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This Meetup is cancelled

Chakra Ecstasy Activation,Balancin­g For Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Joy

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  • OSHO Meditation Center & Multiversity

    10359 Shore Crest Ter., Moreno Valley, CA (map)

    33.970105 -117.248399

  • Price: $25.00 /per person

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  • Freedom from the Past, Freedom to create

    Ecstasy of the Chakras.



    When we learn to live in balance, the opportunity to receive and experience the life of our choice is at its closest. Through the ancient study of the chakras, this balance is made available to all. Harmony between the heart, the mind, the body, and the soul creates a direct path to manifest our dream into reality.

    Chakra study is based on the bio-electric currents of the body, their flow, intersection, and generation. Like blood, there is a systematic movement that strengthens and facilitates health throughout the body; the healthier the flow, the healthier the person. Creating synergistic balance allows this flow to operate at optimum efficiency, increasing vitality and deepening the personal relationship with the self.

    A perfectly balanced chakra system is the ultimate goal of people who want to enjoy a more productive, healthy and stress free lifestyle. Chakra are: if you understand how the chakras or energy centers get blocked because of stress, it is easier to understand why it is important to use chakra balancing and healing to get yourself back on track and aligning your chakras.

    During periods of illnesses and stress, our chakras are still functioning but may be out of synch. This can hamper the free flow of energy which further aggravates our physical and/or mental and emotional illness. Other factors which contribute to the malfunction of our chakra system are the inability to cope, suppressed emotions, unhealthy food intake, and lack of exercise.

    Though our chakras may be out of synch and not function at their best from time to time, their balance can be restored.


    During this meditation, you will be guided to cleanse, heal and experience universal consciousness, in all of your chakras, in the chakras of Planet Earth, and in the four elements, Water, Ether or air, Solar or  fire, Earth or mineral. You will also be offering purification, healing and resonance with Universal Consciousness, to all living beings, who inhabit this Earth.

    If you have not yet learned about the chakra system, it is fine. You will be guided to tune into particular areas of your body, where the chakras are active.


    We will use Tools for Chakra Balancing Healing


    We love the fact that each chakra is connected to a color. Color is such an important healing tool and using color meditation and other color healing modalities can greatly relieve stress. Color is so easy to use in meditation and other stress relief techniques. Because each color has its own vibration or frequency, it can be used to heal, open and balance your chakras in a fun and individual way.

    • Crystals

    Vogel healing crystals is their ability to almost glow from within. When you experience an authentic Vogel, you will know. Not only are Vogel crystals cut precisely, but they have a love energy or aura that simply shines through. There is definitely something quite breathtaking and magical about finding the Vogel crystal you have been searching for; and when you do, it can transform your life.

    Your physical and energy body is truly a miraculous device to live within. The intricate and complex systems of cells, tissues, organs, chakras, energy highways, and the interactive auric field work together to give you the sensations of life. Yet even though we may know this, very few of us truly honor and take care of the vehicle that we reside in. If our bodies were a car, it would have a old, dust-entrenched exterior, with items from times past strewn on the floors and seats.

    Our body has at its disposal the most advanced infantry for your internal system‘s defense - your immune system.

    Your immune system is a magnificent network of cells and organs that work in tandem to keep foreign invaders (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites) at bay, and to neutralize those internal criminals that have gone wrong (cancer). Energetically speaking, the level of strength in your immune system symbolizes your ability to hold boundaries, use your ‘gut feelings,’ and to recognize that which is only for your highest good.

    An antibody is a protein that is secreted by the white blood cells into the bloodstream to recognize and neutralize the negative intruders. They are like a soldier that captures and then directs the enemy to a macrophage for destruction. If the process of meditation or deep relaxation has the power to boost antibody production, as the study may imply, then the vast benefits of using.

    • One of the easiest (and oldest) ways to balance the chakra system is to place a crystal of the appropriate color on each area. This will give each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the system’s overall harmony.


