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American Meat is Grosser Than You Thought. This article chronicles "inspection" deficiencies revealing what Americans ingest when they eat animals including metals and a drug soup.

Word file 22K Daryl E. May 1, 2010


The Aggregated Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) shows that GREENS are 9 of the top 10 most nutrient-dense foods! Eat your greens (raw).

Word file 25K Daryl E. Oct 1, 2012


Reconsidering wool. Is wool just an innocent by-product of idyllic farming or something that may warrant a few minutes to investigate further?

Word file 26K Daryl E. Feb 25, 2010

Dairy_ 7_ReasonsToStopUsing­Dairy

Are you still consuming dairy and want to learn more about it? Please read through this brief 7 Reasons to Stop Consuming Dairy document.

Word file 27K Daryl E. Jul 8, 2009

7 Reasons to GO VEGAN

7 Reasons to Go Vegan! Read up on some reasons why it is beneficial to go vegan. Resources listed at bottom of one page document.

Word file 27K Daryl E. Aug 5, 2010


The movie, Seeds of Deception, is an important video on GMOs (genetically manipulated organisms). It addresses how GMOs affect humans and how to avoid them.

Word file 27K Daryl E. Feb 10, 2010


Going Green: member Ina Mohan put together a little guide to help us go green.

Word file 28K Daryl E. Apr 22, 2010


Ammonia injected into fast food hamburger meat to kill e.coli.

Word file 30K Daryl E. Jan 11, 2010


This document lists where Las Vegans: shop for raw vegan food, eat out at raw vegan restaurants, attend raw pot lucks, attend lectures, attend farmers' markets, attend green drinks and smoothies happy hours, raw food prep classes and more.

Word file 33K Daryl E. Jun 5, 2010


Greens are darker green so they have more chlorophyll in them from more photosynthesis as compared to lettuces and other green leafy vegetables. This means that they have more antioxidants and they are therefore more healthful.

Word file 36K Daryl E. Oct 1, 2012


This document addresses which foods are and aren't raw vegan. It is designed to help members prepare meals at home and for pot lucks!

Word file 37K Daryl E. Jan 6, 2010


This "40 Reasons to Eat Raw" list is from a handout received from Alissa Cohen.

Word file 41K Daryl E. Jul 29, 2009


Honey is not eaten by vegans. This document addresses this topic.

Word file 50K Daryl E. Dec 11, 2009


Las Vegas Raw Food Meetup full page sign

an image 61K Daryl E. Jun 18, 2011


Environmental impact of the food animal industry

Word file 62K Daryl E. Aug 31, 2009


60% of adults can't digest cow dairy

Word file 64K Daryl E. Aug 31, 2009


The most alkaline diet is a raw vegan diet. It's easy to stay alkaline, just eat a raw vegan diet with a lot of greens. This document is provided to explain why it's important for our health to stay alkaline.

Word file 68K Daryl E. Feb 11, 2010


Water & Hydration document discusses pure water sources from fruits and veggies. Learn why eating fruit is often better than drinking water. Charts included. 3 Pages.

Word file 74K Daryl E. Aug 16, 2012


A letter from an MD to his patients about avoiding dairy. Information-rich document.

Word file 91K Daryl E. Jul 8, 2009


…or why milk isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Adobe Acrobat file 96K David Jun 16, 2015


Las Vegas Raw Food Meetup promotional poster. Size: 8.5 x 11 inches.

Word file 107K Daryl E. Apr 18, 2010


Various Raw Recipes from members and other sources plus a list of Online Raw Recipe Links

Word file 110K Daryl E. Jul 16, 2013


Nutrient rich chart and 7 things to remember when selecting food

Word file 112K Daryl E. Mar 25, 2009


Purely Delicious Raw Lifestyle Magazine info

an image 116K Daryl E. Nov 6, 2008



an image 117K Daryl E. Oct 30, 2008

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