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by Sheriff Richard Mack

Adobe Acrobat file 53K A former member Mar 22, 2010


August 30 Concert & Rally poster

Adobe Acrobat file 526K Klaus Aug 25, 2009


August 30 Concert & Rally handbill

Adobe Acrobat file 486K Klaus Aug 25, 2009

1892 GOP National Convention

Ahhh, the good 'ole days! Cool Article about the last time the convention was in StP. I found while hanging out at the library. I think it's from Harpers magazine and published in 1892!!!

Adobe Acrobat file 5.1M Ryan S Aug 26, 2008


The 2007 Liberty Index by Clifford Thies

Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M A former member Aug 22, 2008


The 2006 Liberty Index by Clifford Thies

Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M A former member Aug 22, 2008

This is a very good video on the United Nations and shows why so

It's important to recruit newbies who have never heard of Dr Paul, here is some material to share to those not knowing him

Word file 25K A former member Aug 17, 2008

IMPORTANT message from Edward Griffin, author of Creature from J

Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyl Island has an IMPORTANT message for Ron Paul supporters; don't miss this youtube video: http://www.youtub...­

Word file 22K Meg D. Jul 21, 2008


Ballot Petition for Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party candidate for US President

Adobe Acrobat file 52K A former member Jul 7, 2008


Ballot Petition for Harley Swarm Jr, Third Congressional District Representative

Adobe Acrobat file 40K A former member Jul 7, 2008


Ballot Petition for James Niemackl, a police officer from Richfield, for US Senate from the Constitution Party

Adobe Acrobat file 39K A former member Jul 7, 2008


Flyer to let people know about S. 1959. The flyer also provides a link to http://mrxfrompla...­ so people can get a clue as to how serious this is.

Adobe Acrobat file 4K A former member May 17, 2008

Ron Paul calls for massive march on Washington

This may be the most importatant march ever planned. Please read the attached file and go to the video link where Dr. Paul calls for a march.

Word file 23K Meg D. Feb 12, 2008

Conservative READLIST

A Conservatives Reading List

a .DOC file 47K Terry M. Feb 10, 2008

Health Scare Crisis Script v2

A great message which ties loss of healthcare and illegal immigration. I've included a script and background. Edit for your need. Tim Burchott from NH and I canvased in MN with this. Great to lead with before even a mention of Dr Paul. It works.

Word file 28K Terry M. Feb 8, 2008

Health Care in Crisis - Dr Paul the RX v3

Back ground on how illegal immigration is breaking health care. The piece can be used to move delegates to Ron Paul. It's detail for the Heath Scare tactic used by Tim Burchott from NH and used to great effect here in MN. Updated to post Romney.

Word file 32K Terry M. Feb 8, 2008

BPOU letter

This is an invitation I received from my local BPOU for the 2/5 caucuses. I made copies of it and am putting them with Slim Jims when I distribute them.

an image 743K A former member Jan 6, 2008


This letter is mailed to the targeted voter list. Used to get folks to the precincts and to recruit delegates.

Word file 25K Jeff H. Jan 5, 2008

Ron Paul newspaper box Flyer

A flyer for the Neighborhood Lit-Drop. Staple this to a Slim Jim

Word file 2K A former member Dec 11, 2007

IMPORTANT Invitation & Message from WatchTheVote

Please Join these two Meetups and help assure Ron Paul gets an accurate vote count. It is CRUCIAL we have people watching to make sure the count is honest and accurate. Check out these websites for more information.

Word file 25K Meg D. Dec 6, 2007


Use this in conjunction with the other file. It gives them an opportunity to choose which one to use. Both fliers have their own good information, so I give both. Both Fliers are from one of the CA meetup groups

Word file 27K Teshu'ah Oct 24, 2007


Use this flyer to go around to Restaurants and ask the manager if they will hang it in their breakroom for their employees. I have not met with one negative yet... well, in only the 5 restaurants I have brought it to so far.

Adobe Acrobat file 91K Teshu'ah Oct 24, 2007

Extra Curricular Literature

These can be stapled to the back of official Ron Paul literature for those who don't think the official pamphlet gives enough info.

Word file 21K A former member Oct 20, 2007

Why You Should Support Ron Paul For President

precinct recruiting

Word file 28K John R. Oct 16, 2007

Ron Paul Invitation Flyer

Use this form to have your own local meeting to find delegates or volunteers in your area. Create a local party at a coffee shop, library or even your home. Just fill in the information, copy at Kinkos, and post a few hundred in your area.

Word file 44K A former member Oct 15, 2007

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