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DevOps Munich Meetup

This inspired Meetups in München

Selected By: Patrick O.

Skoobe GmbH

38 Klenzestraße, Munich, DE 80469 (map)

Selected by: Patrick O.

Kris Buytaert is in town for DrupalCon and will give his 7 tools for your DevOps track talk :)

7 tools for your DevOps track Technology moves fast, most people are so busy they don't have time to keep up with what's new, or sometimes don't really understand the need for these tools, until they take 5 minutes and listen to somebody using them.

This talk will go over a bunch of unmissable open source system tools tools, some of them didn't even exist 2 years ago.

We won't spill which ones we'll cover .. but rest assured .. you'll learn a few.

As usual, we'll have discussion and drinks after the talk. Thanks to Skoobe for kindly sponsoring location, pizza & beer! :)

Selected by: Patrick O.

Talk about this Meetup

  • Nick S.'s Photo

    Great meetup. Thanks again Skoobe and everyone else!

    Posted by Nick S. August 28, 2012
  • Kris B.'s Photo

    Hey Patrick, can you add more detail in the address field ?

    Posted by Kris B. August 18, 2012
    • Patrick O.'s Photo

      Yep, did so when adding but Meetup seems to f-up a lot ...

      Posted by Patrick O. August 18, 2012
  • Ricardo A.'s Photo

    I'm on it! let puppet roll...

    Posted by Ricardo A. August 18, 2012
  • Kris B.'s Photo

    It's stack .. 7 tools for your devops stack :)

    Posted by Kris B. August 17, 2012

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