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1st Tampere Qt meetup

Selected By: Carol Chen (cybette)

Väinö Linnan aukio 15

Väinö Linnan aukio, Tampere, FI 33210 (map)

Selected by: Juha Ristolainen

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  • Carol Chen (cybette)'s Photo

    Please also sign up here: http://meegonetwork.fi/meet...­ so we can get more accurate headcount for the combined event.

    Anyone willing to sponsor? Futurice? :)

    Added "Building Qt5" to agenda. Who will present/demo it?

    Posted by Carol Chen (cybette) August 9, 2011
    • Juha Ristolainen's Photo

      Any1 have any topics they would like to present?

      Posted by Juha Ristolainen August 11, 2011
    • Artem's Photo

      We may have a version of our app that runs on both Symbian and Harmattan.. or we may not. We'd need one more week to have it for sure :)

      And then we could present an engine for fetching the correct settings depending on the platform/resolution detected. But again, it's not fully productized yet. This meetup happens a little too early :)

      Posted by Artem August 11, 2011
  • Jukka Eklund's Photo

    During July already?

    Posted by Jukka Eklund June 30, 2011
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    • Carol Chen (cybette)'s Photo

      Suggested August 16th to coincide with TMN meetup.

      Posted by Carol Chen (cybette) July 15, 2011
    • Juha Ristolainen's Photo

      Good idea, let's have it then...

      Posted by Juha Ristolainen July 16, 2011
  • Jukka Eklund's Photo

    I would even go as to say that does this need to be separate activity to MeeGo meet-ups?

    Posted by Jukka Eklund June 30, 2011
    • Juha Ristolainen's Photo

      Yep, I raised this question already and I suspect that at the start at least these are the same event...

      Maybe later if there are a lot of non-mobile Qt people coming, we can shift focus...

      Posted by Juha Ristolainen July 1, 2011
    • Carol Chen (cybette)'s Photo

      Next two TMN meetups are on Jul 19 and Aug 16. We can have the first events together and then spin-off later when needed?

      Posted by Carol Chen (cybette) July 5, 2011
  • Juha Ristolainen's Photo

    Some topic suggestions: - Qt5
    - Qt Quick 2

    Posted by Juha Ristolainen June 28, 2011
    • Juha Ristolainen's Photo

      We could combine this with Tampere MeeGo Network meetup

      Posted by Juha Ristolainen June 28, 2011
    • Ilkka Laukkanen's Photo

      +1 for getting Qt5 built. I want to play but lack the patience required to get a working build.

      Posted by Ilkka Laukkanen July 1, 2011

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Tampere Qt Community

Tampere, Finland Founded June 28, 2011
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