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Newbie with questions!

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In recent months I've become aware that boardgames are still alive, kicking and possibly interesting and wanted to give them ago.

Being new to both the concept of meet-ups and of boardgames I just have a couple questions...

Having looked into some of the games in forthcoming meetups, I am just wondering about the learning curve? Some of the games seem relatively complex and it might take a while to set-up and pick up the rules so how does that work out?

Also, as someone how has never been along to one of these events before, do I just RSVP for one of them and then turn up?

Thank you in advance and sorry if these are answered in a FAQ of some sorts I missed.
Mark T.
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Hi Daniel,

Some of the games we play are pretty complicated affairs. Many, however, are not. On a typical evening, there will be three or four games being played at any given time, so usually there should be something to suit your temperament on that particular day. There's often a game of Flux, for instance, or one of its variations if you want something silly, and not to think to deeply.

But, if you fancy something more substantial, people tend to be very patient and understanding in explaining games to newcomers - it's often enough that we're the new player in a particular game, after all. And we want people to like the games we do, so explaining the game well is the best way of winning a convert.

Nonetheless, keep an eye on the discussion page for a meet-up, often people will post which games they're keen to play, and link to a rules explanation. That can make picking something up easier.

Also, don't assume that the game which gives a meet-up its title will always be played that week. Their names, I eventually understood, are an alphabetical run through of Jack's (the organizer's) collection. People will also have brought many other games along.

As you suspect, just RSVP and turn up. The one thing I'd say is to try to be there by7pm or before when possible; it's difficult to bring a new player in when a game has already started, and they tend to get going pretty quickly after seven.

See you soon, I hope.
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Hey Daniel,

As Organiser, I always look at who is coming, which is why I like people to RSVP. Not only does it give me a good idea as to how many games to take, but also what sort of games to take. Some people like complicated games, some people like simple games, and everything in between. If I know the people coming, I can adjust the games I bring accordingly. Of course, as Marc said, other people bring games as well, so it's not just up to me.

Also, the group is very open and welcoming and people who bring games are generally ready to really explain whatever game they want to play. The naming of the meetups is indeed based on my collection, mostly because I want some slightly more interesting names than 'First August Meetup, Second August Meetup' etc. With the meetups for this month that comes to an end, so I have to start getting creative again. biggrin

I try to make sure everybody is there and in a game before I commit to a game myself, which is another good reason to RSVP. Not RSVP'ing doesn't mean you can't come, but it does mean I won't count on you and if you end up being there after seven, you may find yourself waiting a while for a game to become available.

That's it, really. For the past 2.5 years this has resulted in very fun games evenings where everybody has a good time generally. So come along and join the fun!
user 21431401
Oxford, GB
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Thank you both for getting back to me. I'll certainly be coming along - RSVP'd already for the 22nd August as that is the next one I can make.
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