Stephen D.



Rochester, NY
Hometown: Rochester

Organizer since:

July 18, 2010

RPEG's focus is on photography and photo editing, but Meetup's focus is on getting people together face-to-face. Are you able to attend at least some of our meetings and tutorials? Do you sincerely plan to do so? If so, please continue!

You bet! - we have way too many members who are qualified to replace me to not show up!

Experience isn't required for membership, but we do ask that your main reason for joining be an interest in cameras and photo-editing. What editor (if any) are you using? If Photoshop, which version? Beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert?

Photoshop CS4 & CS6 - With operations that I use often: intermediate to advanced. My first experience with Photoshop (Elements 5) was to optimize photos for the web in 2005. Along the way I bought better cameras to take better pictures for website clients, and that soon took on a whole life of its own. Lightroom, Photomatix Pro, HDR Express, Topaz Adjust and the NIK suite: all intermediate on average.

If experienced with your program(s), how did you LEARN the program along the way? Books? Videos? In a formal school curriculum? On the job? Please be as specific as possible

Books at first. Lots of just trying things. In the last six years the videos at have made a big difference, but the best period of growth began with my teaching role here at RPEG. If you're serious about learning PS and LR: 1) Don't depend on groups like RPEG alone for your instruction. It's like learning a foreign language: Once or twice per month just isn't enough. 2) Learning editing procedures is also like learning to cook. That is, it's largely a matter of following long recipes until you finally discover what's going on. Because of that, if you're not a disciplined and organized note-taker, it's unlikely that your editing skills will grow much beyond the basics.

If experienced, what areas of photo editing do you consider your strengths? Portrait touchups? Compositing? HDR Imaging? Web? Artistic? Photo Repair? Other? Please specify.

I started out as a Ken Burns wannabe, creating Erie Canal videos with Adobe's Premiere Pro 1.5 (now 5.5). Photoshop was mostly for colorizing old black and whites then, as well as for sizing and compressing images for the web ( For several years editing for websites took over, but now RPEG projects and the occasional editing student account for almost all of my PS and LR time. Also HDR for fun, colorizing especially historical (Erie Canal) B&W's, and enhancing shots for contests.

What are the areas where you'd especially like to increase your skills?

In my sixties, just not forgetting stuff will be enough... but I would like to do more with off-camera Speedlight flash ("editing before the fact"). "Then and now" shots -- especially for the Erie Canal site. Making old pictures look new, and new ones old. Digitizing analog images -- esp enlargements -- with a camera for PS editing.


Web designer (Upstate Web Services), local camera tutor (, and Erie Canal history buff (­). The welcome mat's out here for any who genuinely want to grow their camera and editing skills. Join us and have some fun!!

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