Post May Game Night Report

From: Chris W.
Sent on: Monday, May 18, 2009 11:41 AM
Well, May Game Night has come and gone. The Axis dominated the night in all three games and our player turn out was 9 strong! Thanks to everyone that could make it!

We had the big board set up in the main room and another AA50 in one of the side rooms. Space worked out well again but still needs a little tweaking to get it just right (had some minor table issues at first with the size of the big board).

Matt played Italy in the third game of the night and had some incredible luck that ?changed the course of history? like never imaged. He not only managed to drop 5 allied bombers before one of them manged to make it by his A&A guns to do a measly 3 IPC of damage (no compensation for the 60 IPC of bombers the allies lost to his AAguns), but he also managed to get 2 techs for the game (Paratroopers and Improved Shipyards). He seemed virtually unstoppable with his rolling (way to go Matt?I?m just Glad I was on your side!).

At one of the first games, Russia fell to Germany thanks to a one, two punch of Italy and it looks like Ed managed to devise a way to get into Russia in short order with a large air force and heavy tank action.

Seems we ordered too much pizza this time since I ordered 5 and 2 entire pizzas went home between three of us. Odd how that worked out this time, I ordered the same ratio as before. We may try one less the next time and see how that works.

I?ve started a discussion about ?when to end a game? on our message board since its beginning to feel like some players are giving up hope too soon and others just don?t seem to know when they?ve been beaten? So chime in with thoughts on the subject of When To End a Game.

Scott brought up the question of playing an ?everyman for himself game? next time, so between now and June Game night we might want to think of ways to play something like that. Maybe we could get enough interested players to try it out after the firsts games of the night finish up.

Again thanks to everyone that made it and I hope to see more of you next time at June Game Night! And don?t forget about Central Powers Game day scheduled for June 7th.

Peace out, Chris.

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