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James J.
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 49
Name: James "Sweetness" Jeffers

Games I Have Enjoyed: Dungeons & Dragons (Moldvay Basic, 1st ed AD&D, 2nd ed AD&D, 4th ed., D&DNext), Primetime Adventures, The Regiment, Burning Wheel, Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, Dogs in the Vineyard

Background: I've been rolling dice since 1982. I don't bring any particular idiosyncrasies to a game other than enjoying the game for what it is. I like kale. I only play with the best players.

This is the only badge that seemed to fit every case. Unless the game tells me to fudge. In that case, disregard this badge.
Ray W.
user 15927051
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 1
Name: Ray Watters

Preferred Game Systems: D&D 3.5, E6, Savage Worlds, Mage: The Ascension, Hunter: The Reckoning; Forthright Open Roleplay. I prefer to create my own settings and campaigns with the players.

Background: Started gaming in 1997 with GURPS and AD&D 2nd Edition. I started developing primitive roleplaying systems derived from Choose Your Own Adventure books and Final Fantasy games when I was a kid. Once in college, I met some like-minded gamers and roleplaying became a weekly entertainment. Throughout the early 2000s, I GMed numerous campaigns and developed two game worlds that will become Room 209 Gaming campaign settings. I prefer rules that area simple and easy for players and GMs alike so everyone can focus on the game, not the rules.

Games have an interesting Story.

When appropriate, my games can be Scary.

My games include Mysteries and players are free to Explore where they want.

I work to Mirror back the players ideas and interests to make a more-engaging game.

Characters and Drama matter, since the players are part of a world that reacts to their behavior and actions.

I play By the Book so players can plan appropriately, while ...

I Tinker with the rules to accommodate player ideas

Joshua D.
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 5
Name: Caleb Dillon

Preferred Game Systems: D&D (3.5), Pathfinder RPG, Star Wars (d20) RPG, Call of Cthulhu (d20), Dark Heresy RPG, Orpheus (WoD RPG). I tend to use pre-generated modules as a guideline with frequent variations/deviations as needed.

Background: I began playing RPG's in the early 90's, and have been a fan ever since. I come from a background in storytelling, so my games are almost narrative in nature with the story following a cinematic like telling. In my games rules and story race hand in hand in an all out sprint towards the climactic finish line.

Badges . . .. we don't need no stinking badges!
My games will tell an interesting Story
My games will be Scary
My games focuses on Exploration & Mystery
My games include Disturbing content
My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama 
My games are more of the Social, Fun and "Beer & Pretzels" style
I frequently Tinker with the rules of the game
Tactics are an important part of my games
There will be Player vs Player combat allowed in my games
I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game
My games rely on a lot of Improvisation rather than pre scripted content 
user 7293738
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 122
Name: Jenny Moore

Preferred Game Systems: Pathfinder

Background: I did not start gaming until 2005 when I occasionally joined in a game of d20 Star Wars and then a DnD 3.5 game that eventually became Pathfinder. While I have since played numerous systems (Cthulhu, Buffy, WOD, etc.) since joining RTR, I always come back to Pathfinder. I am still very new to being a Game Master so please be gentle (but honest!). I am currently just comfortable with one shot sessions but I hope to expand my comfort zone to include short campaigns.

GM Merit Badges:
Laid Back, Casual Play Style
The GM Is (Almost) Always Right
Pre-Generated Content Used
I Like Mirroring My Players' Ideas
Gonzo Zone!
WARNING: May Contain Mature Content
Roleplaying & PC/NPC Interactions Are Encouraged
PvP Allowed (If Not Always Encouraged)

GM Merit Badges Defined
Robert R.
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 3
Name: Robert Rice

Preferred Game Systems: D&D (2 and 3.5 for now), Champions, Paranoia, Star Frontiers, Custom System(Work in progress, "Immortal Destiny"). I'll be expanding this list with some new games over the next year.

