into Reality

Most people think of the Chakra System as an upwardly mobile map for ascending to higher levels of transcendence, seeking the jewel of the crown chakra at the top.

Few people realize that in the ancient texts, the Chakra System also represents a process for condensing consciousness into the many levels of manifestation that we experience as reality. This descending current of consciousness takes us back down to earth and brings our dreams into reality.

Whether your dream is personal or global, a business or a community, this course will help you condense and clarify your ideas and keep you on track in a step-by-step process for making your visions become real. You can then apply these steps to anything you want to create, alone or with others.

At this time on the planet we are being asked, not only to seek liberation and transcendence, but also to bring the divine into us and through our actions, to become effective change agents… for co-creating Heaven on Earth.

Experience The Incredible Feeling Of Well-Being Using

Chakra Energy Healing.

There Is No Experience That Comes Close To Having Your Chakra System Cleaned and Balanced. Your Whole Body From The Top Of Your Head To The Tips Of Your Toes Is Instantly Revitalized!


We will do Powerful Chakra Balancing Affirmations!

By using positive affirmations, a technique to change negative self-talk into something more positive, you will affect the outcome of all the different aspects of your life.

When we learn to live in balance, the opportunity to receive and experience the life of our choice is at its closest. Through the ancient study of the chakras, this balance is made available to all. Harmony between the heart, the mind, the body, and the soul creates a direct path to manifest our dream into reality.

Chakra study is based on the bio-electric currents of the body, their flow, intersection, and generation. Like blood, there is a systematic movement that strengthens and facilitates health throughout the body; the healthier the flow, the healthier the person. Creating synergistic balance allows this flow to operate at optimum efficiency, increasing vitality and deepening the personal relationship with the self.

~What is a Chakra?~

The Chakras, first mentioned in the ancient Vedas, the Hindu books of knowledge, is the name given to the seven main energy centers of our body.

These swirling vortexes of energy regulate the energy flow throughout our bodies. These centers open and shut depending on what we are feeling and thinking.

Chakras are not physical objects that can be seen, but they are an integral part of our life force keeping our whole mind and body working together.

They are located at different points throughout the physical body and are associated with particular parts of the body.

Every sense, feeling and experience is connected to a specific chakra.When you are stressed about something, the chakra itself can become unbalanced and this manifests itself as illness in your physical body.

For your mind, emotions and physical body to be working together in total harmony, the chakras need to be spinning at the correct frequency.

To become healthy again, or to maintain a healthy balance or your chakra energy, the individual chakras need to be balanced from time to time.

Chakra Balancing, like many terms in energy healing, does not have a standardized definition. It is a term which is used very loosely to indicate a procedure that increases the healthy flow of energy through the chakras and therefore through the entire energy field.

A healthier flow of energy through the aura creates greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Why balance the chakras? What are the benefits?

The chakras are centers in the human energy field which distribute the energy which supports the functioning of the body, mind and emotions. If there is too much or too little energy flowing through a particular chakra, this will have a negative impact on the functions associated with that chakra (read about the 7 chakras). Chakra balancing helps to bring about an optimal flow of energy through each chakra, and create balance in the sense that energy is more evenly distributed through the chakras.

The chakra system is constantly changing in response to the stresses of life and living. Suppose, for example, that you spend many hours doing mental work during the day. This may cause the chakras associated with the functioning of the mind to become over-stimulated because so much energy has been flowing through them. Your mind may become overactive and make it hard to relax or to sleep at night. Balancing the chakras involved would help the energy to stop flowing so much through the overactive chakras and redistribute it to the other chakras. More energy directed to the root chakras, for example, would help you to feel more grounded and bring more silence into your awareness.

The chakras also evolve as we grow personally and spiritually. At times the chakras are adjusting to the impact of higher frequency energies that are being built into the aura as a result of the process of evolution and practices such as meditation. A change in the quality of energy in any chakras affects all of the other chakras. Some chakras may be overactive or over-stimulated, others may be sluggish or deficient in energy flow. There may be some energetic blocks present, or some distortion in the structure of the chakras themselves.



What Is Chakra Meditation Healing?




The energy of the individual Chakras can be balanced and cleansed using many methods, but nothing has been found to be more effective than our unique combination of vibrational healing technologies, which enables anyone to quickly and easily finely tune, balance and cleansing each chakra instantly!

