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What is a good time for you to meet?

I'll assume that some of us at least have other weekday committments, so I restrict choices to weeknights and weekends. Please rate them 1-10, and use the message board thread on this same topic to elaborate, since I'm limited to 7 choices here.

May 8, 2006 19 so far

Where is a good place to meet?

It's looking like a weeknight is a likely meeting time, probably early evening. Now, the next question: What part of town? Assuming you'll all be riding there...

Jun 15, 2006 15 so far

Do you favor bike lanes in general?

Assume for this poll that they are well-designed and well-maintained. I've found this is a controversial question among the cycling community. Since this group has no particular official affiliation or political connections (yet), I thought it might make a good neutral place for us to air our views. Please use a thread I'm starting on the Message Board if you wish to explain your position beyond this up or down vote.

Nov 27, 2006 22 so far

What would you MOST like to have, bike lane or other?

The original bike lane poll was designed to simply ask if you are generally in favor of bike lanes or not. Michael rightly pointed out that these are not the only two options. I thought about adding more options to that poll, but decided to keep that one vaguely either/or, and create a second one to ask what you'd most rather have. I hope I've captured all the options. It will also be interesting to compare the results of the two.

Nov 27, 2006 21 so far

Where is your commuting route?

In very general terms, where is your commute from and to? I'm thinking about reorganizing our Ride My Commute activity around general routes, rather than around specific people, and this will help me do so.

Apr 3, 2007 26 so far

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