Background: I've been on hiatus from role-playing for several years and I'm coming back with a vengeance (as player and GM). I first started GM'ing around 1986 or 1987 with Star Frontiers, and then Ghostbusters. Over the next couple of years, I was exposed to more games and was regularly playing and hosting for Paranoia, D&D, Champions, Battletech, Mechwarrior, and a bunch more. By early 92 (before I turned 21) I had opened a comic book and gaming store (hey, I was addicted). Games, comics, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and so forth. I immersed myself in play, design, and study (I am a voracious reader to this day). Anyway, I moved on from the store to working at some tech startups in virtual reality, virtual worlds, online games, etc. advancing my skills and craft. Recently though, I've been spending all my time on running and managing startups with zero time for the fun stuff. Well, enough is enough and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. There are maidens that need savin', loot to be stolen, glory earned, and legends made.

GM Merit Badges:

Relaxed, Fun, Social GMing Approach [Games should be fun and memorable]

Rolls Made In Open - The Dice Fall Where They May [Unless GM invokes rule zero to overrule the role for the sake of the game]

GM Improvises Material [There is always a plan, but with plenty of room for improvising based on player actions and decisions]

Rule Zero In Effect - The GM's Word is Final [Never abused and usually invoked for the player's benefit...unless they are being jerks]

GM Mirrors Back Player Ideas [Players are awesome and underutilized idea machines. If a player has a good idea, I'm likely to improvise a bit and run with it]

Focus on Mystery, Exploration & Puzzles [Just because you wiped out the zombie horde in the graveyard, it doesn't mean there isn't more to discover or loot. Look around...notice the pattern of gravestones?]

PvP Interaction Is Allowed [Because sometimes, you just need to settle a score]

Story-Focused Games [It isn't role-playing if there isn't some story, reason, or meaning to things, but that doesn't mean there won't be dramatic bits of combat either]

Tactical Thinking Is Encouraged [Thinking = longer life, more loot, greater glory]

Player Skill Is Rewarded [Even more so if there is fantastic role-playing in-character to go along with it]

GM Tinkers With Rules [Usually to fix problems with a system, but not in a way that leaves players guessing what the rules actually are]
Rick S.
Durham, NC
Post #: 102
Name: Rick Steeves

Preferred Game System: 1st Ed. AD&D+ (incorporating Arcana and house rules)

Background: I started GMing in 1981. My first game was AD&D 1st ed., and while I've played a OD&D, Harn, Champions, Paranoia, Top Secret, and few home-grown systems, I've always come back to 1st ed. I've been GMing regularly (and occasionally playing) since I started, with no major breaks. I'm an engineer, not a story-writer, so I tend to build worlds by linking multiple modules together and integrating them all instead of building things whole cloth, which lets me spend that time managing the world moving about. I also enjoy trying to figure out how something the PCs want to do can accomplished within a consistent rules set.

I have two long-running groups (and campaigns) - 19 years and 3 years respectively.

GM Merit Badges:
While I tend to use canned things, I put a lot of work at integrating everything together within the world and the characters.
And then it's all tweaked as part of a cohesive whole.
Mind you, we have some house rules as well, but we stick by them!
If a rule needs changing, we change it, and use that from there on out, with the goal being something practical and easy.
Not quite likely, but you need to be paying attention. The GM won't save you.
Combat is very tactical, and permits a fair amount of action subtlety.
user 142203782
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 3
Preferred Game Systems: Hero System (any edition), AD&D (1st or 2nd edition)

Background: I've been formally playing RPGs since early 1981, my first mainstream game being the D&D basic set (the old red box), though I was gaming informally without rules with friends for several years prior to that. Since then I've played games up and down the spectrum... D&D, AD&D, Traveller, Traveller 2300, Car Wars, MechWarrior, RoleMaster, M.E.R.P., Paranoia, GURPS, Shadowrun, Twilight 2000, Top Secret, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, The Atlantean Trilogy, Call of Cthulu, Doctor Who (FASA), Star Trek (FASA), Heroes Unlimited, Star Wars (West End), James Bond 007 (Victory), World of Darkness... and that's just the stuff I can remember easily, mostly during the 80's.

