For many many years, scientists, funded by bigger guys, have plotted and planned how to change humans
into greater beings, transcending their human-ness, of which when God created the earth and all living things,
including mankind HE stated, "THIS IS GOOD
[[Genesis 1, the account of creation--note verse 31]

Man has always had a high opinion of himself and burgeoning technology has given him the tools to genetically
alter the plants, animals and human beings into higher forms of organisms [their opinion].
literally transforming humans little by little into super-humans [haven't the movies and literature been
preparing us for this for many years??]. HUMAN 1.0 TO HUMAN 2.0

Check out a dated document,2009, produced by our institutions of higher learning and funded by U.S. government grants---your tax dollars at work
[of course many of their ideas are probably already being implemented by now] :


Picture on the cover of this document:

If you dont want to plow through 40+ pages of intellectual pontification, here's a few quoted excerpts, taken from the report:

fr. pp. 5-6
"As examples of emerging technologies in the last year or so, a couple imaginative inventions in particular, among many, are closing the gap even more between science fiction and the real world. Scientists have conceptu-­‐ alized an electronic-­‐packed contact lens that may provide the wearer with telescopic and night vision or act as an omnipresent digital monitor to receive and relay information (Parviz, et al., 2008). Another innovation is a touch display designed to be implanted just under the skin that would activate special tattoo ink on one's arm to form images, such as telephone-­‐number keys to punch or even a video to watch (Mielke, 2008). Together with ever-­‐shrinking computing devices, we appear to be moving closer to cybernetic organisms (or "cyborgs"), that is, where machines are integrated with our bodies or at least with our clothing in the nearer-­‐term. Forget about Pocket PCs, mobile phones, GPS devices, and other portable gadgets; we might soon be able to communicate and access those capabilities without having to carry any external device, thus raising our productivity, efficiency, response time, and other desirable measures- in short, enabling us to even better survive our world. '

fr. p. 9
"Further, the natural-­‐artificial distinction often rests on theological or teleological premises, i.e., that we have God-­‐given goals or limits in life such that being able to lift 500 pounds over one's head or living to age 300 is profanely unnatural and in violation of nature of God's will. We do not wish to be mired in such theological issues, as important as they are to theists, though we return briefly to them in question 16.'

p. 16
"In the future, we can envision the possibility that prosthetic flippers, designed today for dolphins, along with artificial gills, etc., might be requested by humans who want to transform into an aquatic animal. this type of enhancement, of course, brings to the forefront the question whether "enhancement" is the right word to use in the debate in the first place, as opposed to simply "human engineering" or a more neutral term that does not imply improvement.'

"Looking more into the distance, if enhancement technologies enable us to adapt our bodies to, say, underwater living (with implantable gills, flippers, echolocation, new skin, etc.), then we would need to construct new institutions to govern that lifestyle, from underwater real estate to pollution rules to law enforcement to handling electronic devices to currency (replacing paper money of non-waterworlds). Or if this sounds too far-fetched, consider humanity's rush into outer space that will require similar attention to be paid to such issues in the near future...Other nearer-term scenarios that may cause social disruption include: a job candidate with a neural implant that enables better date retention and faster information processing would consistently beat out unenhanced candidates; a person with super-human hearing or sight could circumvent existing privacy protections and expectations by easily and undetectably eavesdropping or spying on others...'

'To be clear, there presumably will be benefits to society from enhanced persons. We can expect greater productivity or more creative and intellectual breakthroughs, which is why individuals would want to be enhanced in the first place.
What if we were radically different from each other? Suppose that some humans had the vision of an eagle or could see infrared. If some of us have enhanced vision or quite different vision, how would this affect communication and general social cohesion? or consider a more radical situation in which someone is enhanced by the addition of a different sense; for example, the echolocation capabilities of a bat. Suppose too that it became possible to have enhancements of numerous kinds and that we could choose which we wanted, if any. Could a conservative, unenhanced human, communicate easily with highly-enhanced neighbors who had all kinds of experiences of which he could not conceive? Probably not. And communication may be even more difficult between people who have quite different enhancements."

p. 27
"Finally, we will mention here the related, persistent concern that we are playing God with world-changing technologies, which is presumably bad (Peters, 2007). But what exactly counts as "playing God", and why is that morally wrong; ie, where exactly is the proscription in religious scripture? If we define the concept as manipulating nature, then we all have been guilty of that since the first man picked up a stick..."

p. 31
(re enhancement of soldiers) "Today there are prototypes of devices that make soldiers almost invisible by projecting the scene behind them in front of them. But there is no reason to stop there. Why not implant devices sot hat soldiers can be ordered to do what you want either through oral and written commands or through direct connections to the decision and motor operations of their brains? At some point, such enhancements have crossed the line of which enhancements should be allowed, let alone required. Nevertheless, the need for quick, effective, and decisive actions by the military will put significant pressure toward producing a super soldier."

(re enhancement of children) "Article 26 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to education and that education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. These rights in turn suggest duties for parents and for society. If education is a kind of social enhancement, this lays the ground work for claiming that other kinds of enhancements might be the right of children and correlative duties of parents and children. Will, for example, children of the future be expected to receive enhancements of their bodies that lead to the "full development of human personality?
Exactly what might be required will depend on the facts of the situation of course. As we have said, context matters.
But what this account shows is that there is at least a possible line of argument that supports not only the right of children to be enhanced but also a duty of their parents or society to do it."


Lest we think this is some fringe element in our society coming up with crazy, inhumane ideas to force upon the population, the institutions or representatives of such are institutions that have always been respected in this nation.
This project is primarily sponsored by the US National Science Foundation, under grant numbers 0620694 (Western Michigan University) and 0621021 (Dartmouth College) p.45

Also involved are the institutions or representatives from such as: Yale University. University of Michigan, Northeastern University, Arizona State Univ, University of South Carolina, Indiana University, Carneige Mellon, Trinity College, Oxford...

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