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Take a stand for Sheriff Finch Tomorrow in Tallahassee .It's late .. but there are things you can do.

Deb and Tony C.
Palm Harbor, FL
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Dear Patriots, a call to action,

As you have heard, Sheriff Finch of Liberty County was arrested by the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement by command of the Governor because he released a man that was arrested by one of his deputies who was carrying a gun on his person without a permit to carry. How the deputy got to the point of patting the man down might be a question that requires an answer. What was he accused of? Having a firearm in a car is legal. As to how the paperwork was handled on his release by the Sheriff came into question in some accounts of the Sheriffs arrest in the news. When Sheriff’s take a stand on unconstitutional gun laws as we have in the state of Florida, a carry permit, it is the people that must take a stand on the side of our Sheriffs. The right to bear arms, shall not be infringed, period. There are questions I know, but from the account of the arrest and the law, which is the responsibility of the Sheriff, there should be no question as to the actions taken by the legal authority which is the sheriff’s lawful duty to decide. Until the case is tried, Sheriff Finch is innocent of any wrong doing.

As it turns out, the governor has replaced the sheriff with an officer from the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, the same authority that arrested Sheriff Finch.

This evening I listened to Sheriff Finch on a teleconference and he told us he is a man of little means. He has hired a lawyer from Tallahassee as he is being charged with a criminal offense of which he was not permitted to discuss the case.

He was a quiet man who said he has taken an oath to defend the US Constitution and the government. His arraignment is July 10.
His attorney is Jimmy Judd I believe.
He is suspended without pay and would appreciate any personal donations on which a website was donated for those donations.

Sheriff Finch is asking for support tomorrow at the Old Capital Building in Tallahassee where there will be a rally of support for him. He has prepared a speech.
There will be a rally tomorrow at the Old Capital Building in Tallahassee which was organized by Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Candidate for Governor who will be speaking in support of Sheriff Finch’s defense of the Second Amendment and his oath of office. Krisanne Hall supports Sheriff Finch, her husband Chris will be speaking as well as a long list of other speaker .

The Sheriff is our only defense. He is elected by the people. Right now many states are trying to outlaw Sheriffs. He works for the people and commissioned by the Governor. His oath is to the US Constitution which is the law of the land over which has power of the state of Florida. There are 67 Sheriffs that have done what Sheriff Finch has done on a daily basis, and have not been arrested.

Many from across the country spoke on the call, including other Sheriffs. Nevada man said that 55 Sheriffs are suing the Federal Government in defense of the Second Amendment. This week, Colorado’s line in the sand was the second amendment ban on guns for the state of Colorado where 6 or 7 counties have serious intention of splitting off to be the 51st state.
A Sheriff in Delaware has also been removed, by Biden’s son the Governor of Delaware who has taken away all authority of the Sheriff and has lowered his salary to $20,000.
The state of Connecticut has removed their Sheriffs.

Won’t you join us to stand with Sheriff Finch? I hope if you can, you will join to make this a HUGE outcry for the protection of our sheriffs who are there to defend our rights and the US Constitution.

Please show up at the Old Capital Building at 11AM tomorrow, Saturday 6/14/13
400 Monroe Street , in the courtyard of the capital building. Shoud be a nice day for a 5 hr drive.

An accounting Firm has been set up to collect funds for his defense. Donate to:
Nick Finch Legal Defense Fund
327 Office Plaza
Tallahassee, Fl. 32301

For liberty,
Deb Caso
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