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Help with allergic dermatitis

Karine, Anthony an...
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San Diego, CA
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So our Winston has had a long standing history with allergies he would break out in hives and itches a lot and up until recently Benadryl has done the trick. However recently he has been itching constantly and We came home the other day and he had scratched his neck raw with a huge wound now on his neck. he hasnt been exposed to anything new, is indoors most of the time and is on a high quality limited ingredient diet. We Took him to the vet who wanted to give more steroids, which we declined due to the awful side effects he had last time. Her other suggestion is to start a med called Atopica, however, it's $180/ month supply. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Atopica? Alsolooking for suggestions for a shampoo for his skin issues? Any suggestions appreciated, we hate to see him so miserable :(
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San Diego, CA
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I am so sure you have checked for fleas but that was a big thing with Caine. I have him on cephalexin and that seems to work well with him cleared him up right away we are also are giving him baths with seboulx shampoo twice a well and that has also helped with his coat hopefully that helps you a little! Good luck!
Deanne Fingerman &...
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I'd suggest contacting a vet that specializes in bulldogs and their specific issues (if yours is not breed specific). I know skin problems are a HUGE problem for these guys. Our boy broke out in hives for a period of a month or two back in the spring. He too had not been exposed to anything out of the ordinary and too was on a very clean diet of a brand of food that is very very good for him (Life Abundance). I did finally have to give him one cortisone injection and put him back on flee meds (which I hate to give but know its necessary). I know allergies can just pop up for no reason and can be terribly miserable for our little bullys. Not sure where you live, but I'd continue to do research on the Internet regarding this topic.

Dr. Simpson in San Diego is who we use and perhaps you can call and speak to him to see if the has any other suggestions besides pumping him with more drugs. His number is: 619-660-1114.

Good luck and please let us know what finally works for you. Sometimes, even though the food their on is good, it still might be the culprit. Companies change their ingredients sometimes without notice or use different manufat. for what they put in the food... Allergies are really tough to nail down...but don't give up, you'll get a handle on this in no time!!

Karine, Anthony an...
user 24397502
San Diego, CA
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Sorry it took so long to reply I forgot I posted. So after monthly trips to the vet for scratching we finally gave in and started him on Atopica as nothing else worked. So far after a couple weeks on it, it's completely worth the money he is hardly scratching or licking and we can leave him alone without a cone on! Hopefully we can start weaning him off it soon to just a weekly or twice weekly dose soon. We're just happy he's not itchy anymore.
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