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All the single ladies....

Carol C
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Portland, OR
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I always seam to miss the hikes that are posted. Any women hikers that go the trails solo? Im looking at day hikes in the Gorge and close to Portland. Ive done Pittock Mansion trail in Portland but always seam to run into a transient...

I like Eagle Creek, Angels Rest and Hamilton mt. Any one do these hikes solo?

Thanks for your input.

A former member
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I'm not a single lady but I will go for a day hike with you Carol.
Portland, OR
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Hi Carol. I haven't done much solo hiking yet but it's something I've planned to do. Eagle Creek and Angel's Rest seem like good choices, and Hamilton too (when it isn't too snowy). When I was thinking about where I'd like to hike alone, I thought about places that are popular, at least for the first few hikes, since that way I would feel like there were folks around if I got hurt or something. Dog Mountain, Coyote Wall, and a lot of the closer in Gorge Hikes fall into that category.
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Portland, OR
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I've done all those hikes solo, they are lovely. Also good choices are the Multnomah-Wahkeena loop, the salmon river trail, Oneonta, etc. Paradise Park is a great one, although it's getting late in the season. The bridge should be in to Ramona falls for another few weeks. All of the Indian Heaven trails are extremely popular in the fall, you'll have plenty of company. Some nice ones to the south are Silver Falls state park, and the Opal Creek loop around jawbone flats. Saddle Mountain is a good one in the Coast Range.

Like you, when I'm solo I like knowing that someone will be along eventually if I should happen to fall and break my ankle or something. My Mom hates it when I hike alone, but truth is, we're less safe in our own homes.

There are also several women's outdoor meetup groups with events that don't get nearly as full as this group's. Shoot me a PM if you want some recommendations.

Have fun out there.


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Beaverton, OR
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There's other hiking groups that hike on weekdays. Portland Weekday Hiking Group AND Portland New and Not So New both have weekly hikes. Check them out :o)
Erin C.
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Portland, OR
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I have hiked alone around here and have never felt unsafe. I try to stick to the more popular trails, I let my sister know where I'm going in case I don't come back, and I do have pepper spray in my back pack. I've hiked Dog Mountain, Angel's Rest and Eagle Creek, Saddle Mountain, the Fort to Sea trail at the coast, and all over Forest Park. Of course, it's fun to go with the group too, but that's usually an all day commitment, so if I only have the morning or afternoon free, I set out by myself. Hope that helps!

Daniela H.
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Portland, OR
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Hello everyone,

I have just joined as a member and I would love to go on a hike with the ladies, as a start...I only hiked in Europe (German Alps and Romanian Carpathians) and only in the summer, so I am intrigued to hike in Oregon! Still need to get more gear, but I can't wait to go on my first hike. smile

A Happy New Year to everyone! My New Year Resolution: hiking. Miss it a lot!
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Hi Carol -- It's unlikely that you will run into transients on Gorge Hikes as these are trails that attract serious hikers and you need a car to get there! Please be prepared though and always have a survival backpack with a whistle and extra food. I have hiked Angel's Rest solo dozens of times. Since Angels Rest has some serious elevation gain, it's not likely to attract transients since they are probably in pretty rough shape! You can hike Eagle Creek alone to the mile high bridge, but I would not go all the way to the water falls alone (round trip its about 13 miles so get a very early start). Since you have to pay for parking at Eagle Creek it's better to go with someone to split the cost. I haven't even heard of Hamilton Mt. You may also consider me for a gorge hike if you want company, I seem to miss a lot of the posted hikes also. My email is Valerie
A former member
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Hi Carol,

I used to hike solo, until I ran into people on the trail who made me very uncomfortable. Plus which, the mountain can get you, and you're much safer with a companion. I agree, it's a pain. I think the thing to do is to join the groups until you can meet someone congenial to hike with. As a way of breaking the ice, I would be up for meeting you for a hike in Forest Park or the Arboretum. Sometimes last minute on a sunny day works best.

user 2342042
Portland, OR
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I hike solo pretty often. (By "solo", I mean that my only companion has four legs). My dog and I are always happy to go with company and we're game for anything in the Portland area.
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