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Classic/Hard-Rock Jam Sign-up Sheet

Rob "Bodhi" W.
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Group Organizer
Portland, OR
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There has been some discussion lately about starting a Classic/Hard-Rock jam session. I'm putting up a sign-up sheet, here on the message-board, so you can put down some information about yourselves, and get some record-keeping going.

If you're interesting in attending a Classic/Hard-Rock jam session, write down the following information, the best you can ...

instrument you play (or multiple instruments)
preferred musical influences in this genre (or a sample favourite song in this genre)

Additional information which is important to note down ...

can you provide ...
- equipment (P.A., mixer, amp, spare instruments)
- a venue (garage, large spare room, empty office building on weekends, etc.)
- are you willing to help others coordinate? i.e., are you willing to take up the torch and be a project leader on this little endeavour?
- Scheduling preferences for times to jam (i.e. when can you come out and play, not the times that are bad for you)


NOTE: I am NOT signing up ... at least, not quite yet ... so this is just an example -- and I am definitely not signing up to herd this particular bunch of cats! I have enough on my plate! One of you gets to take the lead on this! Instead, I'm just showing you an example of how to sign up with full information.

Example: (I'm not quite hard-rock enough for you guys, but if I were to sign up, it'd go something like ...)

Rob "Bodhi" Wolff
Vocals, secondary Guitar (not lead), keyboards
Preferred style -- Our Lady Peace, Nickelback (see, I'm not quite hard enough ...)

- I have my own gear (keyboard, guitars), plus a P.A. and mixer
- I have enough space for about 8 musicians to jam with full equipment
- I would be willing to help coordinate
- I would prefer Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons
user 7465043
Hillsboro, OR
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Thanks for getting us going in some kind of direction. Need to keep in mind that most of us are new and not familiar with the process yet. We also have folks like myself that aren't very in tune with this computer stuff. Once again, thank you.

Okay, metal maniacs, this is:
This type of music I would prefer to play drums. I do have my own set and a way to transport them.
I do not have space to play or any extra gear, such as P.A., mixer, or amps.
Saturday afternoon or early evening would be best for me.
More familiar with songs from the 60s & 70s but open to all forms.

I would be willing to help get this set up but would rather not be the big cheese. I do that for a living.
Lets make it work----------------------------craig
Mike M.
user 3686778
Beaverton, OR
Post #: 27
Guitar - Rhythm and Lead

Equipment - My own axe and amp, although my wattage is limited. Spare: Mixer, 100W Rack AMP, Guitar Effects, Studio Monitors
Venue & Coordinate- Sorry No
Schedule: Any Evening or Saturday or Sundays too.
Influences: Rush (2112, Moving Pictures), Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin

Note: I'm rusty on this genre, so let's pick a play list a month ahead of time to bone up.
A former member
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Alright ladies (hopefully i'm not the only one--but alllright if i am...) and gentlemen-here's my stats. and leave it to a bodhi to make this a more spiritually organized endeavor ;) thank you!

name: raVen, located for the time being, in Sherwood

instrument: most training on bass guitar, most experience with vocals, also play hand drums, keys and learning to wield the mighty guitar

in this genre: sabbath/ozzy, ACDC, megadeth, metallica, iron maiden, zeppelin, scorpions, GN'R, nazareth...harder and darker stuff could be fun to mess around with too, pantera, korn, disturbed...and darker if you want to go there, cradle of filth, opeth, mastodon...

Additional information which is important to note down ...
as far as training goes, i am almost entirely self-taught, and, as a bassist, like to keep it simple and have fun with it. i like to keep the time and tempo and connect the music/musicians together first off, not worry too much about wild and crazy complicated solos. as far as voice, i like to back up leads with *freaky* non-verbal sounds, but would also dig practicing lead too. i'd eventually like to get a band together that is comfy enough to start writing original stuff together. i'd also like to explore dance/fire performance with a band, my body as the expressive instrument, if you will.

can you provide ...
- equipment (P.A., mixer, amp, spare instruments): until 7/24, i have keys, acoustic/electric guitars and a bass, one amp at my fingertips! i have guiitar hero and rock band too hahahaha....

- a venue (garage, large spare room, empty office building on weekends, etc.): until 7/24, i have a whole house to play in! after that, i think i may need to join you all at someone else's venue...

- are you willing to help others coordinate? i.e., are you willing to take up the torch and be a project leader on this little endeavour?: at this time i certainly can, i am new to the area and looking for a job, so that might change when i get one...

- Scheduling preferences for times to jam (i.e. when can you come out and play, not the times that are bad for you): as noted above, i am pretty free until i get a gig.
user 7465043
Hillsboro, OR
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Seems like you ought to be the one to take contol of the scheduling and organizing since you have the venue and some equipment to lend. If you're able, I say "pick it up and run with it". Chose a date and time and hope for the best. craig
A former member
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Pilar Mogollon
[no, raven you're not the only lady smile]


[ok i get a little confused about what goes into what genre, but here goes my attempt at genrifying]

Influences in this genre: Patti Smith; Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; Zeppelin; Black Sabbath; CCR; CSN&Y; Janis Joplin; jimi hendrix; Stevie Ray Vaughn; The Band; Chrissy Hynde; the Pretenders; Stones; Guns n Roses; AC DC; Cheap Trick; Marianne Faithfull; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Metallica; Rudimentary Peni; Linkin Park; Jefferson Airplane; The Doors; Cream; Nazareth; Ted Nugent; Meatloaf etc. etc.

-i would be willing to help organize
-i would prefer friday evenings
Asher W.
user 4816343
Portland, OR
Post #: 3
Ok I play a little ACDC, old Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and like that.

Heavy Metal is strongly guitar oriented, and not real easily "jammed". Each song is usually based on a precise guitar riff, I only know a few. If you guys want to rock out you need one "guitar shredder" thats into what you want and knows the tunes. I would suggest Craigs List, there is about a thousand heavy metal dudes on there.

I can do-

Paranoid Black Sabbath
You Shook Me All Night Long ACDC
Breaking the Law Judas Priest
You Got Anouther Thing Coming Judas Priest

All old stuff but hey I'm old!
Portland, OR
Post #: 56
scott aka spaceyhippie
bass, some secondary guitar
i prefer evenings and weekends

zeppelin, yes, rush, floyd, sabbath, pearl jam...
here's my bass tab site -> http://dudeman.net/ja...­
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