Stop Dance and Gourishankar Meditations

A loving invitation for a Group Osho Stop Dance and Gourishankar Meditation Experience.

All are welcome--New friends and experienced.

Detailed instructions are provided.


8:45 AM - Arrival. 
9:00 AM - Instructions for Stop-Dance followed by half-hour Stop-Dance Meditation. 
9:30 -10:30 AM - Instructions for Gourishankar followed by hour-long Gourishankar Meditation.
10:30 - 11:00 AM -Tea and coffee break with snacks.
11:00 - 12:00 Noon - Osho Discourse


 Loose clothing recommended, e.g., Maroon Meditation robe or athletic clothing. 

Other instructions 

• Please arrive on time. 

• We'll be on a hardwood floor, so bring a pillow or meditation cushion.

About Osho Stop - Dance Meditation 

Osho Stop Dance Meditation is a variant of a meditation technique developed and used by George Gurdjieff to stop the mind. Participants dance madly, ecstatically, totally, and when the music suddenly stops, they freeze themselves in whatever physical position they find themselves and for a few moments just be, experiencing no-mind. The music then starts again, and the cycle repeats itself a number of times. When the music finally fades, everyone lies down and relaxes, just being, until the gong is heard, signalling the end of the meditation. Live demonstration will be provided to first timers, but, really, dancing and freezing? Just ask the little kid inside for guidance.

Osho On Stop Dance Meditation

 "Gurdjieff found a simple way of stopping the mind. In the East people have been trying for centuries to concentrate the mind, to visualize it, to stop it -and Gurdjieff found a way through physiology. Gurdjieff would shout "Stop!" and everybody would freeze. And when the body suddenly freezes, the mind feels a little weird: what happened? Because the mind has no association with a frozen body, it is just shocked. They are in cooperation, in a deep harmony, moving together. Now the body is completely frozen, what is the mind supposed to do? Where can it go? For a moment there is a complete silence; and even a single moment of complete silence is enough to give you the taste of meditation" - Osho

About Osho Gourishankar Meditation

The meditation lasts one hour and has four stages of 15 minutes each. 

Osho says that if the breathing is done correctly in the first stage of this meditation the carbon dioxide formed in the bloodstream will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mt. Everest).This “high” is carried into the subsequent stages of soft gazing, soft and spontaneous movement, and silent stillness. 

First Stage: 15 minutes
Sit with closed eyes. Inhale deeply through the nose, filling the lungs. Hold the breath for as long as possible; then exhale gently through the mouth, and keep the lungs empty for as long as possible. Continue this breathing cycle throughout this stage. 

Second Stage: 15 minutes
Return to normal breathing and with a gentle gaze look at a candle flame or a flashing blue light (Note: we'll be using a flashing blue light--see the important medical note and disclaimer below). Keep your body still. 

Note: Those with a neurological disorder such as epilepsy should never use a strobe or flashing light for this meditation. Instead they can do the second stage with a blindfold. 

Third Stage: 15 minutes
With closed eyes, stand up and let your body be loose and receptive. The subtle energies will be felt to move the body outside your normal control. Allow this “Latihan” to happen. Don’t you do the moving: let moving happen, gently and gracefully. 

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes
Lie down with closed eyes, silent and still.

More details:

Disclaimer - Important Note

As a participant you agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding your personal physical limits during your participation in meditations and celebrations. It is your responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent your participation in meditations and celebrations. You agree to follow meditation instructions, and you understand that you are participating by your own will and will take care of yourself, your health, and your well being during the meditation. You assume all risk and hazard associated with participation. During the meditation a few photos may be taken to share on the meetup site. If you have concerns with the photos then please let the organizers know. The photos may be published on meetup site or other media sites to share.

Osho Talk

CLARITY ALWAYS BRINGS A SENSE OF HUMOR. One starts laughing, not at others but at oneself. At the whole ridiculousness of the ego games, at the whole stupidity of human mind. And when there is laughter, tears are not far away; they are aspects of one energy. They are not diametrically opposite, they are complementary.

Whenever there is deep laughter, there are bound to be tears following it. And whenever there are deep tears. Laughter will be coming soon. They go together, they are parts of one climate the climate of clarity, depth, insight. You may be surprised to know that schizophrenics cannot laugh – and a person who cannot laugh has something of schizophrenia in him, is mentally ill. Schizophrenics start laughing only when they are getting out of their schizophrenia. It has been observed that the psychoanalyst can terminate the treatment once he sees the schizophrenic laughing. This is a fact of great
importance.So many so-called saints are really schizophrenic – they cannot laugh. And if you cannot laugh, how can you weep? how can you cry? Both become impossible. When laughter and crying are impossible, your heart is completely dosed. You don’t have any emotions, you start living only in the head. Your whole reality consists of thoughts. Thoughts are dry – they cannot bring laughter, they cannot bring tears. Tears and laughter come from the heart. And clarity is not of the mind, clarity is of the heart. Confusion is of the mind.

Laugh more, cry more, become a child again. Seriousness is your disease: drop seriousness.

And never be confused between seriousness and sincerity – seriousness is not sincerity. Sincerity need not be serious; sincerity can have laughter, can cry, can weep. Seriousness is a blocked stage of mind, a stage where you cannot flow. A state of unflow stagnancy. Serious people are ill people.

Source - Osho - Take it Easy Vol 1 Chapter 12

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  • Ma Dev J.

    Such a sweet space!

    March 31

    • Nik Z.

      Thanks for your love, your support, and for your help setting up, especially moving pews out of the room (where else do you move pews out of the church to make room for the religious service?)

      March 31

    • Ma Dev J.

      Lol! Well...... Maybe in a religious service that includes dance...... To the beat of the drum!!

      April 1

  • A former member
    A former member

    This sounds really cool, and I'm interested to try it out... However, I don't see the actual date of when its supposed to happen?

    March 30

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