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Alex Brown's Shiny Presentation from the 5/14/13 meeting at A9

Adobe Acrobat file 2.1M Joseph R. May 16, 2013


Slides (1 of 3) from our 13 October 2009 Meetup entitled Tips for Coding & Debugging in R (and a sneak preview of REvolution's new GUI). http://www.meetup...­

Adobe Acrobat file 2.0M Michael E. D. Oct 22, 2009

Jones_ Reducing Cost with R

Elaine Jones presentation on how IBM reduced costs by replacing SAS with R in a production environment

PowerPoint presentation 1.6M Joseph R. Oct 4, 2013


The zip file contains all of the live-demo output for the attempted SNA of the #DrewSNA hash-tag; including the data set, which is

Zip archive 1.6M A former member Nov 12, 2009

Oct 2012 - Luba Gloukhov - Interactive maps with R

Luba Gloukhov Interactive maps with R

Adobe Acrobat file 1.6M David S. Oct 11, 2012

Fitzgerald_R on_Virtual_Machines

Clark Fitzgerald's presentation on the economics of using R on Amazon EC2 VMs

a .pptx file 1.6M Joseph R. Oct 4, 2013

Cheminformatics (1)

Presentation by Andrew Defries on 5/12/14

Adobe Acrobat file 1.6M Joseph R. May 13, 2014


Michael E. Driscoll discusses why R ought to live on the web, showcases a web dashboard built using R (the PitchFX viewer), and finally describes the nuts and bolts of how it was done (using rapache). Written notes accompany presentation.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.5M Michael E. D. Apr 9, 2009


Data Science Stack with MongoDB and Rstudio: presentation by Winston Chen 4/8/14

a .pptx file 1.4M Joseph R. Apr 9, 2014


Bryan Lewis' presentation on the scidb package.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.3M Joseph R. Apr 16, 2013


Slides from 2009 Kick-off at Predictive Analytics World - Feb, 2009. Since this was a panel discussion, not much content except for Mike & Jim's into & R resources links.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.3M Jim P. Feb 26, 2009


Slides from Sanjiv Das' presentation on Venture Capital Communities

a .pptx file 1.3M Joseph R. Dec 14, 2011


Statistics with Big Data: Beyond the Hype originally presented by Joseph Rickert at UseR! 2013 also presented at the July 2013 BARUG meeting

a .pptx file 1.2M Joseph R. Jul 31, 2013


Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M Michael E. D. Jan 20, 2010


Tess Nesbitt's presentation on Statistical Marketing Analytics with Big Data from the April 15th BARUG meeting at Predictive Analytics World SF 2013.

a .pptx file 1.2M Joseph R. Apr 22, 2013


Nick Elprin's presentation on speeding up R processing using parallel processing, multi-core machines and the Domino platform

Adobe Acrobat file 1.0M Joseph R. Jan 22, 2015

Byron Ellis - A few of my favorite things - BARUG Mar 2011

" A Few Of My Favorite Things: A Brief Tour of An Information Environment", Byron Ellis, adBrite Inc

Adobe Acrobat file 1.0M David S. Mar 16, 2011


Dirk Eddelbuettel's Intro to Rcpp presentation at the 1/27/15 meeting

Adobe Acrobat file 985K Joseph R. Jan 29, 2015

Porzak - Data Profiling with R & MySQL - July 2011

Jim Porzak talks about data profiling with R and MySQL.

Adobe Acrobat file 954K David S. Jul 14, 2011

Sweetster_ Milage-Based_Transit­_Fares

Timothy Sweetster's analysis of BART fares

a .pptx file 949K Joseph R. Oct 4, 2013

Oct 2012 - Ariel Faigon - Chrestomathy with R

Ariel Faigon Chrestomathy with R

PowerPoint presentation 922K David S. Oct 11, 2012

Caner_Gocmen_06_06_2­014_BARUG Presentation v3 - to post

Using R to Predict Human Behavior in Financial Services

Adobe Acrobat file 912K Joseph R. Jun 11, 2014

Laurent Gautier_R_toPython_b­ridge_to_R

Slides from Laurent_Gautier's November 2012 talk

Adobe Acrobat file 873K Joseph R. Apr 17, 2013

Oct 2012 - Ariel Faigon - Chrestomathy with R

Ariel Faigon - Chrestomathy with R (fixed PDF version)

Adobe Acrobat file 781K David S. Oct 12, 2012


Utham Kamath's presentation on Mathpak, a collaborative development platform

Adobe Acrobat file 771K Joseph R. Oct 4, 2013

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