    • Light

      Light emits detectable and invisible light frequencies at the same time . These frequencies have the same specific frequency and resonance required by the body’s chakra system for balancing and opening chakras.  We will use of light therapy uses light on the eyes, acupuncture meridian points, and the body’s reflex zones to deliver the correct frequency to restore

    • We use tuning forks, soft music – Sound has a natural vibration and resonance therapeutic effect and therefore it affects us emotionally. Beautiful and melodious sounds can induce serenity and calm whereas chaotic sounds produce dissension and discord. Sound can be used to achieve a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in order to better faster healing and achieve higher levels of consciousness.

      We use aromatherapy uses fragrant  essential oils in order to capture the healing properties and physiological effects of the chemical ingredients of plants’ essential oils that make up the base product. Chakra essential oils
      are able to clean, set free and restore calmness of thought and emotions because they affect your mental, emotion and spiritual aspects.

    • Vocal Toning
      Chakra balancing is a very effective way we  using sound to open and heal your chakras. It is also excellent for managing stress and keeping anxiety and tension away.

    We will work on our seven chakras: the Root chakra, the Sacral chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra, the Heart chakra. the Throat chakra, the Third Eye chakra and the Crown chakra. We will  do meditations, exercises and affirmations. By working on our chakras, healing  and develop them, enhances our lives beyond measure and makes things possible that we may only have dreamed of. We are spiritual beings trying our best to be human during this sojourn on the planet. In understanding, healing and developing our chakras we can touch almost every aspect of our lives, human and spiritual. Qualities that we aspire to are represented here and are available to us.   You will come to know, understand and experience each chakra, healing what has happened in your life thus far and letting go of any guilt or shame. Just realizing this and being gentle with yourself will help raise your self stem and start the healing process.

    In this event, we shall take a transformational journey through the 7 wheels of consciousness in our subtle body known as the chakras.

    Each chakra is located in line with the spine (known as the subhuman channel) and is like a transformer to each of our individual energy systems. The chakras exert their influence on our bodies through our cells, organs, glands and the hormones they secrete; this regulates our moods, growth, development, tissue function and reproductive process. When we are healthy there

    is a smooth flow of energy and our body is like an electrical circuit which lifts our levels of consciousness, we even begin to perceive the world differently.

    Here are a few chakra color meanings.

    The first three chakras are like the center of the Mother ( Earth).  That earth-core is indicative of the first chakra: Rooty red, roiling and primed.

    Moving out from her center core, the earth-layers subdue just a bit and commingle. Moving out into subjectivity, we see a lightening of colors in second (orange) and third (yellow) chakra. Here, a distancing from the creative fire and passion, a cooling off, and a time of exploration of the molten matter from which we were born.

    Surfacing out from the core and into the visible viridian layers, we see budding greens (the heart chakra) in trees, grasses, flowers, and all manner of magical green- gemmy goodness.

    The green heart chakra is our fulcrum. The point of balance between deep earth (foundational, material, prime creation) and elevated reality (ethereal, spiritual, metaphysical creativity).

    The heart is the mixer. The equalizer. The channel through which the material and immaterial must move in order to create...well, create anything and everything. Nothing of substance or natural order comes into being without first passing through the gateway of the heart.

    Moving through the heart chakra we reach the ethereal...those communicative aspects of being (blue throat chakra) that are measurable, but not concrete. We slip off some of the weighty mass found in the lower chakras, and ascend to inner awareness (indigo third eye chakra).

    Ultimately we find ourselves in a place of heightened expanse (the crowning violet chakra) where awakening finds us in the blessed-out position of amused observer. Here we conceive more clearly the miraculous concept of simplified being and the inseparable relationships of everything.

    Consider this illustration as you explore the chakra color meanings provided below.

    As you do, imagine the root chakra as the first step in a operatic event with each subsequent chakra a scene equally important, and adding value to the entire opera.

    Just as operas tell a story, each chakra sings about a phase of learning in our life story.

