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Selected By: Ynon P.

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10 HaArba'a, Tel Aviv, IL (map)

Selected by: Ynon P.

Qt Developers Meetup is your chance to meet more Qt developers like you and hear about the latest and greatest Qt news. Join us for a monthly hour of mingling and professional lectures about the best GUI framework out there.

The Talks

* Assaf Paz Ported Waze to Qt, and will talk about the process, pitfalls and cool product he ended up with.

* Meir Yanovich will talk about Phonon, the Multimedia architecture in Qt, and show how to Rock & Roll with the Qt framework.

Selected by: Ynon P.

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  • Ynon P.'s Photo

    מפגש נוסף מתוכנן ל 6/11
    וגם יש לנו רשימת תפוצה אז אם עוד לא נרשמתם זו ההזדמנות:

    Posted by Ynon P. October 29, 2012
  • Moti L.'s Photo

    is it posible that the lectures will be published on video for those who can't make it? maybe we can create a shared video library of all the lactures

    Posted by Moti L. October 2, 2012
    • Ynon P.'s Photo

      sounds cool. Anybody's got the video equipment ? (camera+mic)

      Posted by Ynon P. October 16, 2012
  • Ynon P.'s Photo

    הי לכולם,
    המפגש הבא יתקיים בחול המועד סוכות.
    שימו לב לשינוי המיקום - אמפיריק הסכימו לתרום את הגג המפנק שלהם

    לגבי הרצאות אם יש לכם רעיון שרוצים להציג אנא שלחו לי במייל/פייס/לינקדאין בהקדם


    Posted by Ynon P. September 18, 2012

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Tel Aviv-Yafo Qt Community

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Founded June 16, 2012
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