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January 7, 2013

How did you become aware of animal issues?

I became aware of various animal welfare issues as a child and have always been involved in trying to help animals, be their voice and encourage other people to show compassion in their daily lives. As a young adult I heard someone say "If you love animals, you don't eat them." I started looking into the reality of what goes on and made the decision to change my own life and choices. After all, we cannot expect peace for ourselves and our families if we are not willing to extend that same thought towards other families...Regardless of species.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Please spay & neuter your companion animals. Adopt animals from the street or a shelter. Homeless animals everywhere are waiting for you to open your home and heart to them. -Do not purchase one from a breeder. The old, tired question about protein still blows my mind. Not cool. Not smart. People who truly help others (of any species) for the right reasons and go out of their way to make a difference are the ones who have my respect. When you care and have a big heart, it is not an easy role. And it is not for the weak.

Do you have any pets? (Feel free to post their pictures-with names and ages-like any proud parent in "Photos")

We have more companion animal (family members) than anyone I know of. Dogs, cats (all former ferals), birds and fish.

If it applies, how have you been involved in the past? And are you presently?

We trap feral cats to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated, then work with them to tame them for adoption. (Yes, I tame wild, feral cats). We also trap raccoons and possums to either enter wildlife rehab or be relocated to a safer, more appropriate environment for their species. We also belong to several local, as well as national organizations that support our beliefs and efforts. In addition to writing a book about animal welfare, I make myself available to speak to groups about various issues they want to learn more about. Writing articles, radio shows, blogging, etc...This is not what I do for a living. Just my way of trying to help.

What is(are) your main area(s) of concern regarding animal issues?

The issues of concern are never-ending. Proper companion animal care/spaying & neutering, feral cat welfare and education, respect for wildlife/education, factory farming cruelty, puppy/kitten breeders, people adopting wildlife as pets, people who hunt for sport, the cruelty of rodeos & circuses, the horrors of fur farms, the ignorance of people who still wear faux fur (which is dog, cat or raccoon fur if it does not say the word SYNTHETIC), the lack of information about a cruelty-free diet and what it entails, etc...I guess what concerns me the most is when people either don't want to know what really goes on OR they do know and simply don't care. If we want to make a difference in this world, we must educate ourselves first. Then we need to take what we have learned and be the best advocates we can be. Many little faces and lives are depending on us. Like-minded, compassionate people help make a difference every day.


"Advocate for Animals" & Proud Pet Parent. My interests are eating/living cruelty-free, skin care, fitness, natural health, giving back, God, Karma, music (NO Top 40), reading and politics.

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