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Bikes May Use Full Lane Promotion

user 3053132
Portland, ME
Post #: 637
How about Riverside Road between Washington & 302? It's a long stretch so a sign at each end would be a lot of bang for the buck!
A former member
Post #: 145
Riverside from Warren to Brighton, with sharrows putting bikes to the left of center at the ramps to and from the turnpike.
John B.
Westbrook, ME
Post #: 1,825
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll respond to them sometime soon.

For now, here's a new thing I'm trying - the Google Docs online presentation document (Google's "Powerpoint"). I decided to see how it would work for this "deliverable" with our results. Tonight I've gotten so far as putting the technical standards information in, followed by some of Dan Gutierrez' commentary on the minimum measurements for the Shared Lane Marking. (Since SLM's and BMUFL have the potential to be used interchangeable or in combination, I ended up putting in a lot of stuff on SLM's as well. The standards docs actually have much more on them than on the sign.)

You can view my presentation so far here. I will eventually create an easier way to access it.
user 5414356
Brunswick, ME
Post #: 295
A few more:

  • Ocean Avenue from Forest all the way to the Falmouth line (becomes Middle Road) -- fair amount of traffic, very narrow lanes, common bike route
  • Extend the Veranda Street recommendation onto Route One all the way to the Martin's Point bridge -- lots of traffic, narrow lanes, common bike route
  • Fore River Parkway, especially the "pinch points" around the 295 underpass -- lots of traffic, narrow lanes, presence of trail alongside parkway may add to motorists' resentment towards vehicular cyclists

Bob B.
user 8090523
Scarborough, ME
Post #: 58
How about at the end of the Casco Bay Bridge coming into Portland? I have had a few tense moments with traffic turning right after the bridge to get down to Commercial Street. In fact, here the sign should read:

Brian E.
user 13760096
Raymond, ME
Post #: 37
What if the signs read "BIKES MAY ALWAYS USE FULL LANE" which would increase their scope in the minds of motorists to include all roads. That way each sign placement would be a specific warning for a tight road and a reminder.
John B.
Westbrook, ME
Post #: 1,828
Great suggestion about the CBB, Bob! However, both of you, we probably need to stick with the standard wording, because the standard has become the the standard after lots of discussion by the engineers who created the standard, and while not saying they're always correct, it's much more difficult to implement a non-standard sign than a standard one.
Bob B.
user 3380725
Scarborough, ME
Post #: 125
I was just kidding about the sign saying BIKES USE FULL LANE, although it is highly recommended coming off the CB Bridge. The sign BIKES MAY USE FULL LANE may suggest to cyclists that is good practice.
John B.
Westbrook, ME
Post #: 1,832
Actually, I really wasn't kidding that I liked it, as long as the standard wording is adhered to. Thinking with my engineering mind, the inclusion of the word MAY removes a lot of liability for a city, because that makes it just a statement of what is legal, rather than a recommendation which someone may come back on them later for, such as "You TOLD me to do this so it's your fault I got hit!".
John B.
Westbrook, ME
Post #: 1,833
I have had a few tense moments with traffic turning right after the bridge to get down to Commercial Street.

You mean going north into Portland? I don't ride through this area all the time, but when I do, I move out of the bike lane as I'm coming off the bridge, generally before the traffic light, and control the lane the whole way past High Street. (And if I'm turning left on High Street, which is usually, it makes it trivial to get into the middle lane at the intersection to take the left into the rightmost lane of High.)

A month or so ago, I made up a map of navigating this very section: here.
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