Erwin B.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
Hometown: Tamarac

Member since:

August 11, 2013


Why are you interested in becoming a paranormal investigator?

I am interested because I have always been very sensitive to the unseen but know very little. I want to learn more and be able to help those who cannot see or deal with the unseen.

Do you have prior experience investigating paranormal activity?

No, i dont. But i have had years of experience sensing, feeling, and sometimes listening to the paranormal come to me and attempt to interact with me. I'm not a medium though. Kinda happy I'm not.

Have you personally experienced paranormal activity in the past? Explain...

I very frequently have experiences with the paranormal. The last time it was extremely intense was when I was in St. Augustine, FL inside the Ripley's museum where I stepped into the final room of the midnight tour and I felt hands grabbing me and pulling me down. Apparently I was the only one that felt it or had that experience. Experiences like this have happened more then once at different locations. I have always from time and time again felt spirits either trying to reach out to me or feel them run from me. I cannot see spirits as full figure objects. Most of the time I witness a small or sometimes large bulb of either blue, white, or sometimes but rarely red light zip by my sight of vision, this only happens when I'm looking behind windows or mirrors. But again, when ever I cant see them? I will feel them around. My entire left side of my body feels numb when they get really close and my chi levels flow uncontrollably. Experience encountering the paranormal? I'd say yes I do

What kind of skills or abilities can you bring to the group?

The magnetism! The energy! The fearlessness to discover and conquer. My 3rd eye. I believe what I have told you is just a good sized sample of what I can do. It's a lot more interesting to see it happen then to just read it off an application.

What area of the state are you located?

I'm located in Miramar, FL (just west of Hollywood) but I do travel a lot at my own expense.


Paranormal enthusiast

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