But, the most important game of the lot was Champions, which later came to be called the Hero System. A friend introduced me to the new rules back in 1982 (the published rulebook looked like it was photocopied from a typewriter) and I was hooked. For me, it's still the most versatile and enjoyable multi-genre system ever devised and I've always found my way back to it. I'm willing to branch out and experiment a bit as a player, but these days I no longer feel that it's worth devoting the time and energy I will always put into game-mastering a game unless I'm using a system I truly believe in, hence the very small list of systems that I will GM with.

I made this meme sometime ago to express my feelings towards another popular gaming system, with the Hero System in the role of... the Hero of course, hopefully you're familiar with Star Trek TNG

I've also done a great deal of live action role-play over the years, everything from Amtgard to S.C.A. to Killer to Mind's Eye Theater, but I'd like very much to get back to some good old-fashioned table-top role-play.

GM Merit Badges:
My games will tell an interesting Story.
My games often focus on Exploration & Mystery.
My games provide opportunities for Characters to roleplay and explore aspects of their personalities. (though I prefer that Player-vs-Player or Character-vs-Character drama be kept to a minimum)
Characters in my games are destined for greatness, not random death, so they are relatively safe. (to be clear, I will not annihilate characters because of accidents or random events, or even a certain amount of well-played heroics, but I am capable of dishing out death should it be dramatically appropriate or a player insists upon "committing suicide," i.e. doing something monumentally foolish like attacking a napping dragon by themselves... no joke, one idiot actually did this to me, I *had* to eat him)
My games use pre-made maps and pre-scripted content as a starting point (mostly created by yours-truly), but will move from there into improvisation and whatever paths the players choose to travel down. Player ideas & decisions will primarily dictate where the story goes, but I *will* ease people back on track if we digress too far.
My games feature a great deal of Non-Combat roleplay, but combat will still occur occasionally. I am very happy with any group that manages to painlessly bypass the obstacles I have laid in their path.
I will use a definitive set of rules that players can depend on, but modifications can be introduced if necessary to keep the gameplay entertaining.

GM Merit Badges defined. (the original site is defunct, but this mirror has been put up in its stead)
Michael D. M.
user 124642562
Durham, NC
Post #: 3
Name: Michael D. Moore

Preferred Game Systems: Pathfinder RPG, D&D 3.5, Boot Hill.

Background: I started game mastering in 1981, shortly after my best friend introduced the Basic D&D game to me on a rainy day. I got into the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game within a year and designed adventures and worlds to play in ever since. I followed AD&D into AD&D 2nd Edition, then into D&D 3rd Edition, 3.5, and now the Pathfinder RPG. I have judged a few games of Boot Hill 2nd Edition and am interested in running a Boot Hill 4th Edition short campaign in the future, but my real love is ultimately the Pathfinder RPG.

I don't know how the GM Merit badges work. I won't award them to myself, but my GM philosophy is that I like to sit around rolling d20s and telling stories. I see the game as an intellectual exercise in collaborative storytelling of which my role as GM is only part. I might set up a story outline in which the players are supposed to destroy the lich king to save the kingdom from certain destruction and subjugation from the evil clutches of the undead horde, but at the end of the day the direction of the story depends largely on what the player characters, directed by their players, do.

I like to present interesting, challenging situations, and while I present some pretty bloody combat encounters, I also like to present challenges that aren't resolved through swordplay. I like atmosphere. One day, I might have the party battling against a horde of hopped up skeletons. The next, you might be puzzling through the navigation of a door engineered to keep out anyone who cannot solve its intricacies to pass. And on yet another day, you might be reliving something inspired by the last movie I watched on Netflix. I draw inspiration from things around me and take risks, some of which pay off and some fall flat. But I go the extra mile to find new things for my players every session.

I brew my own worlds, but I also use content created by established companies, often modifying them immensely to suit my needs. If you want to put icons next to my name for reference as players seek referees for their games, feel free. I would do it myself, but I don't know what all the options are.
A former member
Post #: 153
Name: Kenneth McNay
Preferred Game System: Mouse Guard
Included Game Systems: Torchbearer, Burning Wheel, D&D4e, D&D2e, Star Wars Saga, Chronica Feudalis, Trollbabe, Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Background: Please view member profile. As a summary, I was introduced to RP gaming in 2009 (as an adult), and really leapt in. I like story-telling, so I've mostly served as DM/GM during my years as a gamer.

