Starwars RPG GM


Fayetteville, NC

Organizer since:

September 17, 2012

What kind of RPG's do you play?

I'll play almost anything as long as the group is full of fun people.

What kind of a gamer are you? Whats your style?

I prefer story based and driven games. Story is why I play after all. I don't care for power gamers and the black sheep type. We play together, so stick together in game. I have no tolerance for a player that just wants to create chaos and crash everything. It's a waste of the GM and groups time and patience when it's done. The best kind of game is when everyones laughing and has a smile on their face when it's all over.

Any particular games you favor? Dislike?

I love Starwars. I play SWTOR regularly. I have developed a strong love for the World of Darkness games as well. If I could ever find a Wheel of Time GM, it would be amazing. I love playing that one.

How long have you been gaming?

Since 2005 for table top. My boyfriend, now husband converted me. I've been on Video games since I could press buttons on a computer.

Whats your take on house rules?

As long as they are balanced.


Your toast has been burnt and no amount of scrapping can remove that black part.

What Rusty is saying about this Meetup Group

Great group of people. Fun to hangout with, very fun to game with.

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