    Here are a few chakra color meanings I'm offering as lyrical suggestions to your own personal opera.

    root chakra color meanings Red chacka color meanings:
    The first, the root and base chakra. Just like the core of Mother Earth, it pulses and swells with bright crimson radiant heat. That red is a clear sign of visceral, primitive power. It's the sparking place for big blasts of raw creation. When you see red, consider a sonic boom of powerful action propelling you forward. Consider this the spark of action. Make this hot red heat the seat of your physical, spiritual, emotional birth. This is the hot coal of your perception, and it's a great fuel-maker for whatever you want to start cooking.

    sacral chakra color meanings Orange chakra color meanings:
    The second, sacral chakra. We've got a nice glow on here. From the "pow!" of our red roots we move into a more sophisticated stage of creativity. This is our moment to sculpt our rawness, and refine ourselves into illumined orbs of creative beauties. In silky waves of orange we become aware of our physical- ness and begin to make prime connections about the magnificence of our bodies. Orange speaks to us about exploration - new additives are mixed with raw matter, and this is where we conjugate. Here we embrace polarities, consume them, and learn the choreography in the dance of unity.

    solar plexus chakra color meanings Yellow chakra color meanings:

    The third, solar plexus chakra. Moving out of the prime center of raw matter, having joined with polarity we now come into a seat of personal power and awareness. Yellow is the dawning of a new perception. As the sun is the center of our galaxy, the third chakra is a golden energetic orb of centralized force. It can feed us, sustain us, teach us, and magnify our (already magnificently intense) ancillary energies. Yellow is the beacon held under a magnifying glass. What we submit for contemplation is amplified by the solar plexus chakra. This is because we have entered the dawn of specialized perception. When yellow gently strokes its fingertips across your awareness, it's prompting focus. Focus into the core of inner being, inner intelligence. This yellowy core asks us to honor the fullness of who we are.

    heart chakra color meanings Green chakra color meanings:
    The fourth, center, heart chakra. The chakra color meanings of the heart speak to us about fresh new growth, the promise new hope brings, the eternal nature of love and the ability to share that love for the common good. As mentioned earlier, the viridian heart chakra is the fulcrum. Base matter filters through it, as does gossamer intangibles. The heart is the dispatcher of information - all kinds of information. From physical, emotional, and intellectual the heart serves as the hub - and interconnects the matrix of existence. When green glows in your thoughts, it's a cue to get back in step with the beating rhythm of the pulse of all life. Place your awareness upon your neurological, and vascular networks - then translate these networks into externals like internet pathways, road grids, and relationships. No difference, really. The heart asks us to take pulmonary awareness to broader, accepting, loving levels.

    throat chakra color meanings Blue chakra color meanings:
    The fifth, throat chakra. Continuing the epic adventure through the chakras, we've moved through the filtering train station of the heart and now we're asked to take what we learned on a pulmonary level and express it into our surroundings. We've dreamed the dream of creation, now we are on the path to expressing that dream outwardly. Swimming in these beautiful blue seas we find new connections, and discover true joy is in sharing and communicating our discoveries. When blue hues fill our visions it indicates our willingness to see solutions in everything. Our resources are made known, our expression are clarified like crystals, and we convey ourselves with a mix of playfulness and natural authority.

    ajna chakra color meanings

    Indigo chakra color meanings:
    The sixth, third eye chakra. We know more fully all the depth of chakra connectivity. In indigo pools of depth and contemplation we see more clearly how energy runs together. Indigo is an oceanic orifice - always present - just waiting for us to dive in to discover the behavior and rhythms of energy itself. When we swim round its ripples, we see all energy is interrelated, each nuance a partner, each ringlet interlinking depth and texture to the story of our existence. When we see with indigo vision we don our x-ray glasses to peer past the veil of illusion. All is revealed. Awareness is found in the deep purple folds of our innermost selves. It's like we've returned to our red chakra roots, come up through ourselves by way of the chakra spine only to meet ourselves again with new understanding.

    crown chakra color meaningsViolet chakra color meanings:
    The seventh, crown chakra. Like the first violet crocus opening up to the light of a new spring, our awareness pulls itself up out from the strata of matter, layers of time, and levels of perception. No experience can compare or relate to this one. We recognize, with surreal objectivity, that our outward spanning and unfolding petals of consciousness is not an achievement. Rather, the unfolding has been happening all along. It's as if a grand, orchestrated momentum of expanding energy has been surging in our conscious background all the time. It is only when we hopped over a few fences of reality that we see we had access to this surging growth all the time. Violet is the culmination of our time, place and being. In this luscious lotus of life, we realize our progress is not hammered, merely channeled. Indeed, violet asks us to simply be, because we have always been, and our expansion is inevitable.

