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Just purchased my winter beater...

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I actually had no intentions of buying a bike that day earlier. I had been out on my regular commuter, which is a 1991 Raleigh Technium, and was towing my dog home from the dog park in my bike trailer, when suddenly I heard a snap. It sounded like I ran over a tree branch, but I didn't feel anything under the bike, so I looked at my back wheel as I was riding, and saw the wheel was wobbling pretty bad. So I definately popped a spoke. I had done so the previous week as well. It put me in a bind because I had to be to work by three, and I would have to change both tubes in my felt when I got back, which wouldn't have left me enough time to ride to work. THe tires on the rims to that bike are so tight that it takes me forever to get them on the tire, and have it seated right. So not having a car, I was pretty much screwed.

I decided to ride the Technium into work and gamble on the hope that it would hold up, and thankfully it did. I had to work the next morning as well, and I still didn't wanna deal with my Felt. So I called Dicks Sporting Goods to see if they might be able to get it in at the last minute, but unfortunately they couldn't. I thought I might be able to Purchase a spoke from Joe Jones bike and SKi, but they went out of business. I was headed down the old port at about 4:40 when I called cyclemania to see if I could get a spoke from them, but they said it could be tons of different spokes and they were closing in 20 minutes. So it didnt make a lot of sense to guess and be wrong.

So what I decide to do, is go on craigslist at 8:00pm while I was still at work, and decided to find three bikes on there, and make three offers and see if they could possibly deliver the bike to my work. So I find these three bikes:

http://maine.craigsli...­ I wanted to email the guy with an offer, but he said phone calls only. I left him a voice mail saying I was interested.

http://maine.craigsli...­ This bike was in south portland, so I sent him an email offering him $100, which was $25 more than he was asking for in the hopes he might be willing to deliver it. I leave my number in the email and for him to call me if he's interested...

http://maine.craigsli...­ And lastly there was this bike. I didn't offer him any more than his asking price of $150. That's the most I wanted to spend, and I figured if making $150 wasn't enough to motivate him to drive to south portland, then screw him.

So all the calls/emails got sent. And my shift ended in less than three hours, and I really really wanted a bike so that I could get to work the next morning, and at the same time have my winter bike. So it was like killing two birds with one stone.

30 minutes later I was sitting in the break room and my phone rings, it's the Specialized Hardrock guy from Wiscassett. I told him straight up, that if he was willing to drop the bike off to me that night, that I would give him $125. Which was $50 more than his asking price. I figured since he was driving an hour, and I needed the bike an extra $50 would be fair. He said he wouldn't have a problem driving down, and I asked him some questions about the bike, and all seemed to be good.

He met me down at my work at about 11:30, I test rode the bike and it didn't seem to have any problems. So I paid the guy, and ended up having the shuttle driver on 3rd shift drive me and my bikes home. I rode it to work the next morning, and the chain kept sliding off the cassettes, so I adjusted the tension cable, and it shifts pretty well now. I also took it to North Windham and back last night to further dial the bike in, and it's pretty comfortable now. For having big fat tires, it actually rides along pretty quick. It only took me an hour both ways.

So after quite an ordeal, I got to work on time the next morning, and I'm all set for Winter.

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Good for you. I've seen all three of those bikes on CL. The Nishiki has been reposted every few days FOREVER. My first choice would have been the Specialized bike you bought. The Trek looked like their bottom of the barrel.
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The one I ended up getting was on craigslist every other day or so for quite a while as well. I have already put several miles on it, and having it come with a rack already on it was also a nice bonus. I can't wait to see how it performs in the snow.
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