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The meeting on August 1 went well. Thanks to all who attended and offered their thoughts and observations.

Going forward, there won't be any significant changes to what we've been doing. We did clarify that we are about Renegade Photography, not about being renegade photographers. We're about capturing real life, however gritty, one photograph at a time. We're about telling compelling stories with those photographs.

Our core values are that we will provide meetups that offer as safe an environment as is possible, and that we as photographers will treat the venues with courtesy and respect. Although we'll be on the streets, we are still photographers and are ambassadors of photography. The impression we leave with people today will affect how well they embrace photographers of the future.

When on a meetup, there will be certain constraints and restrictions depending on the venue, and especially that we honor any request to stop photographing specific people or private property. The issue of photographer's rights regularly comes up in conversation. And while we may have the right to keep shooting, it may be better for the group to stop when asked.

While that may seem very constricting, it really only sets the ground rules for how to behave during a meetup. It doesn't in any way restrict or limit the artistic interpretation of a venue. It doesn't dictate what types of photographs to take or to avoid. The rules of photography are what we are setting out to break, not laws or societal rules.

Several meetups were suggested and we're currently doing the research to make those happen. We should see something in the next week or so.

For those of you who are eager to get out and shoot, there is a full moon rising tonight, and Old Town Spring is an ideal venue for safety as well as offering some interesting shots. While not entirely renegade in terms of venue, it can be a good practice session on long-exposure photography. For those less experienced, you will definitely need a tripod and either a remote shutter release, or you'll need to know how to set the shutter release delay to avoid camera movement during the shot.

If you have questions or comments, you can post them in this meetup, or you can email me directly.

I sincerely hope we provide the right balance of framework and creativity to allow people to focus on expressing their unique vision.


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