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This Meetup group is dedicated to Axis and Allies fans located in the Denver metro and surrounding areas. We Meetup up to play the AWSOME board game called Axis & Allies!

What is Axis and Allies?

Not sure what this game is? I encourage you to do a little "Google home work"; there are tons of pages out there that show you what this game is all about.

In a nutshell, this is a strategy board game set in World War 2. While it’s a “historic board game” it’s by no means an extensively detailed recreation of WW2. For example, my tank functions the exact same way as your tank does; there is no consideration placed on the “historic differences or details” between German tanks and American tanks. A tank is a tank, a plane is a plane, a sub is a sub, etc. It’s also a board game designed for kids 12 and up so its “easy to learn” yet difficult to master. It has a pretty steep learning curve simply because there are 19 different units in the game and tons of “political rules”, map rules and “special situational rules” to learn how and when to use them. And, the most unfortunate thing about this game, the thing that makes it most difficult to find new players is the game takes an easy 9 to 12 hours of play just to finish one game. Yes, that is more time than most people put into a single day at work but it’s WAY MORE FUN than work!

When Do We Meetup?

We Meetup on Saturdays. We call these our AA Game Days. (Yes, we are addicted to this game). We always start these game days at noon and we usually clean up and head home around midnight. Yes, 12 hours of grown adults playing a kids game. War with friends is great!

What Do We Do on AA Game Days?

Some of us get to the bunker at about 10 to set up tables. At noon, we set all the units on the game boards, we divide players into tables and teams and then we battle each other to see if we can change WW2 history.

We order pizza around 5 pm, so bring $5 if you want to share in pizza and we have plenty of counter and mini-fridge space so bring snacks and drinks to share if you feel like it.

We also ask players to contribute an “event fee” or some of us call these "dues". It’s not “required” but this money helps us to offset the cost of this Meetup site (now, after 10 years is $90 for 6 months instead of $72 for 6 months), the cost of soda and snacks (about $25 each time we meetup) and the cost of building materials that we use to build our groups custom game tables. These tables cost about $300 per table...not counting the $150 per game set. Right now we have 3 game sets, 1 completed table and two partially completed tables. We hope to have these tables completed this year and start working on a 4th table by the end of the year. Yes, we spend a lot of time and money on this hobby. But again, its just too much fun not to spend this much time in conflict with friends!

I hope this site helps to get more players Meeting and playing this awesome game, discussing the history of WW2 and I look forward to meeting and getting to know many more fans of this game!

Please join us anytime you can and feel free to contact me anytime if you want to discuss this game! I always have time to talk AA.


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