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     enjoyed the group, all very like minded and open. Enjoyed Saturday's session. Ramaji's discourse was good. Said what most teachers say, but said it with a different twist, it really sunk in. Rasa always leaves me energized. Upliftment continues. Dreams are different. One dream - trying to open the door of an elevator as it was rising. Another dream, telling a woman that her problems originated in her childhood and that she needed to write about her childhood in order to bring solution to her problems (ie bringing light to childhood memories). Another dream connecting a power line to something but realizing there was no power coming through the line??? I know I am all parts of the dream. Looking forward to more sessions 

    Paul F. on Dec 14, 2014.

  • Ramaji Satsang Group

     At the time of this writing in Oct. 2014, Ramaji has already facilitated the awakening of 5 local and 11 global students to the ultimate level of consciousness, LOC 1000, Self-Realization, the No Mind State, Buddha Nature or Sahaja... the level reached by sages like Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta. He has also guided countless others to the lower levels of enlightenment who are primed reach LOC 1000 soon. Why is Ramaji having unprecedented success with students some as young as nine and ten years old? Perhaps, it is because of Ramaji's agreement with Kali that he would only take students that were ready to realize LOC 1000 quickly, perhaps it is the unique Shaktipat transmission called RASA which he provides, perhaps it is the students own burning conviction to figure out this thing called 'life', or perhaps it is Grace alone. Who can say? Who cares? If you are seeker reading this and posses an 'all or nothing' attitude for Self-Realization, please attend. These are exciting times. 

    koort on Oct 19, 2014.

  • Ramaji Satsang Group

     The Enlightenment Intensive Workshop is rightly named—this group is for people who are serious about enlightenment. If you're ready and willing, Ramaji will help you go all the way to self-realization. And it can happen quick. The meetup is small, informal, personal, intimate, and raw. Ramaji is straightforward but always honest, open, and friendly. Ramaji's exercises are unique, insightful, and challenging. He also gets individuals really involved during his one-on-one interactions. After all, this is about YOU, not about a "message." Ramaji usually performs RASA at the end of meetings, a powerful endowment of spiritual energy that has helped facilitate awakening in many of Ramaji's students. I am always excited to attend the meetups and see what will happen next in our group of realizers. The spiritual work that Ramaji is doing here is unprecedented. 

    Alex B. on Aug 9, 2014.

  • Ramaji Satsang Group

     If you have a real authentic calling for "Love" & the "Truth" you must see investigate this for yourself. 

    Ric on Nov 9, 2013.

  • Ramaji Satsang Group

     This was a very juicy and dynamic meeting. There is a coherence now that enables us to quickly go deep into whatever is being brought up and attended to. The smallness of the group at this time is a big advantage because each person gets to completely explore their personal questions, interests and challenges with Ramaji right there on the spot. Ramaji is very interactive and direct. He encourages outspoken honesty and at times is quite funny. The meeting was like an intuitively coordinated Group Enquiry. We support each other even when the focus is on someone else in the group because we all understand that, ultimately, its about us too. The 15 to 20 minute meditation at the end was profound in its stillness and felt like the natural conclusion of a great afternoon of joyful authentic spiritual investigation. 

    Ramaji on Sep 9, 2012.

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