Raleigh, NC

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March 21, 2012

Are you willing to learn how to get prepared?

Yes. This last year we have learned to water-bath can, sprout, shoot, define our long-term food storage needs, among other things. We are investigating alternate ways to provide for water, heat, and sustainable food but would like more input on the details. We are really looking forward to building a network of support with people who have the same outlook.

Are you willing to promote a positive image of Preppers?

Yes. We are just normal people trying to prepare for a worst-case scenario - not crazy lunitics.

Are you willing to help organize regular scheduled meetups?

Since we are fairly new to this, we don't feel comfortable organizing meetings yet. But we are open to the idea in the future when we have more to contribute.

Preppers believe that "everyone" should get prepared. Are you willing to be inclusive of others no mater their race, religion, gender, etnicity etc...?

Absolutely! This is for everyone, not a select few!!

Tell us what got you interested in preparing and what you would like to see happen with this group.

We're starting to not recognize the country we grew up in. Everyone wants a free hand-out and expects someone else to provide everything for them. We are worried that with all of the US debt that we're headed toward a social and financial collaspe. Similar to what's happening in Greece and several other European Union countries. Best case could result in super-inflation. We'd like to have a support network of people with similar views so we can share ideas and learn from each other. Even where to buy certain items or supplies.


We have been frantically preparing for the last year so we can weather the storms ahead. We have learned much...but there is so much yet to learn! We're looking forward to being a part of this group! It will be nice to share ideas!!!

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