    As you continue to philosophically paint with these chakra colors, I invite you to look around your environment and begin to associate the colors you see with chakra color meanings.

    This kind of peak awareness to chakra colors in relation to your environment will:

    • Upgrade your common experience to uncommon
    • Personalize your surroundings
    • Provide deeper meaning and insight into your experience
    • Strengthen metaphysical connections
    • Augment mystical/spiritual understanding
    • Offer calming and liberating states of awareness



    Chakra Balancing Techniques

    You can have regular chakra cleanses but still not have found your true Center of Confidence.  We need to do some more to find this.  And it is done on several levels and planes. In our workshops we commence with the Body.  We learn how to understand our bodies and their importance.  We learn how to listen to them and understand that just like we listen to our cognition all day long usually we can also listen to our bodies.  it just takes a little know how and practice because culturally we have done and still often do some horrible things to our bodies.  Everyone talks about ‘self talk’ but what about ‘self body talk’? Next, although many of us have learned so much more these days about how our minds work we spend time understanding the nature of our cognition and our filtering system, how it is limited at every snap-shot moment in time we use it. Next we play with crystals and colors, because these are the easiest entry into linking our minds and bodies with our spirit natures.  They are esoteric enough to open us up and beautiful and gentle enough to entice us positively. Finally we move further into dimensions where energies exist and we merge body/mind/spirit communications so that we holistically begin to understand ourselves better.   Without noticing it for the whole weekend we have been seeking and finding our Confidence and Center.  We have remained strong and intact as we have traveled further than we have probably done before this weekend, or at least to a few new places for most of us.  And we make every effort to introduce new energies for attendees. At the end of the weekend we are changed people.  There is no going back.  Confidence found in this way is the most natural thing.  Once found our questions about our lives change.   We no longer live only in our minds now.  We have understood our limits and recognized the natural tools we have in our humanity to move past them, creating our Lives instead of responding to triggers all the time.


    Refreshments provided during & after the event.


    In this workshop you will learn about Chakras, how you can balance the energy of the chakras and how to remove blockages in order to heal them.

    Join us for Relaxation -Meditation- release your tension and stress- feel love and peace within-enjoy life!

    Sending you boundless love and peace, this very special meditation, as we lovingly honor the Light.

    Experience the bliss of Meditation.

    Doors will be closed once we begin, please come on time.

    Sending you boundless love and peace.

    Please don`t wear  any perfume.

    Wear comfortable clothing.

    If somebody can't make it, please let me know,take your name off, call or email . Please don't forget.

    To change your RSVP status is to first go to the event page in the Meet-up site, and in the upper right-hand corner you will find a button called: CHANGE RSVP. Just click on that button and follow the instructions.
    Thank you.


    Zaki was born and raised in Italy, she has been practicing meditation and transformational therapy for the last 25 years here in the states and at the residence of the Osho Multiversity and Meditation Resort in Pune, India. This center is the largest personal growth center in the world and has thousands of visitors from over 100 countries each year.  She is a certified Osho Breath Therapist, Reiki Master, and Osho Transformational Therapist, which includes certifications in a variety of healing modalities including counseling.