In the past without this breakthrough technology it would have required many years of studying to be able to achieve the same results.

Having a perfectly balanced chakra energy system will have an amazing effect on all aspects of your life. For the first time possibly in years you will feel totally alive and able to cope with everything life may bring you!


~Energetics and Aromatherapy~
The chakras (energy system) are addressed in relationship to the Essential Oils. A variety of essential oils specifically to help balance each Chakra will be discussed.  You will also experience a guided chakra journey using the oils.


~Are effective in eliminating some common illnesses.~

How aromatherapy and essential oils can help with emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and irritability What oils can be used to treat physical ailments including headaches, confusion, fatigue, insomnia. muscle aches and pains,  arthritis, strengthen the immune system, nasal congestion, coughs, colds, flu symptoms and many more.


~Aromatherapy Health Benefits~

Aromatherapy has a long history of providing relief for some common and emotional health problems. It has its roots back in ancient civilization when herbs and plants were used to heal many ailments, and have remained popular today. The essential oils stimulate the frontal nerve endings, and then transmit impulses to the brain area that is effective in handling memory as well as emotions. This then produces a calming effect, which helps your relax.

The Aura-Soma products are created from the finest natural ingredients: herbs and essential oils, crystals and gem energies. All ingredients are selected and synchronized through their colour resonance and then used in a variety of ranges that nourish both the body and the aura.

What is Aura-Soma

Aura-Soma is a natural healing method that makes use of the vibrational powers of color, crystals, and natural aromas combined with light in order to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Aura-Soma healing came out of England in the beginning of the 1980s. Aura-Soma and the Equilibrium bottles were created by Vicky Wall, a healer and herbalist who had dedicated her life to spiritual research and the treatment of illnesses with plants.

As we know, colors are simply wavelengths of light. But we also know that we are actually made of light ourselves. As such, our own true vibration is mirrored in various frequencies of color. When we choose colors from among the Equilibrium bottles, we do so because those particular colors ''speak'' to us, and we are seeking to understand what it is they want to tell us.

By bringing into our heretic body the colors we have chosen from the Equilibrium bottles, we are re-establishing the aura to its natural rainbow, bringing balance to the aura and to the even-more-refined bodies that make up the totality of our light bodies. So the Equilibrium colors are simply bringing us into the light of our own ''true colors.''

How the Colors Heal

In alternative healing, imbalances are understood to have been caused by the way we respond to emotions — with thoughts and decisions that have altered our deepest essence. When we use colors through the Equilibrium bottles, we synchronize their wavelengths to the ones of the body's electromagnetic field, harmonizing these imbalances.

Unlike most therapies, in which the healing substance is chosen by the therapist, Aura Soma is totally and almost uniquely non-intrusive. For it is the person person who seeks healing who chooses his or her own colors. This is important, for it strengthens our bond to the Great Healer we carry inside ourselves. When we can stop the chattering of the conscious mind and go into the Silence, this inner healer, our Higher Self, knows the right thing for us, and chooses wisely.

We can truly say that Aura-Soma is a method of Self Healing.

When your chakras are open and balanced, the energy flows freely throughout your body, mind and spirit and there is no place for illness to lodge. The educated use of crystals and aromatherapy shatters and eliminates old patterns, grounding new frequencies into your being.


In this workshop you will learn about Chakras, how you can balance the energy of the chakras and how to remove blockages in order to heal them.

Join us for Relaxation -Meditation- release your tension and stress- feel love and peace within-enjoy life!

Sending you boundless love and peace, this very special meditation, as we lovingly honor the Light.

Experience the bliss of Meditation.

Doors will be closed once we begin, please come on time.

Sending you boundless love and peace.

Wear comfortable clothing.

If somebody can't make it, please let me know,take your name off, call or email . Please don't forget.

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Zaki was born and raised in Italy,Has been working with people as a therapist, spiritual counselor and friend since 1987. She  works individually with people, leads groups, trainings and seminars and has a broad range of expertise including teaching counseling skills. process. she has been practicing meditation and transformational therapy for the last 25 years here in the states and at the residence of the Osho Multiversity and Meditation Resort in Pune, India. This center is the largest personal growth center in the world and has thousands of visitors from over 100 countries each year.  She is a certified Osho Breath Therapist, Reiki Master, and Osho Transformational Therapist, which includes certifications in a variety of healing modalities including counseling. She has helped thousands of people to transform their passion to live happy, peaceful lives, into their daily reality.  She finds the most efficient route to creating and sustaining a beautiful and powerful life.

