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February 2012 Qt Meetup @ Berlin

Selected By: Markus Goetz

Hofbräu Berlin, Alexanderplatz

Berlin, Germany (map)

Selected by: Markus Goetz

We will meet in some Restaurant in Berlin and see :-)

Like last time, the event is combined with the monthly dinner-and-beer-thing (aka Lønningspils) of the Berlin trolls. The restaurant will be the Hofbraeuhaus near Alexanderplatz.
See http://www.berlin-hofbraeu.de/ :-)

Table is reserved for Nokia / Nicole.

Selected by: Markus Goetz

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  • Sven Anderson's Photo

    I would come, but there are already 15 people. Is there enough space?

    Posted by Sven Anderson February 24, 2012
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    • Camila Ayres's Photo

      A flash mob would be beautiful!

      Posted by Camila Ayres February 24, 2012
    • Markus Goetz's Photo

      :-) Wow, I did not expect so many people to signup :-D Yeah, just come, it will work.

      Posted by Markus Goetz February 24, 2012

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