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Bullying and Irresponsible Speech

Free Speech vs Irresponsible Speech

Word file 132K Steve Sep 17, 2011

Economics-Business Ethics and Enforcement

Short article on corporate ethics by Eliot Spitzer, former NY att'y general

Word file 34K Steve Aug 17, 2011

PC-Gender politics

Last minute study-cram for Sunday's meeting.

Word file 344K Steve Jul 29, 2011

gender games

my response to the Goldberg re "Why Men Rule".

Word file 72K Envie Jul 23, 2011

Gender Articles

I can't come to this meeting. If I had then I would have first perused a special edition of Nikki Stern's webzine Does This Male Sense focusing on gender. Here are some articles.

a .docx file 10K D.F. Jul 22, 2011


Got Reason? - be informed for our June meetup.

Word file 145K Steve Jun 15, 2011


The Argumentative Theory

Adobe Acrobat file 722K Steve May 24, 2011


Assessing Reason: The Argumentative Theory

Word file 136K Steve May 24, 2011


This is my 21-May-2011 hypothesis for Chris Wargo's challenge.

Adobe Acrobat file 56K Alan G. May 21, 2011

Philosophy and Logic

This is my thing and I am so studk in grading hell this week that I can't revise for a different audience. Please forgive the mishmash.

a .dot file 60K D.F. Apr 23, 2011

Philosophy-Logic and Capitalism

Philosophy & Logic - 101

Word file 109K Steve Apr 13, 2011


POEM - "What is a Meta Phor?" Inspired by the meeting: "Philosophy in the Flesh - The mind-body dichotomy"

Word file 25K Swami Feb 27, 2011

Primal and Verbal Neural Networks Perception-Comprehen­sion-Intui

This 2-page graphic illustrates a way for intuition to play a role with respect to model space that perception plays with respect to space-time. This combines Godel's insights with neural network theory. Worth 2000 words. Some explanation required.

Adobe Acrobat file 57K Alan G. Feb 27, 2011

On 3 Theses of Philosophy in the Flesh

In this two-page essay I analyze the three main contentions that Lakoff makes (according to the interview posted). I use my dimensional quantification to make some fine-grained distinctions. My conclusion is a reformulation of the three contentions.

Adobe Acrobat file 89K Alan G. Feb 27, 2011

On Dimensional Quantification Notation

This 2-page article defines a notation that is agnostic with respect to the materialist-idealist­ (or mathematical realist) controversy. I believe it could help us to discuss the mind body dichotomy more articulately.

Adobe Acrobat file 118K Alan G. Feb 25, 2011

Chalmers - Subsymbolic Computation and the Chinese Room

Primer on the neural network paradigm ('sub-symbolic computation'), its relation to 'classic' computationalism, and why the Chinese Room fails to obtain against it.

Adobe Acrobat file 89K christopher Jan 30, 2011

Philosophy In The Flesh

Word file 76K Steve Jan 25, 2011

Philosophy-Determini­sm and Free Will (2)

Beginner's Guide to Free Will & Determinism

Word file 68K Steve Jan 4, 2011


Smorgasbord of thoughts on morality & reason

Adobe Acrobat file 533K Steve Dec 18, 2010

Sam Harris Links

Word file 31K Steve Dec 13, 2010

Book-The Moral Landscape

The Moral Landscape Book review, comments and interview with Sam Harris

Word file 106K Steve Dec 3, 2010

Philosophy-The Spell of Plato

Popper vs Plato, Hegel, Marx, et al.

Word file 99K Steve Nov 3, 2010


I wrote this piece as part of a larger essay that I call On Protagonism. Protagonism is the name I use for my conclusions about philosophy.

Adobe Acrobat file 194K Alan G. Nov 2, 2010


Is Islam a religion of peace ?

Adobe Acrobat file 303K Steve Oct 8, 2010

Religion-Jaina philosophy

Jaina philosophy, origins and development

Word file 159K Steve Sep 30, 2010

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