North Richland Hills, TX
Hometown: Ft. Worth, Texas

Organizer since:

July 11, 2011

What interests you about Reiki?

I have a degree in dance & have studied many kinds including far east Asian dance in Indonesia for 10 years while I lived there. My Reiki journey started in 1993, as an LMT; I have taught Reiki in the USUI tradition since 1995. Reiki for dancers is a passion of mine. For a "health nut" & a performing artist, natural is "the way" with an emphasis on self-control, awareness & intuitiveness. Reiki brings me everything I need as a dancer & many things I did not expect. I built more endurance along with the ability to know when I needed to pace myself. I have not had a serious injury ever, for as long as I have been doing Reiki. If you think being more intuitive will help your creative ability, Reiki is a wonderful way to evolve it. It breaks through limitations whether you think you have them or not. What I am trying to say is that, over time, I improved overall with less effort & I believe Reiki strengthens your core from the inside out bringing resolve & fortitude.

What area in dance or your health would you like Reiki to help you with?

Well, um, all of it! I am an older dancer than most (whatever you may imagine that means) and I plan to continue to use Reiki for rejuvenation and staying that way! Reiki has some interesting side effects that you may not hear about. I liken it to being able to meditate or to be more calm when needed. You may have heard how hard it is to quieten the chattering of the mind which happened spontaneously after I began to learn Reiki. My self-esteem was bolstered tremendously by being able to flow Reiki without having to "prove" I was a good enough or smart enough to be associated with it. This was a tangible expression of unconditional love for me, I could unmistakably feel something I had never felt before and at the same time it felt completely natural. I had no previous understanding of this healing method and the more I learned the more I realized it became more valuable, in my case, to my personal growth than to use specifically for healing others (in my massage therapy work)

What is the best day and time for you to attend?

I am available in the evening hours and maybe eventually even a Sunday afternoon.

Would you share a little about your love of dance?

I am a Lifer in the World of Dance! A Lover of all forms of dance! From all over the world! I have danced and taught and choreographed for all ages and abilities. I started my formal training as a dancer in my teens and continue today! Dance, in its many forms, social and professional, private and public has ALWAYS grounded me in joy. When I am away from dance for any time at all...I just get grumpy! Bollywood is my latest interest, I have a meetup group for this! I even had a Michael Jackson Tribute Dance Meetup for a while. I still dance Thriller every year at Halloween!


Hello! This is my 4th Meetup group as an organizer in the Meetup system & we are now starting our third year (2013). My heart is in the professional dance world & I have been onstage, behind it, or in the classroom for over 30 years. Welcome!

What Hannah is saying about this Meetup Group

Our group is small but growing! My plans to give Reiki Attunements several times a year is successful as we have 2 new Reiki I Practitioners(to update this number, as of Oct.2012 we have 10 new Reiki I Practitioners!). Everyone has a choice in this and there are not set requirements like you may read about on other Reiki websites. Please come and find out how very easy this is. That is the beauty of Reiki practice, it is gentle and without effort, simply show up! Please call for more information, 817.590.2257

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