    Zaki holds 9 Master-Teacher titles in five different types of Reiki:

    Usui Reiki: Master-Teacher, Tera-Mai Reiki: Master-Teacher, Karuna Reiki: Master-Teacher, Osho Neo Reiki: Master-Teacher, Shamanic Reiki: Master-Teacher.  She also does Osho Active Meditation facilitation, hypnosis for meditation, no mind, talk with your body.  She is also trained in Multidimensional Bodywork, Energy Reading, & chakra reading. She now offers private healing sessions that are very unique and mix together many different modalities such as: crystal bowls of the 7 chakras, Aura soma, Aura soma light pen (healing with light and color), aromatherapy, hypnosis, energy work, tuning forks and shamanic techniques all of which create a very special environment for healing the mind, body and spirit. Zaki facilitates Osho Active Meditation classes, Shamanic Tarot, groups and retreats, and Reiki class. She has lived and studied in Tibet, Nepal, Singapore, India, Italy, Germany and Thailand, seeking out the masters of energy healing. Zaki also has led workshops and healing groups in Germany for the last 25 years.  She  is the founder of the OSHO Meditation Center & Multiversity of California.

    Click here to learn more about Zaki

    Anando has been a seeker of Truth for over 35 years and has studied & practiced many different approaches to personal & spiritual growth. As Co-founder of the Osho Meditation Center & Multiversity of California, his vision is to create the space where others can come to learn, grow, meditate, and to just be together with other souls of like mind.

    He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He is also a certified Reiki Level II practitioner and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

    His passion is teaching. He has delivered numerous speeches, lectures, and workshops around California and has been a featured guest speaker at the annual Conscious Life Expo in Los  Angeles and several of the Holistic Living Expos throughout California. Topics include: health, nutrition, inner work, personal & spiritual growth, pyramids, crystals, energy healing, 2012, raising your vibration, and of course, ceremonies. He believes we can change the world when we work on ourselves and then work together, focusing our energies as one.

    Join us for Relaxation -Meditation- release your tension and stress- feel love and peace within-enjoy life!

    Sending you boundless love and peace, this very special meditation, as we lovingly honor the Light. Experience the bliss of Meditation.

    Sending you boundless love and peace.

    Wear comfortable clothing.

    Doors will be closed once we begin, please come on time.

    Come and join the celebration!

    If somebody can't make it, please take you name off, call  or email let me know. Please don`t forget.

    To change your RSVP status is to first go to the event page in the Meet-up site, and in the upper right-hand corner you will find a button called: CHANGE RSVP. Just click on that button and follow the instructions.
    Thank you.

    OSHO Meditation Center & Multiversity

    Who is Osho?.

    Osho is a spiritual guide and teacher who writes with eloquence and wisdom. He teaches creativity because that is the very essence of God.

    Osho is an mystic from India whose profound wisdom has impacted millions of people all around the world.  Osho is the most prolific author on this planet with over 650 books (64 million words) in print!

    Osho left his body in 1990, yet the number of listeners, and Osho friend he has acquired has been growing exponentially.  The reason is his wisdom takes you beyond time and causation, in the enlightened world that is beyond the mind.Just reading any of his books, you start to become a whole human being again because you're connecting to his consciousness which is at home, unified with Divine Source.The new man that Osho speaks about is one who is an authentic human being.  Who is blend of a Zorba the Greek and Siddartha the Buddha. Someone who can let their hair down and dance in the moonlight while peacefully watching the swans sitting on the lake.

    Osho developed new forms of active meditation. The best known is Dynamic Meditation which often starts with strenuous physical activity followed by silence and celebration. These were expected to lead the individual to overcome repression, lower their personal inhibitions, develop a "state of emptiness", and attain enlightenment. The person then would have "no past, no future, no attachment, no mind, no ego, no self." Anti-cult groups claimed that he urged his disciples to sever their connection to their families of origin. It is true that he felt that the institution of the family was out of date and that it should be replaced with alternative forms of community and ways of caring for children. However, he actually encouraged individual disciples to make peace with their families. Many of the latter became disciples themselves, including Osho's own parents.He taught a form of Monism, that God was in everything and everyone. There is no division between "God" and "not-God". People, even at their worse, are divine.




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  • Zaki De L.

    If you understand how the chakras or energy centers get blocked because of stress, it is easier to understand why it is important to use chakra balancing and healing to get yourself back on track and aligning your chakras.

    November 12, 2012


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