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Only our State Legislatures Can Save us Now

Only our State Legislatures can save us now!
Great things are happening across America. The actions of a few brave and noble state legislators around the Republic may well demonstrate that the most important election in the nation may not be the run for the President of the United States. The most important upcoming elections for all Americans may be those for their state House of Representatives, state Senate and their governor?s races. When this country was created the office of the President was intended to have a relatively minor influence on the citizens of each state. It appears that some legislators are dusting off the Constitution and working to get their house in order.

In Oklahoma the state legislature has a Bill pending to re-assert their state sovereignty. The short caption of the bill reads:
?Joint Resolution claiming sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers; serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist certain mandates; and directing distribution.?
Essentially, Oklahoma has asserted that the federal government and those in Washington D.C. are no longer going to dictate the way they run their state education, industries, National Guard, state police and they are especially not going to run rough shod over their state legislature. Oklahoma has told Washington, enough is enough. GET OUT!

The Bill Can Be Read Here:
A View of the Vote can be read at:
GOD Bless Oklahoma!
In Montana the Governor and the State Legislature is re asserting their sovereignty and telling the Director of Homeland Security they have no constitutional authority to force the National ID on its citizens:
GOD Bless Montana!

In New Hampshire a group of legislators are diligently working to introduce sound money backed by gold and silver as a state currency.
GOD Bless Hew Hampshire!
In Nevada the State Legislature rules Federal Reserve Corporation unconstitutional
GOD Bless Nevada!

Arizona Governor Says No Go on Real ID
Napolitano: Real ID a no-go in Arizona June 18, 2008

It is all about sovereignty

When we look at the source of the problem, most every problem in America today stems from a failure to respect and understand sovereignty: national, state, local and individual. The national police state and (FBI, FCC, DEA, BATF, CIA, USDA, OSHA, FEMA, FTC, FDA, GSA, DOL, Corp of Engineers, Homeland Security, IRS, Fish and Wildlife, EPA, etc., etc.) runs rough shod over the state police, local sheriff?s offices and citizens in each state. The dire problems in this country were created by unconstitutional, unconscionable actions of the U. S. Congress. These agencies undermine the liberties of all Americans, violate the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and undermine the sovereignty of each state. See a list of all Federal Agencies. You will not believe it.

The financial problems created by having to feed this machine seem so complex and overwhelming that most Americans have developed a sense of hopelessness and despair. When it comes to dealing with issues such as the national debt, the growing federal bureaucracy and the national police state, the citizens and states have no viable avenue for redress. When citizens have more fear of the IRS and the federal government than of dying, we have a problem.

When it comes to protecting one citizen from another, the sheriff of each county is the legitimate constitutional protector of the rights and liberties of the citizens. Their offices are charged with both protecting the liberty of the citizens and prosecuting those who commit criminal acts against another citizen. Should the sheriffs? office ever engage in violating the rights of its citizenry, the citizens have immediate recourse by calling a town meeting or replacing the sheriff at the next election. The sheriff is immediately answerable to those who entrust him with such power. This is the proper order of things.

With a Federal Police state or federal regulatory bureaucracy, there in no redress for the citizens of the state. Can one vote out the director of the US Armey Corps of Engineers or the head of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington D.C.? Write your congressman as see what kind of results you get. Additionally, the U.S. Congress and its agencies treat our states and city municipalities as low level extensions of Congress. They have forgotten that, THE STATES CREATED THE CONGRESS and gave them their limited powers. The national police and federal regulatory agencies routinely undermine the citizen?s inalienable right of self defense by placing limitations on gun ownership The federal government has undermined the citizens right of freedom and life through the personal income tax and regulation of every area of ones life or business. The average state citizen now works nearly 4 months of the year for the federal government. The sad irony is, we created the federal government to protect our liberty and privacy and now it is the federal government we need protection from. This is not how the Founders intended.

U.S. Supreme Court Sides with State Sovereignty

The State of Florida through its legislature must re assert its sovereignty. When that happens, the office of the President and the U.S. Congress (and its federal agencies) will be reduced to its proper role of playing a minor part in the affairs of each state. The current U.S. Supreme Court clearly stated its intent on this issue nearly 10 years ago and sided with the States and a strict construction of the 10th Amendment. However, the states must act soon. This opinion is arguably the most important ruling the U.S. Supreme Court ever made concerning States sovereignty. See subsection "F" of the Majority opinion written by Scalia.

?Congress cannot compel the States to enact or enforce a federal regulatory program. ?The Federal Government may neither issue directives requiring the States to address particular problems, not command the States? officers, or those of their political subdivisions, to administer or enforce a federal regulatory program. It matters not whether policymaking is involved, and no case by case weighing of the burdens or benefits is necessary; such commands are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of dual sovereignty.?
Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898 (1997)
Essentially, our sheriff has the power to not ban federal agents from his county jurisdiction, but can prevent them from committing illegal and unconstitutional acts in his/her jurisdiction. This also applies to all federal mandated programs that have sprung up on us since 1970.

