Timothy C.


Salem, OR

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January 11, 2013


Where are you located?


What would you like to get out of this Meetup?

I'd like to meet other people who are free thinkers and free spirits.

What would you like to contribute to this Meetup?

I have a deep understanding of scripture and a passion for exposing the poison of religion and religiosity, to me there has been nothing more liberating than to break free from the bonds of dogma and religiosity.

Would you be interested in helping build a strong Spiritual Community?


Tell us a bit about your experience / spiritual path. Are you a group leader? If so, which group?

As I've stated previously I am religiously liberated, at first I became an enthusiastic atheist bitter for the years of religious deception. After much study and many years of personal battles with what I now call my dark inner self, I began to have little moments of clarity. This clarity gave me a glimpse of the possibility that I had been mistaken, I began to entertain the idea of God but not in the biblical of theological sense. I struggled hard with alcohol and depression it was at this time that I had a "spiritual awakening", I found my conception of a "God of my own understanding" through reading books about spirituality and science some call this metaphysics. The God I found was not a judge r of sin or a condemner of souls, in fact he was not even concerned with good or evil they were all the same to him. Both were necessary for the balance of life and understanding of the universe, one can not exist without the other. I look forward to further discussions, as above so below.


my purpose in life is to love, I seek those who desire the same.

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