user 5414356
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 448
I've been hit three times on purpose and once accidentally. Three of the drivers were located by the police. They said one of the incidents was my fault (even after the driver got out of his truck and began choking me) and did not charge or ticket any of the drivers.

It's hard being considered the scum of society confused
user 3053132
Portland, ME
Post #: 817
Well, at least in my case the police located and charged the driver with hit and run (and otherwise were very professional). But by the time everything went through the courts he just ended up paying a $400 fine for failing to leave three feet when passing.
user 5414356
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 449
user 5414356
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 453
This gives a new meaning to "riding it into the ground".

Funeral home has bicycle hearse for 1 last ride
user 5414356
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 455
Whatever it's worth, Bath is now Maine's second LAB-approved "Bicycle Friendly Community". Brunswick has been on the list since 2003.

john b.
Portland, ME
Post #: 575
If you live and ride a bike in Southern Maine and somehow haven't been following this story, you should. Excellent example of the little guy, the law, social media and the massive bicycle community coming together to show solidarity over ignorant dinosaurs like Cap'n Jim. It's a story that's still unfolding and proves to be an entertaining way to watch a grown man dig his own grave. Like this page. The movement to boycott Atlantic Adventures is on it's way to having four times the support as that of the company's official page.
Derek P.
Portland, ME
Post #: 89
So very sad:
user 5414356
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 460
Brian E.
user 13760096
Raymond, ME
Post #: 251
Pretty in-depth article. I even listened to the video with Captain Jim. About 20% of his points are valid.

John B.
Westbrook, ME
Post #: 2,049
Another letter to the editor today:

Bikers' four-lane maneuver critical to avoiding injury

In response to recent letters regarding the relationship between commuting bikes and cars, I will clarify why bikers do what they do in one particular situation.

Turning left at a four-lane intersection on a bicycle is an often-misunderstood maneuver.

Getting into the left lane means crossing the right lane, where cars are intent on going straight or right. This can be a dangerous move on a bicycle. It is downright suicidal when the light has turned green and everybody is moving.

The safest choice for the bike is to stay in the right lane until the light is red, then ride between the lanes to the front of the line before the light changes.

The idea is that everybody sees that the biker is there. (This move can be disconcerting for cars surprised to see a bike zooming between the lanes, and it also seems impolite for the biker to cut to the front of the line.)

When the light turns green, the bike proceeds through the intersection to the right of left-turning cars and ends up in the right lane, safe and sound.

Sudden changes, mistakes or road rage can lead to dire consequences for the biker. Please use caution at intersections.

Chris Beaven

Basically, he's advocating "bike box" type behavior without the bike box. I don't agree with his advice. But since I just had a letter of my own published last week, I don't think I'll bother writing in response. Even if they would print another one from me so soon, which I doubt, I hesitate to get into a public back-and-forth, especially with another cyclist. Yet I also hate to let bad advice stand. confused
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