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Was John Titor a traveler from the future?

Time Travel

Jun 22, 2005 23 so far

Were extra-terrestrial beings involved with any of the early Earth civilizations in any capacity?

Oct 11, 2005 29 so far

What would aliens want with our planet?

Evidence of aliens and their contact with the human race and life on planet earth can be traced back as far as written history goes. There is evidence in every culture around the world, including those lost millennia ago.

Oct 12, 2006 21 so far

How would the general public react if the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life was confirmed?

What do you think?

Oct 2, 2007 17 so far

Do you feel that a major UFO Event will occur on 10/14/2008 as some Groups have predicted?

Oct 11, 2008 6 so far

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