Zaki holds 9 Master-Teacher titles in five different types of Reiki:

Usui Reiki: Master-Teacher, Tera-Mai Reiki: Master-Teacher, Karuna Reiki: Master-Teacher, Osho Neo Reiki: Master-Teacher, Shamanic Reiki: Master-Teacher.  She also does Osho Active Meditation facilitation, hypnosis for meditation, no mind, talk with your body.  She is also trained in Multidimensional Bodywork, Energy Reading, & chakra reading. She now offers private healing sessions that are very unique and mix together many different modalities such as: crystal bowls of the 7 chakras, Aurasoma, Aurasoma light pen (healing with light and color), aromatherapy, hypnosis, energy work, tuning forks and shamanic techniques all of which create a very special environment for healing the mind, body and spirit. Zaki facilitates Osho Active Meditation classes, Shamanic Tarot, groups and retreats, and Reiki class. She has lived and studied in Tibet, Nepal, Singapore, India, Italy, Germany and Thailand, seeking out the masters of energy healing. Zaki also has led workshops and healing groups in Germany for the last 25 years.  She  is the founder of the OSHO Meditation Center & Multiversity of California. She is an excellent model of what a 'Marketplace Mystic' actually looks, sounds, and behaves like when moving through the mundane activities and challenges of daily life.

Click here to learn more about Zaki

Click here to learn more about Active Meditations in general

Anando has been a seeker of Truth for over 35 years and has studied & practiced many different approaches to personal & spiritual growth. As Co-founder of the Osho Meditation Center & Multiversity of California, his vision is to create the space where others can come to learn, grow, meditate, and to just be together with other souls of like mind.

He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He is also a certified Reiki Level II practitioner and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

His passion is teaching. He has delivered numerous speeches, lectures, and workshops around California and has been a featured guest speaker at the annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles and several of the Holistic Living Expos throughout California. Topics include: health, nutrition, inner work, personal & spiritual growth, pyramids, crystals, energy healing, 2012, raising your vibration, and of course, ceremonies. He believes we can change the world when we work on ourselves and then work together, focusing our energies as one.

Osho is a spiritual guide and teacher who writes with eloquence and wisdom. He teaches creativity because that is the very essence of God.

Osho is an mystic from India whose profound wisdom has impacted millions of people all around the world.  Osho is the most prolific author on this planet with over 650 books (64 million words) in print!

Osho left his body in 1990, yet the number of listeners, and Osho friend he has acquired has been growing exponentially.  The reason is his wisdom takes you beyond time and causation, in the enlightened world that is beyond the mind.Just reading any of his books, you start to become a whole human being again because you're connecting to his consciousness which is at home, unified with Divine Source.The new man that Osho speaks about is one who is an authentic human being.  Who is blend of a Zorba the Greek and Siddartha the Buddha. Someone who can let their hair down and dance in the moonlight while peacefully watching the swans sitting on the lake.

Osho developed new forms of active meditation. The best known is Dynamic Meditation which often starts with strenuous physical activity followed by silence and celebration. These were expected to lead the individual to overcome repression, lower their personal inhibitions, develop a "state of emptiness", and attain enlightenment. The person then would have "no past, no future, no attachment, no mind, no ego, no self." Anti-cult groups claimed that he urged his disciples to sever their connection to their families of origin. It is true that he felt that the institution of the family was out of date and that it should be replaced with alternative forms of community and ways of caring for children. However, he actually encouraged individual disciples to make peace with their families. Many of the latter became disciples themselves, including Osho's own parents.He taught a form of Monism, that God was in everything and everyone. There is no division between "God" and "not-God". People, even at their worse, are divine.


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  • Caroline F.

    I had a great experience today! My energy has awaken and I am ready for next step in Reiki healing!

    March 24, 2013

  • Zahiro

    such a great night!

    March 16, 2013

  • Zaki De L.

    Individual guidance and chakra activation needed. In some cases chakras can be severely blocked thus creating a lot of sickness and uneasiness in a person’s life.

    March 3, 2013

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