Shannon F.


Franklinton, NC
Hometown: Wake Forest

Member since:

January 17, 2013


Are you willing to learn how to get prepared?

Completely! I think that learning, curiosity and being willing to change are all important to the prepper lifestyle. I have so much more that I want to learn, and only recently got to a point financially to be able to act on the info that I had been studying for several years.

Are you willing to promote a positive image of Preppers?

Yes. When I talk to others about prepping, it seems that they get the image from "Doomsday Preppers" of underground silos full of guns and food. They seem to forget that even the CDC has an active campaign to encourage prepping. While I would LOVE an underground silo, I am focused on preparing for a snowstorm or hurricane. I am also trying to move my preps to cover less common scenarios, but at the least I think that people need to understand that prepping is not for extremists.

Are you willing to help organize regular scheduled meetups?

Yes. I work full time, but I am pretty much available anytime outside of those commitments.

Preppers believe that "everyone" should get prepared. Are you willing to be inclusive of others no mater their race, religion, gender, etnicity etc...?

Yes, the more people who are prepared then the less of a strain it puts on the system for recovery or getting back to normal. Also, each person/family is somewhat unique in what it would need to survive 3 days/3 weeks/3 months. I also feel that prepping encourages people to take responsibility for their own welfare rather than relying on an outside force to sweep in and rescue them. These are good lessons for everyone.

Tell us what got you interested in preparing and what you would like to see happen with this group.

I would say that I first got interested in prepping (but didn't know the term) when I was 11 and we went through Hurricane Fran. My family did not prep, choosing to instead believe that nothing bad would happen and that the government would fix everything quickly. After about 7 days without power, I was trying to heat up a can of soup over a kerosene lamp (didn't work, can got too hot to hold) and thinking to myself how stupid it was that we were hungry and thirsty. Even if my parents had run to the stores in that mad dash right before the storm, that we would have been better than this. I made one of those foxhole promises to myself that when I was on my own that I wouldn't be stuck like this and I wouldn't watch my kids go hungry. Now, I am grown and I still shake my head when I hear people say that it wouldn't happen to them or that FEMA would take care of it all. I also have a better understanding of the difficulties with prepping when you can't afford food/rent/etc.


My name is Shannon and I am 30 years old. I would say that I became a "prepper" a few years ago, but it was more about finding a name for the mindset that I've had all my life.


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