The court states that the States have no obligation to enforce Federal laws within it boundaries. They do it to get Federal funds. We need to quit sending these out of control entities any more funds. Florida would be one of the richest States in the Union if we did just that.

Thank you for your support of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Please encourage everyone else to join our Northeast Florida Group at

Below is more information on how our state legislatures can save this country. We must require every state legislator and senator to commit to Florida 1st. Those in Congress in Washington are not accountable to the people or to the States and can no longer be trusted.
Debt, taxes and Inflation

In order to pay for the federal behemoth, the U.S. Congress and Federal Reserve Corporation have saddled the American people with unrecoverable $9.4 trillion of debt. Half of this debt was accumulated in the past 8 years. This is now expected to be repaid by our children and grandchildren. No generation has the right to pass on a debt to the next generation. To understand the seriousness of the U.S. debt crisis, please watch David Walker the former Controller General of the United States deliver a very sobering presentation regarding America's Financial Future.

Part 1


Walker recently resigned after 20 years of service in despair. Unfortunately, the U.S. treasury is empty, we are taxed until we can not be taxed anymore and the federal government has borrowed until it can not borrow anymore. According to Walker, the U.S. has another $50 trillion in social service, Medicare and Medicaid obligations coming due over the next 30 years. http://www.federalbud....
Walker says, the U.S. Government is already insolvent and operates only off of borrowed money. The income taxes collected are primarily paying the $1.5 billion a day interest payment, most of which is to unfriendly foreign nations. Assuredly, he states, at our present course the U.S. Government will cease to operate.


Did you know that the federal government has passed legislation requiring every citizen to obtain a National Id Card? The little known legislation is known as the Real ID Act was passed into law by Congress in 2003 and was scheduled to be implemented in May of 2008. The national ID Card will begin a centralized federal government file database on every American. This legislation allows the director of the HS of the to track all of your financial transaction (i.e. political affiliations, social clubs, service clubs, gun ownership, types of guns purchased, places traveled) health records, biometric data, blood type, DNA information and social security number and will have the ability to be directly connected to you ATM or Debit Card. For more on the Real Id Act http://www.realnightm... or see the Homeland Security Site

People often say that if you have nothing to hide why should you care?
First of all, it smacks of a modern version of the required papers required by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany and secondly the government was created to protect our privacy not invade it. Read a little on the Nazi police state for a brief history lesson. http://www.historylea.... Also, I am uncomfortable knowing that my small children, for their entire life may have every doctor visit, everywhere they travel and everything they ever purchase collected, maintained and analyzed by the government official in a federal government database.

So with all of this, what can possibly be the good news?
The good news is that our founding fathers anticipated all of this and they gave us the ability at any time to bring the house in order. When this Republic was founded, we referred to one another as Floridians, Alabamans, Georgians, and Virginians. When referring to the states collectively it was states the ?Unites States are...? Today the federal government would have us to believe the ?United States is? one large collectivist national state, run and operated out of Washington D. C.

This issue probably would not be resurrecting itself if it were not for Washington seeking to strip our liberties and God given rights from us, enslave us through taxation, burden our children with debts, and collapse the dollar we trade in until our entire nations wealth disappears through inflation. As a result, few leaders in Washington be trusted. Our founding fathers repeatedly warned us to not trust those in power. We must follow Oklahoma?s lead, dust off the Constitution, re- assert our state sovereignty and turn to ourselves to preserve our liberties and our prosperity.

Our solution will be a long arduous battle that begins at the local level, then state level, one legislator at a time. Eventually we will have a legislature and governor willing to stand up to the federal leviathan. During the process they will be under tremendous pressure to abandon the course. Their careers will be threatened, if they owns businesses they will be threatened with loss of business or contracts, they will be ridiculed by the media as anachronistic and the weight of their party will bear on each of them. There are trillions of dollars being spent at the federal trough and the pigs will not leave until they are starved out. This plan will take governors calling governors and legislators calling legislators. We must follow the Founders advice and the states must re-assert their sovereignty. They states must refuse to allow the US Government to continue to run roughshod over their legislatures. We must do as Oklahoma has done, tell them enough is enough.
We need to find, educate and elect officials who think deeply about the principles this county was founded upon. Leaders that understand that taking office is a burden not a popularity contest. We need leaders that do not allow themselves to become compromised. We need leaders with the courage of their convictions to tell those in Washington D.C. that our state is not going to take it anymore. As Oklahoma has said, enough is enough. We are here to take it back!

If you are committed to the cause of liberty and limited constitutional government please join or contribute to the Republican Liberty Caucus of Northeast Florida
Will Pitts
June 19, 2008

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