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From: Arethinn
Sent on: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 1:50 PM
Some additional stuff on this, because what I wanted to say was way too 
long for the "custom message" area on the "announce this meetup" form.

> Event details: MythiCalia this year will be returning to Memorial
> Park on Pescadero Rd (aka Pescadero Creek Rd) in San Mateo County.

This is indeed our site, but I've changed this on the publicly-viewable 
page. My policy for gathers has been to have location info that's 
visible to just anyone passing by be somewhat nonspecific, to foil 
people who happened to do a Google search and now want to turn up and 
harass us, or something.

> The dates will be Friday-Sunday, September 28th-30th. Arriving on
> Thursday may also be possible by making your own reservation on that
> day in one of the sites we'll be using over the weekend (if
> available), or arranging to share with someone who has.

Unlike 2009 where we were in one of the group sites at this park, this 
year I've tried booking 8 adjacent "family" campsites. Partly this was 
out of necessity because the group sites were already booked, but also I 
hope it will give us some more room to spread out, with more ability for 
people to retreat to their own personal area if they wish and not feel 
pressured to be all together doing the same thing if they don't want to. 
(That said, I am assuming - hoping - there will be enough of us we'll be 
having to share campsites.)

Historically, when I've booked Thursday few people actually showed up 
that day, so I'm saving myself the extra money by asking those who would 
have taken advantage of a Thursday arrival to arrange it themselves. 
When you register there will be a place to indicate you're interested in 
coming Thursday, and I'll send you info so you can pick one of the sites 
we'll be in the rest of the weekend or arrange to share with someone. 
(Cel and I will be coming on Thursday.)

> Registration fees are still to be determined, but possibly somewhere
> between $50-60 per person.

For financial transparency's sake: The 8 sites cost $536 to reserve for 
2 nights ($60 + $7 service fee each). That allows 1 vehicle per site and 
there is an additional charge of $10 for each second vehicle, so 
conceivably this could run $616. That's the number I'm using to 
calculate fair-share for registration fee based on a guess of how many 
people will come. If it turns out we can't occupy all 8 sites, I will 
cancel reservation on anything unused and the resulting 75% refund would 
be distributed as a lowering of the reg fee.

> I am not sure
> at this time if I will try to juggle my usual registration form as
> well as RSVP through this meetup group - stay tuned for that.

The website is­. Don't worry 
about what it says there at the moment - note "Site last updated: 
Wednesday, February 8th, 2012". I'm working on updated information for 
this year.

> Due to the site arrangements, there is a cap on attendance and number
> of vehicles. The cap on cars is much lower than the cap on number of
> people, so please carpool if you can; it will mean more people can
> come!

The family-campsite arrangement is also what means we have a hard cap on 
number of cars (2 per site). I'm not worried about the cap on number of 
people (8 per site) as I would be tickled pink if we had a third that 
many, we'll get anywhere near it, but I'll be keeping close track of the 
number of cars people are bringing to make sure we don't go over 16.

The park website is not explicit about a limit on number of tents per 
site, but 2 per site is usually considered a standard. Because we are 
controlling a fairly large area I think we can squeeze in extras, but I 
don't want to overdo it and get anyone kicked out, so I'll be keeping 
track of how many tents we expect as well.

If we hit any of these limits I'll close registration and start a 
waiting list.

> What will we do? Past gathers have included various workshops and
> discussions on otherkin-related topics, energy work, sometimes
> rituals, and of course time just to hang out. There will probably be
> a group meal on Saturday night. The exact offerings on the schedule
> are up to you - everything is presented by those who volunteer to do
> so!

If you are interested in presenting something, let me know! All I ask is 
that the topic be related to otherkin somehow. You can see past 
schedules here­ 
for some inspiration. Or check out some past years for Walking the 
Thresholds, which is the oldest still-running Otherkin gather, over in 
Pennsylvania: http://www.rialia...­, 

* . * . * . s t a r l i g h t . * . * . *

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