Communist Party and the NEA

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Below and attached is information which proves the NEA and Communist Party have been working together to dumb down America.

Lenin?s dictum applies. He said, ?Communism must be built with non-communist hands,? referring to

people who are not aware of how they are being used.

If you have never heard of her Charlotte Iserbyt worked in Reagan?s Department of Education. There she found the connections of the Communist Party and the NEA attempting to dumb down our education system. She made it her life?s work to expose it and wrote a book ?The Deliberate Dumbing Dow of America.? She and her son found documents that back up her book. They can be found here: http://americande...­ I downloaded all the documents. If you want them provide me with a flash drive and I will be glad to copy a set.

The NEA and Communist Party are one in the same. Any legislator that takes any money from the teachers union and supports the teachers union is supporting the communist party and is a communist.

1946 United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO) is created by the National Education Association (NEA). Their mission ? dumb down the education system of the United States and other nations so they would accept socialism/communism.­

UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy ? The Task of Unifying the World Mind


1952 ? Bella Dodd former Communist Party leader and Chairman of NEA testifies and exposes to Congress the NEA and Communist party working together controlling our education system.

The Reece Committee: Social Science as a Tool for Control

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1954 ? speech by HON. USHER L. BURDICK (N. Dakota) to house of representative ?The Great Conspiracy to Destroy the United States? by NATO and the UN working with the Communist Party.

?The real purpose was to build a world government, controlled by the Communists and their dupes in the United States .?

1962 - HON. JAMES B. OTT (California) speech to House of Representatives ?UNESCO: Communism's Trap for Our Youth?­..UNESCO-Communism-s­-Trap-for-Our-Youth-­Sep[masked] 

In 1968, after the Democrat Convention in Chicago, Saul Alinsky told the protestors to put away their signs, get there college degrees and become teachers, school administrators, college professors, school psychologists, and get elected to government. This is about the year Hillary Clinton became an Alinskyite.

Common Core is the final step to Nationalize America's education and ultimately turn it over to UNESCO.

There?s more. When I get it together I?ll pass it on.

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