Abraham-Hicks Meetup & Drink After - Dec 29th - Haverford

  • December 29, 2013 · 12:30 PM

VENUE - Saxby's Haverford

346 Lancaster Ave
Haverford, PA 19041

WE'LL GO OUT FOR A HOLIDAY DRINK AFTER - The "drink" can be iced tea or a beer. You don't have to 'drink' -- we're just going out to mark the transition out of the old year and into the new one. 

Ideally we'll find a brewpub type of place or a bar. Somewhere we can mingle and mix, and just have some social time together.

If there's a venue you want to suggest, please drop me a line. I'll be doing some research myself, especially if I can get into the area a little early for the Oct and Nov meetups and do a little scouting around.

RAVES FOR OUR MEETUPS - Here's what folks are saying about our meetups:
"right on target"
"I enjoy it so much"
"terrific boost in vibration"
"ideas and answers were flowing and the time flew"


TWO FORMATS - We'll have a "processes" table and a regular meetup table.


PROCESSES - At the "processes" table, each individual will use an Abraham process on a situation or event in his/her life. Plan to to get there early so you have time to eat before the meetup because we'll need tabletop for writing.


MEETUP "CLASSIC" - There will also be a "meetup classic" table with our usual format of discussion focused on Abraham quotes on slips of paper. We talk about how a quote applies to our own experience in living the Law of Attraction. Everyone is welcome to jump in with related anecdotes of how they've seen that in their own lives. When we're done talking about that quote, we move on to the next one. We share what we're living and discuss the Law of Attraction life.


We start ON TIME. If you arrive late (hey, it happens) it's easier to join the quotes discussion than it is to jump in at the processes table.

Meetups last 90 minutes.


LAW OF ATTRACTION - To learn about Law of Attraction, read "Ask and It Is Given" and "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" by Jerry and Esther Hicks, or check their website:


WHAT TO EXPECT in a Discussion Using Abraham Quotes

PICK A QUOTE - Offer the quotes like cards (face down). Each person picks one.

SHARE HOW YOU'RE LIVING IT - Find a way that the quote you selected is meaningful in your everyday life. We want to stimulate discussion on how people are using Law of Attraction in their lives. (We do not discuss the teachings in a theoretical way. This discussion is to talk about how we're living this; about walking our talk.)

WHO ELSE HAS A QUOTE - When the discussion veers off into other disciplines or some long winded story, that's the time (at a suitable pause) to ask who else has a quote to read. (Anyone can do this, not just the facilitator.)

HOW DOES IT FEEL - The point is to talk about the Abe teachings and how they relate to our lives. Sometimes someone's telling a story or vignette that enlightens and sometimes...not. The way to cut to the chase is, you came for your Abe hit -- ask yourself if you're getting it, if this is ringing your bells. If not, find a way to kindly and courteously bring the group back with the next quote.

ALL ABE, ALL THE TIME - All of us are probably into related teachings and practices, and it's natural that we bring some of that into our discussions. And since it can get hard to know where to draw the line, I just draw the line at Abraham. If it isn't "straight Abe" then bring the discussion back to Abraham. The quotes work beautifully for that, and that's why we use them.

WHEN A COMMENT CONTRADICTS THE ABRAHAM MATERIAL, I SAY SO. This is the Abraham meetup group. When someone makes a statement that is contrary to what Abraham teaches, I speak up because we're focused on the Abraham material here. If you're the one who makes a statement and I say, "Well, actually, what Abraham says about that is XYZ," it's not about you. It's just to keep us 'honest' with the Abraham material.

SOME FOLKS CHAT AFTERWARDS - We naturally get to know bits of each other's lives as we discuss how this quote or that one pertains to us. Aside from that, we do not use meetup time for getting to know each other personally. Often a few people will linger to talk to each other afterwards and occasionally a group will go out to eat together. But our aim is to use the meetup time for "Abe work" and not for socializing.


To learn about Law of Attraction, check the website of Jerry and Esther Hicks: http://www.abraham-hicks.com

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  • Pat Petersman

    Just the right size group (minus one very special person, unfortunately) for lots of meaningful discussions, and the get-together afterward was great. Thanks to all who attended.

    December 29

  • Jerry Heisler

    Great way to end 2013 and set intentions for 2014.

    December 29

  • Connie

    This was an excellent Meetup. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and the place was good we went. Just sorry to miss Teresa due to traffic problems.

    December 29

  • Teresa Rogovsky

    Thanks for the note, Connie. We'll hold a spot for you. :)

    December 28

  • Connie

    I need to show up about 1/2 hour late, I hope that is OK. I have something that came up but I don't want to miss the Meetup!

    December 27

  • Connie

    Have a good Holiday Everyone. See you Sunday.

    December 23

  • Steffen

    I'm a maybe right now. Will update as date gets closer. Merry Christmas!

    December 23

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