GM Merit Badges:

What I'm Not:
I do not inject weirdness, silliness, or inconsistencies
I do not inject horror, terror, or emotionally traumatic material

What I'm Kinda Not:
I try to use suspense, urgency, and anxiety, but I do not try to use fear
I take my players seriously, their characters seriously, and the rules seriously; I love a social game, but want others to be engaged, alert, and informed

What I am:
I am careful to use the rules, and willingly look up rules I'm uncertain of; once I know a rule, then I might bend it now and then--I allow players the same
I roll openly and use the results
I intend to create tension and force decisions that rarely can be undone, but will have consequences for good and evil
I want a game where children can play without discomfort
If the players bring it, I will respect their content and find ways to make it shine
The most important reason for gaming is to tell a collaborative story
The characters should experience growth, but this relies upon players reflecting on the destiny of their characters
When it really matters, character death is a possibility and should be tolerated
I'll allow monitored character versus character conflicts to play out using role-play, table chatter, and rolling dice; I don't tolerate player versus player bullying
Randy P.
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 9
Name: Randy Pinion

Preferred Systems: Pathfinder, Fate Core, D&D 5E, Adventurer, Conqueror, King
I'm also familiar enough with D&D4E and some Fate hacks like Accelerated and Mindjammer to run them, but am less comfortable

Background: Lifelong nerd and gamer, I got my start with consoles in the early 90s and picked up Magic: The Gathering soon thereafter. I had a few formative experiences with tabletop RPGs (mostly AD&D2E and 3.0) in my early teen years and high school, but never got anything significant going, so I transitioned mostly to PC games and contented myself with RPGs there. Since graduating college, I've made more of an effort to play tabletop games again, including GMing a long-running Pathfinder game here in Raleigh, plus many one-shots for RTR and a new Fate Core game, too!

I'm heavily influenced by the fiction I've consumed. I'm an unapologetic Lord of the Rings nerd, but Harry Potter, Malazan Book of the Fallen, Name of the Wind, the old Wing Commander novelizations, and the entire collected works of Bruce Coville also influence me a lot. In film, LotR, Star Wars, and Stargate (movie) are my all-time faves, while on TV I've strongly gravitated toward Doctor Who, Star Trek, House, and Record of the Lodoss War over the years, though I did spend a regrettable portion of my youth obsessing over Dragon Ball Z, too. . .

I love fantasy and scifi equally, and have attempted to write books and stories my entire life. Somehow, gaming seems like a better outlet than long-form fiction, and I greatly enjoy the social element of it.

GM Merit Badges
- My games will always strive to have an Interesting Story. While improv and mirroring crop up (more later), I have somewhere I'd like to take you and I always hope we can tell a good tale together.

- My games will always strive to be Light-Hearted Fun. While a rules-heavy system might require a bit of sober calculation and while a properly dramatic moment should be savored, humor and laughter are vital to me in a game.

- I always Roll Dice in the Open. I think telling a story together takes a lot of trust, and I want you to always be able to trust me. If things go sideways, we'll figure it out together!

- I love to Tinker. My years-long PF game is on a fully custom world with new races, and in a one-shot, I'm always looking for ways to keep ponderous systems moving quickly. I'll be fair and consistent, but don't be surprised by something new when gaming with me!

- Be ready to Run! Not everything in every game can be solved by fighting; sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor in my games.

- A great idea deserves to get used, so I practice Player Mirroring. Just don't be surprised when the impossible deathtrap you joked about shows up. . .

- I always feel comfortable with a solid outline for a session/campaign, and like to prep cool encounters/situations that take a little work, but once we're in-game, I'm heavily driven by Improvisation. This is strongly tied to the previous badge about mirroring; I want to stay nimble and responsive!

Hope that's helpful :)
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